Massanutten Indoor WaterPark

Category: Water park

Address: 1200 Adventure Dr, Massanutten, VA 22840, USA

Phone: +15404373340

Opening hours

Sunday: 11AM–6PM

Monday: 3–8PM

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: Closed

Friday: 3–8PM

Saturday: 11:30AM–7PM


Jessica Roberts

Nov 9, 2021

Tons of fun! My kids and the adults had a blast! We came here in October and only did the indoor areas. So much fun! So much to do and see! Definitely will do this often as possible!

Michele Taylor

Jun 26, 2021

Great time with the family. The indoor water park experience was fun, although a little pricey for a large family. Also enjoyed the other activities: zip line for adult and children, bumper cars, go-cart, tubing, putt putt golf and just …

Robin Alauzen

Oct 24, 2021

What is nice about this Water Park is that it is in the Massanutten Resort. So while staying there you can go to one of the finest water parks around! They have the Indoor WaterPark all year and an Outdoor Water Park during Summer season. …

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Questions & Answers

Is the indoor water park worth the money for a 10 year old?

Alexis Newman | Nov 23, 2018
Daywalker 1 | Nov 24, 2018

Yes indeed. I lost my mind at 43. I can't imagine the fun if I was 10!

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If you visit for a day can we return to our vehicles to eat lunch?

Michael Call | Nov 23, 2017
Sandie Heath | Nov 24, 2017

Yes you can but there is a cafe with tables and chairs within the waterpark area.

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If they like the water, there are several slides, with rafts and without. There is the lazy river, the flow rider. (Kids really like this) there is a wave pool outside, bigger slide. We usually spend a whole day there when we go to Massanutten.

Scott Campbell | Nov 22, 2020
Debra Mcardle | Nov 23, 2020

If u like water an pools..Massanutten is the place....water park an like 6 swimming pools.

Beeing sold 3days 2nights for $200 vailed intil June is this worth it? For 2 adults.

Silvia Escamilla | Nov 23, 2019
Shay McCormick | Nov 24, 2019

It's awesome you'll love it

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Does it have a wave pool

hailey uh ok | Nov 23, 2018
Michelle Heim | Nov 24, 2018

Yes. It runs and then turns off and you can swim. It's accessible and good for all ages.

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Can we just come to the water park ?

Charlie Shelly | Nov 23, 2018
freeman1027 | Nov 24, 2018

Participating in the resort isn't necessary, but discounts are missed by bypassing

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Can you take snacks in the water park with you?

Arie Muckle | Nov 23, 2018
Jason Kelly | Nov 24, 2018

It says no outside food or drinks. They do not check your bags.

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Is it warm in there?

A P | Nov 23, 2018
Doug Henley | Nov 24, 2018

Yes, around 80 degrees

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Is the big slides and lazy river

Sariyah Amiyah | Nov 23, 2019
Tammy McCann | Nov 24, 2019

There is a lazy river and big slides. There is also one that is completely dark.

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Will it be fun for 2. 13 year old 1. 12 year old and 1. 11 year old

Jazmyne Howard | Nov 23, 2019

Yes, most definitely!!!

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What is the cost for a 2 day stay and play?

Leaann Ward | Aug 24, 2021
Jaimie Odom | Aug 25, 2021

Not really sure. We used our timeshares to exchange for our stay.

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Is the outside open?

Grayson 6968 | Jul 25, 2021
Alisare Fitzgerald | Jul 26, 2021


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Hello, Is the Massanutten Outdoor Water Park in the same location as the Massanutten Resort? Are these the same companies and locations?

Stacy Jackson | Nov 22, 2020
D C | Nov 23, 2020

Its the same company, the water park is about a mile or 2 away from the massanutten hotel lobby.

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Would a 4 year old enjoy the water park?

Robin Bishop | Nov 22, 2020
Swaminathan Shankar | Nov 23, 2020

Yes..actually it's only kids under 10 would enjoy the most

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How much is admission to the park

AnneMarie Faulkner | Nov 23, 2019
Wow DaMann | Nov 24, 2019

All day is a great option. Can leave and return. Going later seems quite busy and the minimal discount is for the last few hours of the park.

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How much is it to go there?

Wendy Robey | Nov 23, 2019
Rose Willis | Nov 24, 2019

$40.00 for adults and under 47 inches tall is $27.00

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Can i buy my tickets at the door today? I can't find today's date in the online tickets??? Last time i was here i bit 2 days in abvanced

rosi Alarcon | Nov 23, 2019
Todd Croy | Nov 24, 2019

You can just buy when you get there.

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Absolutely! There is plenty to do for all age groups. Me and my 4 friends went and stayed all day. The slides are so fun. And you can take the tubes that fit 2 or 3 so you can do with your child.

Moe Cubitt | Nov 23, 2019
Geneva Yarrell | Nov 24, 2019

Waiting to get there

Is there anything for my 3 and 2 year old to do?

Shalayna B | Nov 23, 2019
Susan King | Nov 24, 2019

Everyone has answered the question for indoors but depending on the season you go the answer for the outdoor area is that there is a splash area for kids that age and a large wave pool that they could stay in the shallow water or wear a lifejacket and go in deeper with an adult. The park does provide life jackets.

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Are large towels provided at the indoor water park?

Kathy Szymanski | Nov 23, 2019
Raf Den | Nov 24, 2019


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Is there a store where you can buy swim trunks?

Margaret Killorn | Nov 23, 2019
Te Baron | Nov 24, 2019

They sell a small variety at the gift shop at the water park. Found a very small supply at JC Penney at the mall in Harrisonburg. Dick"s Sporting Goods has them but expensive.

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Military discount for the waterpark?

Tiffany Golladay | Nov 23, 2018
Kelli Besselman | Nov 24, 2018

10% off lodging and 20% off the waterpark. There is a discount for gold and skiing too but not sure the percentage.

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Do you have room for a caricature artist at your park? 😁

John B | Nov 23, 2018
Walt Cofer | Nov 24, 2018

They could use that service, contact management.

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Do you have a senior rate?

Karen Kirkwood | Nov 23, 2018
Jeremy Friedman | Nov 24, 2018

Personally I do not. I charge everybody the same regardless of age. However, I am pretty sure Massanutten does.

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What days are the waterpark open and at what time

Shirron Spivey | Nov 23, 2018
John Lee | Nov 24, 2018

I was there last week, 5-11 March and they were not open every day. That were closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. The hours change every month so it's best to check the website. In March - Sundays 10-8, Monday Thursday and Friday is 12-8, Saturday is 10-10

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What time does it open?

Sylvia Yoder | Nov 23, 2018
Tammy Whitmer | Nov 24, 2018

In the winter season we usually open at 10 am...check the days on website we are not open every day

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Are there any places to stay overnight here? I heard there was a resort for this place.

Lily M | Nov 23, 2017
Jason Lam | Nov 24, 2017

It is as large resort. If you can't find rooms on the mountain, Harrisonburg is 15 minutes to the west

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If staying at the resort are there extra expense for the water park.

B Marker | Nov 23, 2017
Jason Brusso | Nov 24, 2017

The water park has its own costs. You may have discounts or free passes depending on your owner options.

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Can I use the all day admission ticket on any day?

reggie c | Nov 23, 2019
Thierry Hamilton | Nov 24, 2019

It is only valid on the day you buy it but it works even if you leave and come back as long as you keep the bracelet on.

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How much r waterpark tickets

Sandra Stith | Oct 23, 2021
Susan Martin | Oct 24, 2021

I purchased online, and it saved time on the long lines. Bring your phone with your receipt. We love the lazy river, and my kiddos love the slides. Unfortunately, like everywhere these days, there is not enough staff.

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what are the hours and days for the indoor water park Sept. 7. 8 & 9th also the cost?

Rebecca Hutsko | Sep 23, 2021
Larithza Medina | Sep 24, 2021

Is open from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Same prices...55.00 for 48" and up. If you bought the tickets in their website is $5.00 less per ticket.

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Is this water park open On 9/5/21 - 9/6/21

Amanda Duncan | Sep 23, 2021
Larithza Medina | Sep 24, 2021

Yes, you can go to their website and purchase your tickets.

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How much for entrr

Jennifer Hernandez | Aug 25, 2021

Online $50, ate by $55

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We're planning to visit on January 3rd. Is it open for public?

Katrina Pizack | Jan 26, 2021
Massanutten Indoor WaterPark (Owner) | Jan 27, 2021

Hi Katrina, yes we are open today but have sessions. You can either do the 10am to 1pm or 2pm to 5pm. Please call 540.437.3340 if you have any other questions.

How many does the water park hold? Is it safe during Covid?

Christina B. | Nov 22, 2020
Mayor Rusty (Rusty) | Nov 23, 2020

Capacity is limited but still open due to "pandemic"

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If I am 66 inches tall, how much do I have to pay?

ELT OSCAR | Nov 22, 2020
Michael Holliday | Nov 23, 2020

Depends on if you are gold card members or not. General Admission 42" & Over - $30 | Under 42" - $15 Gold Card & Military Admission 42" & Over - $24 | Under 42" - $12 Observer - $15   2 & Under - Free

How much is it for a 10 year old and a 4 year old and a 40 year old

Ariana Moss | Nov 22, 2020
Remit Lopez | Nov 23, 2020

That's a very interesting question, I was there Yesterday and they told me that they charge by the height. I had a Family of 5 including a 40, 36, 18, 13, & a 8YO. And guess what, we all paid the same on the receipt it read 5 admission and a Total next to it. But we had lots of fun thats for sure, it wasn't crowded so we could enjoy it to the fullest.

Are y’all closed or open

Deshai Yates | Nov 22, 2020
Coaster Nerds | Nov 23, 2020

Right now the water park is closed.

What hotels nearby include water park passes?

Sandra Adkins | Nov 22, 2020
Tracyee and Ava Hogans-Foster | Nov 23, 2020

Well if you do the tour of the resort they usually give you passes

how much money is it for a teen on Sundays? isthe discounts still for Sundays?

macab queen | Nov 22, 2020
Willie Weaver | Nov 23, 2020

It is $45 for the waterpark all day. To get the discount, you can enter after 5pm and I think it's $30.

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Do they allow aqua shoes in the water? How about aqua lungs.

Jack Murtaugh | Nov 23, 2019
Cara Raynes | Nov 24, 2019

You can walk around in shoes but cannot ride any of the rides with shoes on. My son even had to take off his life jacket to go down slides. Also my husband and I had to take off our glasses.

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Would like too spend my bday with fam what is the biggest place u have u can stay in

David Stith | Nov 23, 2019
Sade Swint | Nov 24, 2019

They have many suites that can hold a a good number of people. You can get a two bed room and pull out. They have full and half kitchens fully equipped.

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How much for each person

Blanca Lovo | Nov 23, 2019
Rick White | Nov 24, 2019

Check website at Great fun!!

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Does anyone know where the elevator at in the building

Jonathan Trayer | Nov 23, 2019
Charles Smith | Nov 24, 2019

Yes there is, not far from the main entrance on the left

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how much does the waterpark,s ticket cost for an adult a day

Antonio Estremera | Nov 23, 2019
Kisha B | Nov 24, 2019

This link on the bottom will help you out...But in the future a quick Google search will help you out as well👍.

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I would like to know IF I am able to buy the ticket at the door of this park and how much is it for 3 adults thanks

Antonio Estremera | Nov 23, 2019
Beckie Biscoe | Nov 24, 2019

Yes you can buy them there. I think it's like $40 per adult. They also have lockers you can rent f0r $25 but you can get $10 back when you bring the key back or $15 to use in the the arcade.

I wish we could get out of this obligation! Massenutten is flat out EXPENSIVE! And the Timeshare owners that have roomed beside and above us, have to be the LOUDEST people, each year we stay. What do you do, when we feel trapped!

marcia turner | Nov 23, 2019
Tella Boyd | Nov 24, 2019

They now have this company it was on the news to get of this situation go on line to see.much success!!!

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Has anyone gone of the 4th of July? Is it extra crowded?

Sandra Tolbert | Nov 23, 2019
A Newby (Newbianqueen) | Nov 24, 2019

I havent gone on the 4th but I talked to the front desk when I was there and they said it usually is pretty crowded

Will they let us into the water Park without staying at th resort?

Jay | Nov 23, 2019
Jay | Nov 24, 2019

Thank you Mr. Allan

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Can me and my wife and 2 beautiful kids come up for a swim where from Roanoke and I want to know can you pay at the door, and if the price super steep?

Dijon Chapman | Nov 23, 2019
Wumi “smartangel” Ogunlana | Nov 24, 2019

Sure u can pay @ d entrance and the price is not too bad.

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Can me and my wife and 2 beautiful kids come up for a swim where from Roanoke can just walk in and if so it’s the price super high?

Dijon Chapman | Nov 23, 2019
Blackfoot Abo | Nov 24, 2019

Yeah you don't have to own a timeshare to utilize the waterpark. The prices are pretty steep 65/person but after 5pm it's 29/person. That price is for us timeshare owners also.😥😠

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Is there a separate price for outdoor pools?

L Pultz | Nov 23, 2019
SunnyLuv TheNailDoc' | Nov 24, 2019


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What is the best day to visit that it's not so busy?

Karen Fortunato | Nov 23, 2019
Tom DeShields | Nov 24, 2019


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Should i rent a cabana because of the 9 month old

Tena Bennett | Nov 23, 2019
Tom DeShields | Nov 24, 2019

Outside, yes

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Are you able to bring a cooler

jody brown | Nov 23, 2019
Mary Dowdy | Nov 24, 2019


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We got twilight tickets but I can't find hen that starts?

Jessica Pepin | Nov 23, 2019
leighton evans | Nov 24, 2019


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What's the name of the food court?

Jessyca Brown | Nov 23, 2019
Santhosh Thiyagarajan | Nov 24, 2019

1. Hideaway lounge 2. The snack shack 3. Sweetz

How much is a one day pass?

Trisha Ringer | Nov 23, 2019
Dylan Breeden | Nov 24, 2019

$38 per adult for an all day pass.

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Did the park has hotel room?

Fikru Moges | Nov 23, 2019
David Cranfield | Nov 24, 2019


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How much do they charge the entrance?

Pedro Ramos Lopez | Nov 23, 2019
Mary Ann Scianna | Nov 24, 2019

Veterans get 10percent off and there family. You have to ask.

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How much is the water park?

Sandy Chittum | Nov 23, 2019
Sandy Chittum | Nov 24, 2019

Thanks you all. We are going up this weekend.

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Any discount super soaker Sunday’s??

Teresa Madison | Nov 23, 2019
Massanutten Indoor WaterPark (Owner) | Nov 24, 2019

Hi Teresa! Our super soaker Sundays are good until the end of this month (March). The Sunday deal is 25% off for up to 4 people.

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When does the arcade close

RavenFPS _ | Nov 23, 2019
D Sub | Nov 24, 2019

9 PM

Are you allowed to stay the night and still be able to go to the water park

Jazmyne Howard | Nov 23, 2019
Daniel Strock | Nov 24, 2019

They are separate

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When y’all open tomorrow?

Dorian Hubbard | Nov 23, 2019
Rae Upchurch | Nov 24, 2019

They open at 12

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Does the waterpark open during winter season

Dorian Hubbard | Nov 23, 2019
Michael Robins | Nov 24, 2019

Yes. It is a good waterpark.

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What a joke! Definitely over priced!! Have prices shown at one rate, but due to it being a holiday they increased the price. Also unwilling to sell tickets for tomorrow this evening. So how can you make plans?

Carolyn Hammer | Nov 23, 2019
Jeff Yapuncich | Nov 24, 2019

You go there the next day and buy your tickets.

Which hotel has the water park in it

Genet | Nov 23, 2019
Katie | Nov 24, 2019

It's at the bottom of the mountain. On the right as you enter the resort area, but not attached to any lodging facility.

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How much does it cost per person for a day at the water park during winter?

Emerald Weflen | Nov 23, 2019
Erica Raven | Nov 24, 2019

If you go on a tour you can earn 200 dollars massanutten resort cash to spend there and you only pay 20 dollars that you get back in a gas card ,but you get all you can eat breakfast thats soooooo goood

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How can you possibly charge full price with no outdoor activity and water ski machine broke down? Not good business!!!!

Cindy Crawford | Nov 23, 2019
Massanutten Indoor WaterPark (Owner) | Nov 24, 2019

Hi Cindy, our base admission rates are in effect, which is a bit less expensive than our summer rates for that reason. There's still a lot of fun to be had at the Indoor WaterPark, and unfortunately, the FlowRider was awaiting a part, which is now fixed. We would've loved the opportunity to discuss your dissatisfaction during your visit!

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How much do they charge for the water park?

Caren Mwangi | Nov 23, 2019
Tim Hansberger | Nov 24, 2019

$38.00 OPEN TO CLOSE $26.00 Under 42" tall Military discount $30.00 $21.00

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how can i find the name of an employee to write a review?

callie smith | Nov 23, 2019
Jessica Mathis | Nov 24, 2019

I would call the office then write the review

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Do I need to bring towels? Are there lockers with locks?

Christopher Christensen | Nov 23, 2018
Julie Jones | Nov 24, 2018

They do provide towels however they were a little small so you might want your own. They also have lockers and showers for use at the recreation centers.

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Is it open on Sundays

Howard Harman | Nov 23, 2018
Kathy Donovan | Nov 24, 2018

Yes it's open Sundays, just fewer hours.

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How much is it to get in?

Jessica Jarvis | Nov 23, 2018
Jessica Nicely | Nov 24, 2018

Best to go after 4 its 27 per person i took my family on 4th of July and only stayed 4 hrs and did all

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I'm deciding on whether to celebrate my childs first birthday here. Is it an okay place to have it? Its mainly for the guests but I'm not sure if i should have it here.

Natalia Candler | Nov 23, 2018
David Reynolds | Nov 24, 2018

This place is awesome for all ages my kids loved it and they range from 1-5-7 years old

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What is the price of admission please, I want to go tomorrow with my family.

Lazaro es el q suena Barrero | Nov 23, 2018
Luke Sweet | Nov 24, 2018

I think it's $ 40, but you can get better prices from the stores if you buy large packages at places like Costco.

If it rains outside will the inside still stay open

Yolanda Davis | Nov 23, 2018
Dione Viana | Nov 24, 2018


How much does the entrance cost per adult and children

Ana Ramos | Nov 23, 2018
Deon Jackson | Nov 24, 2018

The website should have all of that information.

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What is the best resort for adults and children

Jocelyn Crosby | Nov 23, 2018
BIll Craig | Nov 24, 2018

Indoor /Outdoor Waterpark

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How much does it cost?

Ania Hill | Nov 23, 2018
Cigar Place | Nov 24, 2018

Residence ,if u have time share 3 to 400/week. Other facilities have diff prices like water park 45$ adventure zip line 35 etc

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How much is it

Allie Taylor | Nov 23, 2018
Russell Cooper | Nov 24, 2018

About $40 per person, kids are about $32

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How much to enter?

Tay O | Nov 23, 2018
BIll Craig | Nov 24, 2018

We went in September 2017 in the evening so I'm sure the prices are different doing the summer time

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Is this a hotel with a indoor water park?.

Amanda Mitchell | Nov 23, 2018
Robert Cook | Nov 24, 2018

No... But they have a website to answe these queztion.

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Arie Muckle | Nov 23, 2018
Larry Harris | Nov 24, 2018

Stay away from the holidays or times like spring break. I've never noticed much of a difference between am or pm.

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Can u bring your own food to the indoor park or do they serve food

Shay Butta | Nov 23, 2018
Caroline Arcos | Nov 24, 2018

No food or drinks allowed in the park. They do serve food there.

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How much does it cost to go into the indoor park during March?

Robbie Summerfield | Nov 23, 2018
John Lee | Nov 24, 2018

They also offer a military discount.

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Is there a swim up pool bar? Is it usually crowded early-mid May?

Casey Young | Nov 23, 2018
Taryn Greener | Nov 24, 2018

No pool bar but beer is available at the first floor concession area.

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Do you have to pay for a 1 year old?

Heather | Nov 23, 2018
Chris Meadowcroft | Nov 24, 2018

No you don't.

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Can you bring puddle jumper life jackets in for Kids to wear on the water slides if they are 52” or taller?

Joy Batts | Nov 23, 2018
Family Wendell | Nov 24, 2018

Kids can wear their own jackets, but not on waterslides. On waterslides they need to wear the park's jacket. Also the water depth for most slides is less than a foot, only the tube slides are 2.5 feet, so the need for life jackets is small.

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Does this site offer gift cards. They would be great to see in the g listing

Stacy Young | Nov 23, 2018
Billy Couto | Nov 24, 2018

Not sure

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Do you allow pets

Karen Sprouse | Nov 23, 2017
Tommie Jefferson | Nov 24, 2017

no on it service animal

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How much does it cost for one person to go to the water park?

Hannah Richards | Nov 23, 2017
Martha Serrano | Nov 24, 2017

It's different prices depending on what season we r in...also if u r a member n ur age...N the time of day but its usually from $15-$40 per person...The food is expensive...

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Does the waterpark give out towels or do you need to bring your own

Yuriy Bozhko | Nov 23, 2017
Gerri Shreeves | Nov 24, 2017

You need to bring your own.

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Any discount coupons available?

Enver Kamal | Nov 23, 2017
Karen Johnson | Nov 24, 2017


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