Category: Fast food restaurant in Bellevue, Washington

Address: 4056 Factoria Blvd SE, Bellevue, WA 98006, USA

Phone: +14256410464

Opening hours

Sunday: 5AM–11PM

Monday: 5AM–11PM

Tuesday: 5AM–11PM

Wednesday: 5AM–11PM

Thursday: 5AM–11PM

Friday: 5AM–12AM

Saturday: 5AM–12AM


Jeremy Maloney

Apr 10, 2022

I ordered two Big Macs but I got a quarter pounder instead. I ordered 2 mc chickens, but got 2 spicy Mc chickens. The food is great but like how u gonna mess up 3 orders. In the end I got a $7 burger for $2.50 so it’s a W for me

Rosy Perez

Mar 27, 2022

Amazing customer service! It was very busy tonight when we went through the drive thru, yet everyone who was working had a great attitude and smile. The gentle man who gave us our food had the best personality ever! That man deserves a raise for how he handled the multiple situations we witnessed while we were there.


Mar 20, 2022

Sloppy service. Ordered 3 pops for kids and they over filled the cups. Pop spilling as they handed the pop at the drive thru. They need to be retrained how to fill the cups so they don't leak all over the customers car. Inexcusable. Also ordered a sundae with whipped creme paying an extra 30 cents and they didn't add it to the sundae. Bunch of idiots working there. We'll never visit there again and go to Burger King instead from now on.


Mar 16, 2022

I used to buy Iced Sweet Cream coffee elsewhere, but the flavor has been off, too strong, and not good. On a whim I tried Iced French Vanilla Coffee here and it's 10 X more delicious for half the price. Love it ☕

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Questions & Answers

Does this place offer a Military discount

Ethan Fowler | Dec 14, 2017
David J Tugaga | Dec 15, 2017

I'm not sure if this one does. I know most do though.

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