Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Category: Chicken restaurant in Los Angeles, California

Address: 1653 E 103rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90002, USA

Phone: +13235669402

Opening hours

Sunday: 8AM–10PM

Monday: 8AM–10PM

Tuesday: 8AM–10PM

Wednesday: 8AM–10PM

Thursday: 8AM–10PM

Friday: 8AM–10PM

Saturday: 8AM–10PM



Jun 29, 2022

Please don't waste your time at this location. Their service s*cks all the way around. At the drive through they told us they had no spicy chicken which made no sense. We asked for mashed potatoes with no gravy & we got mashed potatoes with gravy. They messed up our order the best way they possibly could. We ordered a 12pcs meal & got an 8pcs meal like seriously. The staff is super rude & childish always horsing around. I definitely don't recommend this location!!!

Tracie Epps

Jun 4, 2022

There is always a line the cashier can't count also the manger needs to stay in the front to help he always in the back office sitting down why the kids play in the front over people food it's sad watts can do better

Alejandra Martinez

May 2, 2022

This place has great chicken but they serve very late an don’t even fill up the box like wat is this😒 and there Mac n cheese looks old🤮and burnt smh🤦🏻‍♀️Never getting it again 💯🤦🏻‍♀️Waste of money👎🏼

Kyrine Matias

Feb 23, 2022

This popeyes has the great chicken and the crew was very politely and nice. Also, they served my food very fresh and fast. The place looks so clean and neat.

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Questions & Answers

Very rude the cashier name Pretty is very rude and ghetto racist why is she even working there?

Johnathon Doe | Jun 20, 2021
Maggie Diaz | Jun 21, 2021

Next time Jonathan doe ask to speak to Mr rice. He is the owner. He don't tolerate nothing like that. He owns that Popeyes

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Does this location have the new BBQ Bacon Cheddar Chicken Sandwich (because this is where I bought the original Chicken Sandwich)?

JaVette Youngblood | Dec 17, 2020
Alex Velasquez | Dec 18, 2020


Do except ebt foodstamps

matt diego | Dec 17, 2020

I think so

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Does this popeyes accept ebt food ?

Andriana Ortiz | Dec 18, 2019
JaVette Youngblood | Dec 19, 2019

I think it does

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Is the chicken sandwich back

Shaunay Taylor | Dec 18, 2019
Carina Garcia | Dec 19, 2019

No is not just went today

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Do this Popeyes take the hot meal program

Devonna Kirkwood | Dec 18, 2019
Randi McWilliams | Dec 19, 2019

No they dont

You still have the Sunday special? I think it was 16 piece thighs and legs for 11 bucks? And a daily manager special 11 piece for 10 bucks?

Alan Rosado | Dec 18, 2018
Denise Wells | Dec 19, 2018

I don't think so

What time do you open?

Manuel Zamorano | Dec 18, 2017
GodFatherFeeder Father | Dec 19, 2017

Not sure but i think they open like at 10am

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What time u guys close today

Edith Gutierrez | Dec 18, 2017
Tammy Lu | Dec 19, 2017

They close at 8:45-9pm

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