Dino's Famous Chicken

Category: Chicken restaurant in Los Angeles, California

Address: 2575 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006, USA

Phone: +12133803554

Opening hours

Sunday: 7AM–11PM

Monday: 7AM–11PM

Tuesday: 7AM–11PM

Wednesday: 7AM–11PM

Thursday: 7AM–11PM

Friday: 7AM–12AM

Saturday: 7AM–12AM


Lay Fiery

Jul 16, 2022

Now let me tell ya, One of the best Grilled Chicken Lunch/Dinner plates you can purchase to devour!Half a chicken with rice,beans, and salad with/out spicy juice ( my preferred order) or fry's . Can feed up to two people for just $14bucks (plus tax). Is the most different type of chicken Lunch/Dinner you can get to satisfy those taste buds of fast food.Why, I can tell you cause it's not frozen or warm from frozen. It's all fresh just the way you should eat when eating out. Now they have other menu items like tacos, pastrami fry's, chicken wings and etc.Just make sure you ask for that spicy juice 😁

Local Forum

Mar 31, 2022

Best grilled chicken in SoCal. Customer service is amazing. Every staff member is great, lots of team work going on in the kitchen to achieve those great flavors in every plate. The fries have a spicy kick with a hint of chicken flavor. The chicken is soft and full of flavor grilled to perfection giving you the best grilled chicken experience. Minimal wait time. In a nice busy area with lots to see and do. Thank me later! Highly recommended Local-forum.com

Jerome Howard

Jan 30, 2022

Their chicken is really good. Had my whole car smelling like chicken. I had to spray my Do Be Fresh air freshener so I wouldn’t want to go back when I got in my car again.

Paul Kim

Oct 4, 2021

The foods were delicious as hell because they were being made natural and healthy by chefs who worked there. And, the service was amazing and fast as how they worked so well that it took for about 3 minutes to have the foods arrive. So, that impressed me. Even though the amounts of fries were filled too much, they were tasty to eat that got me satisfied. Loved eating them.

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Questions & Answers

Does dinos take ebt

Enrique Velasco | Aug 22, 2019
jojo rivera | Aug 22, 2019

I think so...call ahead to make sure ok. 😁

Do they serve carne asada fries???

Eddie Silva | Aug 22, 2018
Nicole Pitsos | Aug 22, 2019

Yes they do. They sell asada fries.

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Do they accept EBT???

Grafex65ER | Mar 24, 2022
Steve Stephenson | Mar 24, 2022

No, not yet, but if someone was to give them all of the information, on the EBT hot meals program, so they can get their business registered to parcipstate in the EBT program, that would be grate.

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whats the juice in the fries?? so fk good !

David Del Angel (nosotros los cazadores) | Aug 21, 2021
Matthew Alvarez | Aug 21, 2021

It's the nectar of the gods, simply put.

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Are they open right now ?

F R | Aug 21, 2021
Brewski Pit | Aug 21, 2021

I am not sure about TODAY.

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Can I place an order on phone and pay with visa.. For pick up?

Richard Villareal | Aug 21, 2020
Daniel Peterson | Aug 21, 2020

You can order over the phone but you will have to pay when you pick up your order

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Brenda Cabrera | Aug 21, 2020
Brian Rayburn | Aug 21, 2020

They do!

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Do they accept credit cards?

Darien Knudsen | Aug 22, 2019
Latosha Hayes | Aug 22, 2019


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Do you have any Dino's location in Miami, Florida?

Lesly Quintanilla | Aug 22, 2019
Gerardo Fabian | Aug 22, 2019

They dont they only have 2 and they are both in LA

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Do they have restrooms do they have restrooms

Ken HowArd | Aug 22, 2018
Edward Williams | Aug 22, 2018

Yes, they do. You need to ask for a key.

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Is dinos restaurant in riverside?

alma Hernandez | Aug 22, 2018
Tracie Epps | Aug 22, 2019

Huntington park also

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I have been in this restrant.how many years does dino have been

Mariana Alvarez | Aug 22, 2018
Javier P | Aug 22, 2018

A lot of years

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How's the parking here?

Cindyrella | Aug 22, 2018
Javier P | Aug 22, 2018

You can always find parking cause people are constantly leaving

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What are the Covid safety practices like here?

Anonymous | Aug 21, 2022
Lacabrona Andrade | Aug 21, 2021

They do require wearing mask and 6feet apart they are not so strict on it but parking in the afternoon is crazy but definitely worth the wait.

Do they accept Amex?

Muhammad Abdullah | Aug 22, 2019
N'Gaio Russell | Aug 22, 2019

Yes they do

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What time do you start serving your famous chicken?

Rafael Ramos | Aug 22, 2019
Ulysses Marquez | Aug 22, 2019

6am to 11pm

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How long it's been open since when

Dimples Foxworth | Aug 22, 2018
Michael Hernandez | Aug 22, 2018

Before i was born

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Excuse me and k they throw the chicken to make it look red

Consuelo Ramos | Aug 22, 2018
Alicia Cano | Aug 22, 2018

They are not eastern species. They are Greek

how early can you get the char broiled chicken and fries?

Test Sample | Aug 22, 2018
Seleina Ochoa | Aug 22, 2018

I recommend to get them till the afternoon. The plates are more full and they don't rush making them.

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