Category: Chicken restaurant in Los Angeles, California

Address: 5925 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90036, USA

Phone: +13239314861

Opening hours

Sunday: 10AM–10PM

Monday: 10AM–10PM

Tuesday: 10AM–10PM

Wednesday: 10AM–10PM

Thursday: 10AM–10PM

Friday: 10AM–10PM

Saturday: 10AM–10PM


Kriss Sides

Jul 26, 2022

We used to go to this KFC all the time but after 3 consecutive visits and not getting our order filled correctly. .we're done! You pay for things they don't put in your bag and other items aren't what you ask for. I tried to call and get it corrected but no one answers the phone! Very very SAD!

El Moska

Mar 29, 2022

Came in about 2-3 days ago, to get myself a famous bowl. I must say (don't know if it was because I was hungry or what) that my famous bowl was impeccable. They were very generous with the ingredients. The popcorn chicken was nice and hot as the rest of the bowl also tasted super fresh not like it had been sitting there for a while. Love coming here because they never disappoint.

S Mayeda

Feb 23, 2022

Wanted to try the new KFC Chicken Sandwich, it looks crispy on tv. It was good but not great. Popeyes sandwich is better. The chicken is definitely meaty but it doesn't taste like the original recipe and its not as crispy as it looks. The Popeyes brioche bun is also better. The cost was $5.49

Ri Pe

Jan 22, 2022

Haven't been to KFC in years. My first time back was a complete disappointment. I got an 8 piece bucket and fries. Spending $27 at a fast food restaurant for 2 people, you would expect them to try a little. The chicken tasted worse than Pavilions chicken that's been sitting in the warmer all day. The "Extra Crispy" chicken was soggy and tasted like it was made hours ago. Nothing like I remembered in the past. Not sure if KFC has gone downhill in general or it's just this location.

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Questions & Answers

Do you take ebt

MidCityGang Stoners | Aug 29, 2021
julyssa lomeli | Oct 3, 2021

yes they do

What kind of oil do you fry with?

A Google User | Aug 30, 2019
Arthur R. | Aug 30, 2019

I think they use vegetable oil but to be sure it's good to check the KFC website.

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How many pieces are in a large order of popcorn chicken?

patti graf | Aug 30, 2018
Louis Cyphre | Aug 30, 2018

Actual amount varies since they put Just enough to fit in whatever size box

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