Pollo Campero

Category: Chicken restaurant in Los Angeles, California

Address: 1605 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015, USA

Phone: +18332267376

Opening hours

Sunday: 9AM–10PM

Monday: 9AM–10PM

Tuesday: 9AM–10PM

Wednesday: 9AM–10PM

Thursday: 9AM–10PM

Friday: 9AM–10PM

Saturday: 9AM–10PM


Rob Thelusma

Aug 19, 2022

The food is good but the employees there make it all work. They're all super nice and friendly even when it's hectic. Says a lot about management there. :)


May 11, 2022

The staff can be rude and hard to understand because they talk so quietly and without looking at you. The food is good the avocado ranch is amazing . Best French fries anywhere

Trdeon Jackime

Apr 7, 2022

I've been coming here since I was a youngster, and the cuisine is consistently excellent. I tried the new wings, and if you like the dinos sauce, you'll love them! The long lines are well worth waiting in.

Geraldine Png

Apr 1, 2022

I had a very delicious meal between 10.15am to about 10.35am today ....And wonderful friendly and helpful management and staff. Thank you very much for treasurable experiences from counter staff to another staff who sweetly helped take my tray to the disposal bin. You all rock!!!! Thank you so much.

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Questions & Answers

Why the olimpic country chicken serves old chicken and a couple of badly heated tortillas

Xavy Salas | Sep 5, 2018
Lucas Vasquez | Sep 5, 2018

I think people want to get out. False accusation money my wife and I always eat if they serve very well

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Free-range chicken is much better than many like it or not, it tastes better because Mexicans always want to be the best because they are envious.

Carmela Rojas | Nov 8, 2021
Favio Ramirez | Nov 8, 2021

If it is Guatemalan food and a dish of the best, I recommend it

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Hello Chicken Campero has home delivery

Catia Rustrian | Sep 5, 2019
Magdalena Grave | Sep 5, 2019

Nomeusra..mucha.grasa.noa.cono.el.de guate

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I like the chicken country today is unfortunately not put what you ask in the order one pays for what you want and when you get home you do not put what you asked the dispatchers and cashiers should pay more attention at the time of order

n g | Sep 5, 2019
Eduardo Jr | Sep 5, 2019

It happened to me the same, but now when I go to buy I always noticed the order and if the cashiers are terrible

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What are the Covid safety practices like here?

Anonymous | Sep 4, 2022
Irineo Placido | Sep 4, 2021

Good safety people.

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Do they have Salvadoran breakfasts?

Maria Elena Zelaya | Sep 5, 2019
Eduardo Jr | Sep 5, 2019


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Is any parking for restaurants

Alo.bunni Bunni | Sep 5, 2019
Edmund Castellanos | Sep 5, 2019

Yes. You can find it on beacon Avenue. You go up the ramp and you will see a toll booth where you get a parking ticket. You get validation by showing your purchase receipt from pollo campero. Make sure you don't throw it away. You need to present the receipt to the cashier at the booth to get it validated.

Yall take ebt?

Allen Mitchell Gardner | Sep 5, 2018
Marco Arrecis | Sep 4, 2020

All foods come out with different flavor here because it will be.

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