Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Category: Chicken restaurant in Los Angeles, California

Address: 3995 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90062, USA

Phone: +13232989028

Opening hours

Sunday: 9AM–10PM

Monday: 9AM–10PM

Tuesday: 9AM–10PM

Wednesday: 9AM–10PM

Thursday: 9AM–10PM

Friday: 9AM–10PM

Saturday: 9AM–10PM


Adrian Aguilar

Jul 2, 2022

I hate this location. I really rather drive to the one near USC. The employees are Rude. I was ordering and the manager was said ”oh god”. Like I’m sorry for bringing business to you.


May 12, 2022

Great service for anyone that wants to know they are open till 4 on Friday and Saturday only also I read some reviews and come on people you expect fresh chicken 5 minutes before closing 😂 chicken takes 20 minutes to cook of course they’re not going to make you fresh chicken 😂 especially when they have only 5 minutes before closing lol also yeah you can’t expect for them to have everything you want by closing time what do you expect by showing up near closing 😂 some people in here are crazy 😝

LaShannas Braid Parlor

Apr 28, 2022

Wow! The lack of customer service and blatant disregard for customers safety at this establishment is beyond ridiculous. Corporate really needs to a pay a special visit to this location and revamp things. We placed our order, got to the window and paid, two items was missing from our order..so my husband let the young woman at the window know. She replied by saying “those items aren’t on your receipt. He shows her the receipt, which seemed to irritate her, she then gives him A container of mashed potatoes with gravy, he politely let her know we ordered it with gravy on the side. She then leaves the window and another young woman with blinding eyelashes comes to the window with the most disgusting attitude, just completely unacceptable and unwarranted. She then retrieved the potatoes with gravy from my husband, then precedes to throw 2 containers of potatoes at him, one without gravy our initial order and the potato she initially retrieved from him. My jaw dropped as I was witnessing all of this. I was in utter shock to say the least. My husband politely left the potatoes in their driveway, a complete waste of time and money. It’s safe to say I’ll never visit this establishment again nor will I recommend them to anyone. I’m a business owner myself and it’s awful for this business to hire people who’s just there to clock hours and could careless about the very place that provides their livelihood.

Destiny Cherelle hearne

Mar 23, 2022

Love the red beans and rice has so much flavor and not too spicy like the mashed potatoes and gravy was the next time I will try the macaroni and cheese

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Questions & Answers

Do you guys take ebt

Daryl Johnson | Sep 8, 2019
Alvin Lewis | Sep 8, 2019

Excellent 👍👍👍

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Do they have a drive thru?

Edgar Suruy | Sep 8, 2019
Shaakira Madany | Sep 8, 2019


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Does this location still have the 5$ box ?

Cj Kelly | Sep 8, 2018
Roxanne Rocky (Daddy) | Sep 8, 2018


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Is the turkey hot or spicy?

bobby swayne | Sep 8, 2018
Deontate Lollis | Sep 8, 2018


Do you take EBT?

Mia Savaria | Jan 10, 2022
Goldie Hamilton | Jan 10, 2022


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What are the Covid safety practices like here?

Anonymous | Sep 7, 2022
Sandor Marroquin | Sep 7, 2021

Basically you have to wear a mask when going inside.

Do u accept Apple Pay ?

Karen Ulloa | Sep 7, 2020
Son No | Sep 7, 2020

I am not sure

Do you serve breakfast

Candance Coleman | Sep 7, 2020
Addie Jones | Sep 7, 2020

No they don't serve breakfast.

Do u take ebt

Daddy Swain | Sep 8, 2019
ernie ballesteros | Sep 8, 2019

Most likely

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do they deliver

roland t littlejohn | Sep 8, 2019
Popeyes RS02549 | Sep 8, 2019

Yes, thru UberEats

Y'all take EBT???

Jasmine Love | Sep 8, 2018
Daniil Kurochkin | Sep 8, 2018

They don't

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Do they have good customer service?

Letitia Flores | Sep 8, 2018
Tawnia Schebkel | Sep 8, 2018


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do you deliver

roland t littlejohn | Sep 8, 2018
John Mosley | Sep 8, 2018

Right now, no they don't deliver. However, most fast-food restaurants have started offering delivery via "GrubHub" "Uber" and other services so Popeyes may offer delivery soon.

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Do they except EBT

Michael Anthony | Sep 8, 2018
lia 2001 | Sep 8, 2019

They dont take EBT when I went in person, but they said the one on slauson avenue takes EBT

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