Louisiana Fried Chicken

Category: Chicken restaurant in Los Angeles, California

Address: 2103 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90018, USA

Phone: +13233739799

Opening hours

Sunday: 10AM–9PM

Monday: 10AM–9PM

Tuesday: 10AM–9PM

Wednesday: 10AM–9PM

Thursday: 10AM–9PM

Friday: 10AM–9PM

Saturday: 10AM–9PM



Sep 5, 2022

Wow wow wow the chicken is so crispy and crunchy and the Chinese food is good too

Vera Lin

Aug 25, 2022

First time here..Tried their Fried chicken,cat fish and shrimp. Loved their batter. Very crispy and tender in the inside.


Aug 1, 2022

I asked for sweet and sour sauce for my shrimp fried rice and they told me that's extra charge because sweet and sour sauce specifically is for egg rolls 😂😂 I promise you every Chinese food restaurant will gladly pour sweet and sour sauce on whatever your paid money buys! Today was my last time spending with them

Pamela Crenshaw

Jul 28, 2022

Very nice people

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Questions & Answers

What are the Covid safety practices like here?

Anonymous | Sep 10, 2022
Jules “Jules” | Sep 10, 2021

Just Wear a face 😷

Do they accept ebt hot meal

Siidneyy Melissa | Sep 11, 2019
Miranda Moreno | Sep 11, 2019

I'm not really sure but it seems like

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