Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Category: Chicken restaurant in Los Angeles, California

Address: 3050 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90016, USA

Phone: +13237347340

Opening hours

Sunday: 10AM–2AM

Monday: 10AM–2AM

Tuesday: 10AM–2AM

Wednesday: 10AM–2AM

Thursday: 10AM–2AM

Friday: 10AM–2AM

Saturday: 10AM–2AM


Tyler Jordan

Jul 16, 2022

Based on the experience I had, I would NOT recommend this location. At all. We drove across town because this was the closest store, and when we got there, the long line at the drive said one of two things: either they were doing something very right or something was going very wrong. Turned out to be the latter. We went inside and were greeted by a wall of employees that seemed to be way more focused on the fun than they were on the food. The staff was quite boisterous, but they had a youthful charm that made it almost forgivable. Almost. I had to return more than once to get items that were left off my order, and on the second time back inside, I was joined by two others that had their drive thru orders messed up! The crazy thing is, the drive thru operator seemed to be one of the only employees actually focused on doing their job! The manager was on the back line almost the entire time, but did nothing to hold any of the staff accountable and exercised no control. That in my honest opinion, is the whole of the problem. Until this place is under new management, the employees seem to be the ones in charge. They have fun, they have some charm, but very little customer service 🤷🏿‍♂️

Tingwei Meng

Jun 19, 2022

Ordered a take out (offer of 9.99 for these five signature chicken combo). I will recommend you to order online and take out, because the drive-through line is long and slow. The taste is good though. The spicy one is not spicy at all for Chinese.

Justine Evangelista

Jun 2, 2022

1. The food quality is inconsistent. 2. The availability of food items is inconsistent. 3. The line takes too long, even at midnight. 20 minutes per car this evening. 4. The lights are always out. 5. There is no carry out option. 6. There's always a pile of trash out back of the store. 7. There's also no way to escape the line when we find out 80% of the menu is not available. Just close if you can't represent the brand better.

Gabbi Jewell

May 24, 2022

Not just your typical Popeyes. Even though the wait is long, if you go inside to order you'll find a friendly hard working staff who do everything they can to help you out despite a variety of clientele with crazy various needs. In just the 10 min I've waited for my order I've seen them help customers with missing items, go above and beyond for delivery drivers, and handle a few homeless people with grace and humanity I've not seen in service workers before. I strongly recommend ordering ahead and coming in to pick up your order vs the drive through, and if you're lucky Tamara will be working - who is an absolute pleasure to talk to and remembers clients names throughout the experience. She makes you laugh while you wait, and works incredibly hard at getting orders together for you at the same time. Definitely my new favorite Popeyes.

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Questions & Answers

Are we the only ones this place has been rude to? This place is unbelievably RUDE!!!!!!!!!

Monica E Murguia | Sep 2, 2019
paulo lovo | Sep 1, 2020

Never go back any more discussing place with a terrible service

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Why is it that they NEVER have classic chicken? It’s always spicy chicken.

Tejavon | Sep 1, 2021
John Nelson | Sep 1, 2021

Because that's what Popeyes sale most of all is the Spicy chicken than anything else.

Do this particular Popeye's take ebt?

RockDogginthehouse Safe | Sep 1, 2020
Matt Haley | Apr 4, 2022

No, not anymore anyway

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Do they take Samsung pay ?

The Sandovals | Sep 2, 2019
Shanu Mathew | Sep 2, 2019

No. They did not accept

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Does it have a drive thru?

George M | Sep 2, 2019
Sunflower Gonzalez -Fuller | Sep 2, 2019

Yes it's does

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Do the accept EBT food

E Taylor | Sep 2, 2019
LadyBlue Friend | Sep 2, 2019

Not at this location the one in Inglewood on La Brea does.

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Do you accept EBT

A Google User | Sep 2, 2018
Art Borja | Sep 2, 2018

It's my understanding that all fast food places now accept EBT.

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