Pioneer Chicken

Category: Chicken restaurant in Los Angeles, California

Address: 904 S Soto St, Los Angeles, CA 90023, USA

Phone: +13232624562

Opening hours

Sunday: 10AM–9PM

Monday: 10AM–9PM

Tuesday: 10AM–9PM

Wednesday: 10AM–9PM

Thursday: 10AM–9PM

Friday: 10AM–9PM

Saturday: 10AM–9PM


Chuck Mabanag

Jun 21, 2022

Why did you leave the Bay Area? The chicken was fantastic!!! Brought back childhood memories including the nutcase in the parking lot fighting with himself 🤣. The spicy rice was soft, flavorful and a great compliment to the fried chicken. My son said the fish and chips was better than average. Please open up a franchise in the Bay Area. Preferably in SF or Oakland.


Jun 13, 2022

Where can I start on this one. This chicken has to be the best I've had so far. Its juicy, crispy, and tender as well. Spicy rice was really good too, which has a spice kick to it. Biscuit was fresh and soft as well.

Zan Lee

May 31, 2022

Founded in 1961, way before my birth, I have heard about Pioneer Chicken many times growing up in San Diego and know at one point they had 270 locations operating around the southwest including Hawaii, although now it’s down to just two locations left. It’s a part of LA history and United States fast food history as well. They’re famous for their super crispy, crunchy outside skin and juicy inside. Honestly it’s really delicious fried chicken and a seriously nice treat if you’re in the mood for this type of food. I have pretty much tried all the sides and can say each of them is a solid option. Both locations can get very busy so parking can be tricky at certain times but it’s worth the wait because honestly the lines are never too long. Definitely some of the best fried chicken in all Los Angeles and it’s worth going for the history alone.

Louie Genel

Jan 23, 2022

I haven't had Pioneer Chicken since the 80's and it was truly nostalgic in the most delicious way possible. Fresh out the fryer, I took the time to eat a few pieces before my 90 minute drive home and it was amazing and exactly how I remembered it. I bought an extra 12 piece for my brother who I knew would appreciate his own stroll down memory lane and I had him meet me at my home at my ETA. Unfortunately the breading/skin didn't keep it's hard fried texture but that's the price you pay for the 90 minute steam in the container while traveling home. Maybe next time I'll open the container to let the chicken breathe and hope that it retains it's crispiness. My brother was impressed nonetheless. I see myself driving out of my way every time I'm in Los from here forward.

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Questions & Answers

Why not build another Pioneer Chicken in the San Fernando Valley? Too much fried chicken competition? I know many would go to Pioneer just because they have been missing for many years!

excelsciors | Dec 21, 2018
Jose Guerra | Dec 22, 2018

I agree with you they definitely should build more Pioneer chickens.

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Oh my God I haven't has pioneer chicken since 1984.

Nancy Lombardi | Dec 21, 2018
Canal L Bryant | Dec 22, 2018

Trust a true fan of that great taste, yes! it's the same & the atmosphere is really nice

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Is Pioneer TakeOut on Soto St open to the public?

Dario Morla | Dec 21, 2019
Richard Leland Neal | Dec 22, 2019

Yes, why would it not be?

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Do they still have the same chicken strips? Can't find them anywhere.

Cindy Sprague | Dec 21, 2019
Salvador De La Torre | Dec 22, 2019

I usually just buy the original chicken

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We need a pioneer chicken in the antelope valley I heard one is supposed to open in Lancaster. Where taco smell was on 10 th St and Ave I

Jeremy Smith | Sep 21, 2021
Anthony Jackson | Sep 22, 2021

I hope that they open a new location down that way. That'll be great 👍

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yes I agree they should build more every where in the southern California like in Simi valley Ventura county and Inland empire San bernadino county all areaarea

Mike Limbean | Jun 23, 2021
Anthony Lopez | Jun 24, 2021

I agree they also used 2 have one in sanpedro but along time ago but it closed down

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It's still really good just like 1984.. it's like going back in time.. everything is still the same.

Cesar Velazquez | Dec 20, 2020
Douglas Kennedy | Dec 21, 2020

Yes same place just like in 1984

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Does this restaraunt accept ebt?

debra dean | Dec 21, 2019
Jimi “jimiblingbling” BlingBling | Dec 22, 2019


What are the Covid safety practices like here?

People are asking | May 24, 2021
atlnigga | May 25, 2021

@Robert Preciado do everyone a favor: getyourWhlteboi---out

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Do the have a drive thru

Albert Peterson | Dec 20, 2020
Marga Dominguez | Dec 21, 2020

Sorry no they dont at eastla

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does pioneer chicken still serve Hawaiian sauce?

Lance Brown | Sep 21, 2021
Lon Luna | Sep 22, 2021

Yup, and that sauce should be bottled and sold that way

Who is the owner or is this a franchise Pioneer Chicken ?

Teri Lee Spottiswood | Dec 21, 2018
Salvador De La Torre | Dec 22, 2018

No clue , but you can franchise

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Will u ever open in SanAntonio Tx

Esperanza Carrasco | Dec 21, 2018
Wingchiu-Henry Ho | Dec 22, 2018

Probably not since they won't open anymore in California where it originated.

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Why cash only?

excelsciors | Dec 21, 2019
4x4 Blazer | Dec 22, 2019

The technology is available. I bet the ATM machine charges you $3 and the bank charges you another $3 so you'll probably end up spending $6 before you buy any thing.

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