Creede Trading Post

Category: Gift shop

Address: 101 S Main St, Creede, CO 81130, USA

Phone: +17196580625

Opening hours

Sunday: 10AM–4PM

Monday: 10AM–5PM

Tuesday: 10AM–5PM

Wednesday: 10AM–5PM

Thursday: 10AM–5PM

Friday: 10AM–5PM

Saturday: 10AM–5PM

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Questions & Answers

Good morning! I purchased “sourdough starter mix” Made for creede trading co., a while back, and was wondering how to use it?? Recipes? There are instructions on how to activate the starter, but I don’t know what all to mix it with. Thanks!

Sandy Nigh | May 21, 2020
Ben Davis | May 22, 2020

I would look at allrecipes, I don't know personally

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