Alliance Xpress Urgent Care

Category: Urgent care center

Address: 5275 Alexander Rd, Dublin, VA 24084, USA

Phone: +15403075597

Opening hours

Sunday: 8AM–5:45PM

Monday: 8AM–7:45PM

Tuesday: 8AM–7:45PM

Wednesday: 8AM–7:45PM

Thursday: 8AM–7:45PM

Friday: 8AM–7:45PM

Saturday: 8AM–7:45PM


Hannah Holladay

Oct 9, 2022

The staff is so compassionate and understanding which means a whole lot. Highly recommend.

bob t

Sep 20, 2022

I went here because I tested positive for COVID, I need the medication. My wife called and ask if they prescribed the COVID medication, the answer was” They will prescribe what you need.” She ask the same question 3 times, with same answers. Thinking this was true, the. Facility did another Covid test and then proceeded to tell me that they did not prescribe the medication. So here I am with a high deductible left with a huge bill with no help,sick,sick,sick, Lesson learned I will always use ER’s, from now on. Because; in the ER you will get the help you need for probably the same price . Number one the girl at the front desk who answers the phone should’ve connected with a nurse or a doctor so that we could find out but they did not give the medication so that we could made other plans. Terrible terrible terrible service

Sue Wills

Sep 7, 2022

Thank you for being both professional and friendly. We weren’t from the area, but both needed assistance for some nasty pet bites. We felt cared for.

The Parbynarble

Sep 5, 2022

I would leave this place a -5 star review if I could. I understand today is Labor Day some places close early some places aren't open my regular doctor's office is not open. I went by the Urgent Care at 1:30 this afternoon and a lovely woman was in their vacuuming but the sign said closed. Nothing on the door states that their hours will be different on Labor Day there's a little tiny clock will return at sign pointing at 8:00. And apparently this is not only on holidays I recently learned from a friend she was going to go and called them and the woman who answered the phone told them that they had filled their quota for the day and they were closing. Apparently once they see the bare minimum of people that they need to see they close. I have poison ivy on my foot bad it doesn't require a trip to the emergency room you can't get into the emergency rooms around here because they have no rooms and are piling people up in the hallways of the ER. Why are they having to do this? Because Urgent Care is closed. I even called the number and a lovely voice comes on and states that their hours are from 8 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday and such and such hours on Sunday doesn't say subject to change or anything like that the lovely voice then says please hold and wait for the next available receptionist I was like oh great someone's there the phone rings a few times and then hangs up like I said if I could give them a negative five star review I would this place is horrible you're supposed to be there to help the community with non-emergency things but you're not there for anyone but yourself once you meet your bare minimum of people you need to see y'all go home. Thanks for nothing. I'm sure you're going to come back and say try a different urgent care in another town I don't have a way to get to another town I live in this town Dublin

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Questions & Answers

Do you have an x-ray machine

Snowflakes | Sep 1, 2022
Alliance Xpress Urgent Care | Sep 1, 2022


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I have insurance, I've heard that if I come out there there's a automatic payment I'd have to make???? Thanks

Michael Carr | Nov 1, 2019
Ramona Boyer | Nov 1, 2019

It depends on your insurance, most have a flat fee you pay at an urgent care ($15, 25, all depends on your insurance plan) - most tell you on your card your urgent care copay.

What are the hours?

Sara Whitlow | Nov 1, 2018
Dublin Office | Nov 1, 2018

Monday-Saturday 8am-8pm Sunday 8am-6pm Thanksgiving: 8am-2pm Christmas Day: Closed

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