Category: Coffee shop in Jessup, Maryland

Address: Market Place, 7351 Assateague Drive Columbia East, Jessup, MD 20794, USA

Phone: +14437558726

Opening hours

Sunday: 5:30AM–8PM

Monday: 4:30AM–9PM

Tuesday: 4:30AM–9PM

Wednesday: 4:30AM–9PM

Thursday: 4:30AM–10PM

Friday: 4:30AM–10PM

Saturday: 5:30AM–10PM


Jai Mee

Jul 13, 2022

When I say they made my Venti Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew with 6 pumps of hazelnut, light ice, extra sweet cream and added whipped cream PERFECTLY... that's exactly what I mean! I'm not up that way very often but HAVE CAR, WILL DRIVE.

Anthony Castellani

May 30, 2022

It's a very okay Starbucks. They frequently mark oat milk drinks as out of stock for mobile orders only for us to show up and see them making those same drinks for people in the store, which is extremely frustrating for anyone who is lactose intolerant and doesn't have a choice. Service is very hit or miss, with enough of the staff being fairly hard-working. On more than one occasion we've waited an exorbitant amount of time for a breakfast sandwich and we've seen about 6 people doing the job of like 2. Most of the staff here are friendly, but a couple of them act like customers placing an order is an inconvenience to them for some reason. The food and drink quality is pretty standard for Starbucks and items have almost always been made correctly for us. Overall, it's an ok location that I'd give a miss if you want or need specific milk options.

Jennie J

May 18, 2022

Very great service! My shaken expresso was made so wonderfully! Register girl was great and everything was clean and well handled even though it was busy they were very attentive! As f or Gladis, why don’t you leave these workers alone and if it bothers you so much go and grab an application and help them put it away since you wanna be a big baby about it gLaDiS

Sarah Barse

Feb 20, 2022

So the reason I even give three stars is because only one person makes the drink right.. Today I asked for no strawberries. Simple right. I get strawberries I’m not mad it happens . I go tell them very politely . I guess someone pulled the manager so I could say it . She acted like it was an inconvenience to just get the strawberry’s out. I get the drink and it was aweful.

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Are you open easter

Woodland Wilson | Dec 14, 2019
cory dorsey | Dec 15, 2019


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