Burger King

Category: Restaurant in Jessup, Maryland

Address: 7940 Washington Blvd, Jessup, MD 20794, USA

Phone: +14107993489

Opening hours

Sunday: 7AM–12AM

Monday: 6AM–12AM

Tuesday: 6AM–12AM

Wednesday: 6AM–12AM

Thursday: 6AM–12AM

Friday: 6AM–12AM

Saturday: 6AM–12AM


Brantley Johnson

Apr 20, 2022

I usually don’t write fast food restaurants pass at three. In this case for being low staff the food came out fresh fast and with very friendly customer service. I feel like it’s important for lunch breaks in a hurry.

D Lewis

Apr 5, 2022

I came here (1st time) for breakfast. The young lady seemed more into her phone call than making our order. I had to repeat my order several times over the intercom & when I reached the window, it still wasn't correct. That's when I noticed the house phone she had propped to her ear. IF I return to this Burger King, hopefully if the young lady needs to take a phone call; she's not working the drive thru.

Jonathan Fisher

Mar 1, 2022

We were generally disappointed. The tables weren't cleaned well, the music was turned up a bit loud, the toilets weren't clean, and the soda machine was not stocked well with all the flavor things that make it fun to play with. The food was alright, but somehow the burgers we ordered came out a bit dry. Burger King can do better, and it might be about the staff morale and character. There is not sense of pride in the work that they are doing, and I know Burger King, fast food and all, can be a nice job with better craft, mechanical as it generally is. It takes customer service to make a nice place, and I'm pretty sure we won't be back here anytime soon.

Eb G

Jan 25, 2022

1.26.2022 Update: came here to eat and my bread was molded. Luckily I sat in the parking lot after ordering before going home. Also the drive thru person takes your money and grabs fries from staging area without gloves! Definitely not eating here again and placing a call to corporate.

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Questions & Answers

why is your food so so bad

Travis Gilbert | Dec 14, 2019
Shreesh Tiwari | Dec 15, 2019

Mine was not bad. It is Burger King

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