Category: Fast food restaurant in Jessup, Maryland

Address: 7878 Pocomoke Ave, Jessup, MD 20794, USA

Phone: +14107997750

Opening hours

Sunday: Open 24 hours

Monday: Open 24 hours

Tuesday: Open 24 hours

Wednesday: Open 24 hours

Thursday: Open 24 hours

Friday: Open 24 hours

Saturday: Open 24 hours


Ray Mole

Jun 30, 2022

What can I say it's McDonald's been around forever and the only difference is the degree of service you get

walter akins

Jun 15, 2022

This is the worst McDonald’s ever they don’t understand English. They always mess up your order. Also if you order DoorDash they mess that up never send all your food, they ask what sauce you want only to not give it you. Never answer the phone this place needs to be shut down it’s a joke throw the whole staff in the trash

David Stricklan

May 5, 2022

The lobby was closed and we are in a Semi-truck so they let us walk up to the drive-thru and order. I was very appreciative of this because everything else was closed around us. Thank you guys ! There was another truck driver also that needed something to eat. Good for McDonalds to be next to the Truck Stop. It means alot to us truckers especially when there is no where else around to get something to eat and there are places like McDonald's that will accommodate us and allow us to walk up in the drive-thru.


Aug 26, 2019

Cleanest macdonalds I've been to. Idk why but it is actually fancy. Filtered water. Roses on the tables and it smells amazing. The bathrooms are also clean. I ordered a hamburger and a side salad. The hamburger was great, the side salad unfortunately wasn't fresh.

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Questions & Answers

What are the Covid safety practices like here?

People are asking | Mar 24, 2021
Matt Boone | Mar 25, 2021

No indoor dinning. The drive thru would be safest. I think it is adequate.

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Is the inside open at night

Marcus Rozier | May 24, 2019
Chrissy n Danilla | May 25, 2019


What time is the diner open till?

Marco Salgado | May 24, 2019
Sharon D. | May 25, 2019

All night looooong.....

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