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Tony Eads

Feb 2, 2021

FROM A ONE STAR TO A FOUR!!!!! I had ordered 3 edible arrangements last February (2020) for Valentine's Day as gifts for my Wife, and 2 daughters. For my Wife I ordered 12 chocolate covered strawberries and had them "drizzled" with white Chocolate. I also ordered a 6 count box for each of my daughters who are 4 and 7 this year. Last year (2020) it was a smashing success.I attempted to place the very same order this year (2021). I was very proud of myself, as I was getting the order in super early Jan 26th) to ensure that there were no hiccups. The lady on the phone said "the order was processed successfully" and that I could pick up the 3 boxes (12 count, and Two 6 counts) February the 14th by 10:00am. I was thrilled! Well... here is were the story turns from a 5 star review to a 1 star review. I received a phone call at 9:36am Jan 27th (one day later) to inform me that evidently the ladies supervisor saw the order that she had placed on Jan 26th and that they "would not be able to fill the order as placed". She said the only orders her supervisor was allowing her to process is 12 counts with just plain dipped strawberries with no drizzle. Meaning not only would I not be able to receive the 12 strawberries with the drizzle I paid for, but they would not allow me to purchase 2 boxes of 6 that I ordered to gift to my 4, and 7 year old. She said that the only option her supervisor would allow her to offer me was 2-12 count boxes and I would have to separate them myself and give those to my daughters. Needless to say I was extremely disappointed. I requested a refund and am waiting to see if the sum of the purchase ($95.00) will be returned as promised. I am hoping to find a "local" less franchised business to purchase from that will at least allow me to purchase separate boxes for my 2 daughters. I would have been willing to take them if they would have offered boxes to put the 6 strawberries in for my daughters. This was extremely disappointing. UPDATE!!!!!! I was contacted by the owner of this particular location in Blacksburg. He explained to me the situation as far as not being able to provide for me the service that I requested (and paid for) due to Covid-19 restrictions as well as corporate mandates. He also told me that even though he was not able to fulfill my specific request he would like to make sure that I was a happy customer and that he appreciated my patronage. Not only did he say it with words but he proved it by giving me a deal that I could not refuse. My hope was to purchase a 12 count of chocolate covered strawberries for my Wife, and 2 six count boxes for my daughters. Now all three will have a 12 count and the cost is less than I was going to spend for a 12 and two 6 counts. I appreciate what he was able and willing to do to prove that I am appreciated as a customer.Tony. I am sorry to hear about your experience. Its true that corporate is not offering the drizzle this year. However, we may be able to accommodate your request for the two 6ct boxes. Let me see what's going on and we will be in touch with you.

Mike Stark

Aug 9, 2020

Delivered on time and their fruit was fresh and arranged perfectly!

Caleab Harless

Feb 6, 2019

Let me tell you.. this place is absolutely amazing. I frequently order arrangements from this location, and they always have the best deals and the most tasty strawberries. My lady loves them every time she gets them because they are juicy, quality covered, chocolaty awesomeness!! Every time I call in the lady Crystal, IS AWESOME! If you need good customer service, and a great deal.. talk to her. I will continue to buy from here, and If you are looking to make your lady smile.. look no further my friends :)

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Questions & Answers

Do you delivery to christiansburg.va.24073 What is your delivery fee. What do you have a price Range in for $25 to$35 and Does this include chacolate On the fruit of

Helene Perkins | Feb 3, 2020
Edible Arrangements (Owner) | Feb 4, 2020

We delivery to Christiansburg, VA. It's our standard $14.99 delivery fee. We have several arrangements and dipped fruit boxes in your price range. Check out our website or call the store so we can help you. https://www.ediblearrangements.com/fruit-arrangements?Backt=1566773240085&CategoryID=5&Section=1&SearchText=petitedipped

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