Olive Branch Animal Rescue & Refuge Inc

Category: Animal protection organization

Address: 2499 Badger Run Rd, Sistersville, WV 26175, USA

Phone: +13046521010

Opening hours

Sunday: Closed

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 11AM–3PM

Wednesday: 11AM–3PM

Thursday: 11AM–3PM

Friday: 11AM–3PM

Saturday: 11AM–3PM


Carolyn Greco

Nov 23, 2020

This is an organization that goes out of its way, ABOVE AND BEYOND... to SAVE THE LIVES OF MANY ANIMALS.. EVERYDAY... They tend to the needs of each and every animal in their facility and honestly.. They could use some HELP!!! These 2 …

Angela Cutrer

Nov 23, 2020

Not only do they care for pets needing homes, they care for those deemed unadoptable. Great folks. I adopted my mini schnauzer there and they helped me with her anxiety issues.

Pat Nalls

Nov 23, 2020

They have adorable cats and kittens. They are a no kill shelter in a peaceful sareen setting surrounded by over 150 acres of rolling hills

Raquel Stoneking

Dec 27, 2018

Today my son and I volunteered for the Olive Branch and our experience was AMAZING!!!!! We were greeted by the sweetest cat named Timmy and from there on we got to socialize with so many sweethearts!!! The staff are all very friendly and the establishment was so clean and we did not see any sad/neglected animals on the premises!!! Plus they are a NO KILL SHELTER which is amazing! Overall I HIGHLY recommend adopting through the Olive Brach!!! We can’t wait to go back!!!!!!

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Questions & Answers

Do you have rabbits still available for adoption?

Debra Carpenter | Nov 23, 2019
Denise Burgett | Nov 24, 2019

Yes we do!! Stop by our farm and visit with them Tuesday through Saturday from 11-3. We would love to have you so please come on over!!

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Do you guys have white puppies

Asia Anderson | Nov 23, 2019
Denise Burgett | Nov 24, 2019

Not at this time but please check out their web site (which is updated daily) at https://www.olivebranchwv.org/ to view current animals that are up for adoption and hopefully find a new pet!!!

Can we look at the animals there

Asia Anderson | Nov 23, 2019
Waynas Fletcher | Nov 24, 2019

Sure, Open till 2pm, Monday to Saturday.

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Do you accept baby bunnies that were found in yard.

Tina Dennis | Nov 23, 2019
Olive Branch Animal Rescue & Refuge Inc (Owner) | Nov 24, 2019

I am sorry we can not a wildlife rescue would be what you are looking for.

Do you take pitbulls

deane beck | Nov 23, 2019
Nancy Gregg | Nov 24, 2019

Not normally. Insurance costs very high for them. You would be better off to actually call them rather than asking on here.

Are you guys hiring

asia ueltschy | Nov 23, 2018
Nancy Gregg | Nov 24, 2018

You should call rather than ask here. Or stop in the store.

Just wondering if Max is doing well or if there are any posts on his new home

Sher Reynolds | Nov 23, 2018
Nancy Gregg | Nov 24, 2018

Check the Website or call. The fine ladies will be glad to give you any updates.

Do you have any small breed young dogs looking to adopt

Bruce Reed | Nov 23, 2018
Nancy Gregg | Nov 24, 2018

You would have to either call or go online and fill out an adoption application.

heywoke up yesterday at least 18 cats in cages at my door left i cant kill a cat pleae take them ill be bringin them soon , who ever did these dirty trick was right'

Beth Hafer | Nov 23, 2018
Nancy Gregg | Nov 24, 2018

This is a strange place to post this. Call either your local law enforcement or The Olive Branch (don't know the story behind this)

Just checking on how Max is doing

Sher Reynolds | Nov 23, 2018
Olive Branch Animal Rescue & Refuge Inc (Owner) | Nov 24, 2018

Max is doing wonderful!

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