Dave & Buster's

Category: Restaurant in Auburn, Washington

Address: 1101 Outlet Collection Way, Auburn, WA 98001, USA

Phone: +12532583600

Opening hours

Sunday: 11AM–12AM

Monday: 11AM–12AM

Tuesday: 11AM–12AM

Wednesday: 11AM–12AM

Thursday: 11AM–12AM

Friday: 11AM–1AM

Saturday: 11AM–1AM


Rushing Ty

May 1, 2022

This was by far the best birthday celebration. Food was hot, tasty and right out delicious. The staff treated us with so much courtesy and was always there when we needed to order food or drinks. Shout out to Kristina for being such a wonderful Host. She was charming and very pleasant to work with. Thank you Dave and Busters for reminding the world that quality service is still alive. We'll definitely be back again.

Jasmine Johnson

Apr 15, 2022

What a fun place! Bright fun loud, perfect place to party! We also ate the food was good and our server was great!! Kyle! He was so attentive and very friendly. Best of all the gratuity was suggested not included! I gave him all 18% because he was worth it!

Ashley Wiegand

Jan 16, 2022

I went here with my bf for his birthday. We ate first and waited forever for our food, our waiter never checked on us, and the fries were cold when we got them. I know they are busy but I'm not getting this food and service for free. We had fun playing the games and won a bunch of tickets for next time. I'll be back and maybe skip eating there.

Jessenia Renteria

Jan 2, 2022

Wings are delicious, just the way I like them, crunchy! The Mango Bowl cocktail - has redbull, vodka, its Fruity but really good! Kids meals had a variety and they really liked them. Garlic fries needs more sauce were a bit dry to be garlic fries but not bad either. Regular fries and fried pickles were too salty. Okay the gaming area is a must! Our 12 and 4 year old had a blast! My hubby and I were playing basketball too! We all had a blast. Prizes are actually better then most places. They weren't dollar quality. Overall a place I would like to come back with the family!

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Questions & Answers

Ridiculously crowded, hour wait for a table then another 2 &1/2 hour wait for food, bar/drink line super long with rude people cutting and getting served. Lots of video games but so crowded near impossible to find an open game for play. Hopefully on

Camo Gamer | Dec 15, 2018
INAS ALI | Dec 16, 2018

If you go on a weekday it is not so c crowded and Wednesday games are half off 😊 even on the weekend it is not as busy like the first 4 weeks when it opened

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Do they have a happy hour?

Cr3dentialz - NW | Dec 15, 2018
Cr3dentialz - NW | Dec 16, 2018

Called to answer my own question: Happy Hour Schedule Sunday: 10:00-close Mon: 4:30-7:00/10:00-close Tues: 4:30-7:00/10:00-close Wed: 4:30-7:00/10:00-close Thur: 4:30-7:00/10:00-close Fri: 4:30-7:00 Sat: N/A

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The Food had me speechless(not in a good way)

darren sanchez | Dec 15, 2019
James Mcclinton | Dec 16, 2019

Its good food but it always arrive cold

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What does Dave and Busters cost. Plan on going here for 21st birthday and need to know how much we could end up spending.

melinda nading | Dec 15, 2018
BABY MAMA | Dec 16, 2018

If you plan to have dinner, drinks, and play games I would plan on spending between 100 and 150

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Is the food good for picky people?

Ryu | Mar 19, 2020
kirk nelson | Mar 20, 2020

The menu is your basic sports bar type food. Nachos, Chicken fingers, Burgers and some ribs. Maybe that helps.

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Do they have the halo fireteam raven game?

CoffeeHound | Dec 15, 2019
Chris Pense | Dec 16, 2019

Yes they do. And you need to play it. :)

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We are having a 21 yr bd party on July 21st at 1 pm. Do we need to reserve a spot?

Jo Ann Coble | Dec 15, 2018
Eddie Jones | Dec 16, 2018

Private booths are the norm but first come first serve

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What entry in parking lot is the best to get to Dave and Busters, never been here

Leigh Singh | Dec 15, 2018
Dean Webb | Dec 16, 2018

The side facing Wal-Mart and the theater.

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Can I get seating for 10

Georgia Roberts | Dec 15, 2019
Sam J | Dec 16, 2019

Yes. Just let the staff know you need to be seating 10 people and they will take care of it.

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Can you do birthday party

AwSoMe Parker | Dec 16, 2018

Young and old alike should party there on a birthday... somethin for everyone

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Bowling at d&b

Michael Johnson | Dec 15, 2018
Duan Curtis | Dec 16, 2018

For the 5 year olds otherwise you have to go to family fun center

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Does everyone have to wait 2 hours to eat?

Anthony Hollis | Dec 15, 2018
Christopher Dotson | Dec 16, 2018

Yes at this point their service time is absolutely horrible. And their kitchen is in a different area code in prospective to the seating areas

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How many Dave and Busters in Washington

Kevin Mcclean | Feb 18, 2020
David Leung | Feb 19, 2020

Theres only one. In Auburn, The Outlets.

Do they serve a full menu until close?

Aryn Sherman | Dec 15, 2019
Lee's Security, Protection And Investigation | Dec 16, 2019

I belive they do

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What night is half off? For Dave and Buster's

Robert Cruse | Dec 15, 2018
John Lux | Dec 16, 2018

Every Wednesday from open to close!

Have Kids menu?

Ronnie Mitchell | Dec 15, 2018
David Hill | Dec 16, 2018


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Can you be under 21?

Ronette Mazukelli | Dec 15, 2018
Supreme Emperor Trump | Dec 16, 2018

Yes. Bar areas are for grown ass folks

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Their water is delicious yummy !

Alejandro Peregrina | Dec 15, 2018
Lauren B | Dec 16, 2018

I dont think many people are going there for the water 😏

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Can kids go in

chancey justus | Dec 15, 2018
Marc Flip 206 | Dec 16, 2018

Yes. Its all ages till 10pm i believe.

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Are kids welcome?..

hayden and Brooklyn | Dec 15, 2018
Brian Swanson jr | Dec 16, 2018


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Would it be a good place for a group to watch football?

gtdc2000 | Dec 15, 2017
Brian Babcock | Dec 16, 2017

Yes, but your service will be slow.

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When are they opening in Auburn, WA?

Paulette Augustyn | Dec 15, 2017
Da Joezee | Dec 16, 2017

December 4th

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What does happy hour consist of

Linda Sanders | Feb 18, 2020
No One | Feb 19, 2020

The happy hour schedule varies by location; typical happy hours are the After Work Happy Hour, 4 pm – 7 pm on weekdays, and, at some locations, the Late Night Happy Hour, 8 pm – 10 pm on Sundays through Thursdays. Typical Dave & Busters Happy Hour specials include: 1/2 Price Cocktails. DURING HAPPY HOUR(S) Every Tuesday Open to Close. 2 Tacos, $2 Margaritas, $3 Modelo Draft Pints & 2 FREE Game Plays with $10 Power Card purchase! Every Wednesday Open to Close. Every Wednesday Open to Close. $3 Blue Moon Pints. 20% Military & First Responder Discount† All Day, Every Day.

Do they show the PPV UFC fights?

Carlos Reyna | Feb 18, 2020
Gary Hoff | Feb 19, 2020


How much money am I going to send on 3 kids

spider 920 | Dec 15, 2019
Holly McMullen | Dec 16, 2019

Eat somewhere else before you go and you'll spend about $75-$90 on just games.

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Does my card work in other states?

The O Man 1000 | Dec 15, 2019
Joseph Plumage | Dec 16, 2019


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Is it expensive there

Skaty Wassup | Dec 15, 2019
Lee's Security, Protection And Investigation | Dec 16, 2019

$$ ish.

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Is there anything for really little kids to do? Or would it be lost on them?

Victoria Welker | Dec 15, 2019
Jeanna Morris | Dec 16, 2019

I agree, I personally would not bring small kids.

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Does Dave and Buster's have good service I'm going there and am worried that the food is either bad or the service is slow

irishninja 316 | Dec 15, 2019
Keri Kaiser | Dec 16, 2019

The food was great but be prepared to hang out for a while. The service is not that speedy.

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Can we bring a Nintendo switch and hook it up?

Andrew Barnes | Dec 15, 2019
Dalana Collier | Dec 16, 2019


How's the food???

Alfonzo Paige | Dec 15, 2019
savannah | Dec 16, 2019

Dave & Busters was a great place to go to. Their food is pretty good too. Dave & Busters is perfect for the whole family!

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Do they have bowling at the Auburn, Wa location ?

Malina Byrne | Dec 15, 2019
Felicity Henderson | Dec 16, 2019

Bowling alley no

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Do they have lazer tag?

Chrissy majlay | Dec 15, 2019
Richard Rodarte | Dec 16, 2019

They have something better!!! The Jurassic Park ride virtual reality

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Do minors have to leave at a certain time or can they leave at closing time

Amanda Orcutt | Dec 15, 2019
Levi Severns | Dec 16, 2019

Minors can stay till the place closes. It is a family establishment but at the same time you can have a drink with you while you're playing games. Just no doubles and no ordering more than one drink at a time. I don't drink and I take my kid. We have a blast every time.

What time does y’all close on Thursday?

Jazmyn Olds | Dec 15, 2019
Terry Peterson | Dec 16, 2019


Are kids welcome on new year's all night long.

Jeramey Parker | Dec 15, 2019
Terry Peterson | Dec 16, 2019

I don't know. You would be best to call them.

So if my kids don't use all their tokens on their card, can they come back at a later time and use them?

Jamie Okerson | Dec 15, 2019
Asliee Flores | Dec 16, 2019


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Do you need to make reservations?

Patty Pleasant | Dec 15, 2018
Jessica Lawley | Dec 16, 2018

No reservation unless parties

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Do they have Karoke? More important PRIVATE KAROKE

Brie Leiyattah | Dec 15, 2018
Matthew Leib | Dec 16, 2018

They don't have karaoke. They do have a private room you can reserve and they might have a machine they can hook up in there??

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Are you open for thanksgiving

Casey Hastings | Dec 15, 2018
Anastashia King | Dec 16, 2018

Maybe limited or open late? Call & ask

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How much am I gonna spend on games for 2 kids?

Jay S | Dec 15, 2018
Angie Arnett | Dec 16, 2018

If you go on Wednesdays games are half price from open to close. The amount you spend is really a personal choice.

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How much is the beer?

BOSS HOGG | Dec 15, 2018
Angie Arnett | Dec 16, 2018

A single glass starts at $5.99 and they have something called a Beer Tube that serves about 4 people that starts at $12.99.

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Do they do reservations

Cody Christensen | Dec 15, 2018
Mariana R | Dec 16, 2018

Yeah! You can reserve here https://davebusters.force.com/#/

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Is there a pool table

Grayson Ford | Dec 15, 2018
Heather Knauf | Dec 16, 2018


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I want to take a few friends with me for my birthday probably not for food but for the games is this place alright for that??

Natalie Hoke | Dec 15, 2018
INAS ALI | Dec 16, 2018

This is a great place for something like this. I am not sure when your birthday is but Wednesday games are half off and it is less crowded than a weekend.

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How late can kids be in there

Sabrina Kearney | Dec 15, 2018
Chris Jacobson | Dec 16, 2018

Till they close

Is Dave and Buster's open on May 25?

Local Loser | Dec 15, 2018
noel valenz | Dec 16, 2018


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Do they have gluten free foods?

Chia Mcmahon | Dec 15, 2018
Inzane | Dec 16, 2018


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Can you bring your own cake for party?

Rebecca Rodgers | Dec 15, 2018
David Hill | Dec 16, 2018

I would call them to ask.

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Does dave & busters serve breakfast?

Bath Gate | Dec 15, 2018
Brent T | Dec 16, 2018

They do not.

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Is it located inside the mall

Corey Mccullough | Dec 15, 2018
David Hill | Dec 16, 2018

It has an inside mall entrance but the main entrance is outside by the side of the movie theaters.

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Is these place pretty reasonable price

Emie L. | Dec 15, 2018
Marc Flip 206 | Dec 16, 2018

Yes if you compare it to fun center. You can play games twice as long with just $100.

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What time do you close on Easter?

Jennifer Nickles | Dec 15, 2018
Juan Moreno | Dec 16, 2018

Midnight today even though its Easter :)

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Can kids come

Cool fish Clan | Dec 15, 2018
Phirun Lach | Dec 16, 2018


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Anything for a birthday girl?

Hannah Michalek | Dec 15, 2018
kia Johnson | Dec 16, 2018

No just military discount

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What's the menu prices on food

Andrew Charfauros | Dec 15, 2018
Robere Brown | Dec 16, 2018

I had a great time. The food was expensive but it was good. Waited a while to be served. The waitress was really nice once she came and that offset the wait.

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Good at feeding people with several food allergies?

John Adkison | Dec 15, 2018
John Adkison | Dec 16, 2018

Been to many restaurants that had no idea. Have had multiple cases where gluten and dairy are confused.

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Can I have pics of the party rooms

Erin Wilson | Dec 15, 2018
Sang Shin | Dec 16, 2018

I don't have any

does d and b have laser tag?

Shaleen Family | Dec 15, 2019
Lizz Smith | Dec 16, 2019

No they dont.

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So no eat and play combos Sat after 5?

Brandon Corkum | Dec 15, 2018
Nick Maximov | Dec 16, 2018

They stop offering the eat and play combo at 5 PM on Friday & Saturday

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Do you have an age to enter

Charlene Groom | Dec 15, 2018
steve pettit | Dec 16, 2018


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What kind of games?

Patti Linde | Dec 15, 2018
Eric Lien | Dec 16, 2018

Hardy any classic arcade games and i don't believe any pinball if you like that.

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Are kids aloud to play the games?

Sammy Slime | Dec 15, 2018
Felicia W | Dec 16, 2018

Yes they can play the games The place where you cash in your tickets when your done is more set up for kids actually. It is a awesome place to bring your children

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Do they allow kids

Pulu Sai | Dec 15, 2018
Jason Ankerfelt | Dec 16, 2018

All ages, all the time

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Are the machines broken still?

Joshua Ramsey | Dec 15, 2018
Mai Va Lee | Dec 16, 2018

Yes the machine broke but now they do

What's the cost of a birthday party for a 6yr old girl?

harold larson | Dec 15, 2018
Jesse Allen | Dec 16, 2018

If its not too late I recommend oddysey 1. I loved that place at that age.

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Can you work there at 17?

Rockell Labreanna | Dec 15, 2018
Jandel Daniels | Dec 16, 2018

I think you can but a very big place lots of walking very good service

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Prices for kids birthday party

Tammy Gallegos | Dec 15, 2018
Thomas | Dec 16, 2018

Dave and Busters is family friendly children are always welcome and on the website they have packages for kids birthday parties. Enjoy.

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What time are the adult hours?

Nichole Westphall | Dec 15, 2018
ABBY ERNST | Dec 16, 2018

I asked the managers...because it’s a new store., they have not set adults only hours.

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Is anyone under 18 allowed into the premesis???

Vince Taitano | Dec 15, 2018
Scott Galvez | Dec 16, 2018

Lisa B are you a employee or management? Cause you seem to love to white knight for this place

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Is this a place for kids or adults

Cece Chelly | Dec 15, 2017
Brittney Hillsbery | Dec 16, 2017

Definitely both would tend to not bring kids getting later into the evening and adults are able to drink in the same arcade areas

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They sell pitchers of beer?

Lucas Miller | Dec 15, 2017
Brian Babcock | Dec 16, 2017

They have a couple of cylinders for two and four people that are pretty much big pitchers.

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What time is adult time?

Candace Maitland | Dec 15, 2017
Brian Babcock | Dec 16, 2017

There is a bar there, so you can eat/drink away from the kids, but there are almost always kids in the games area.

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Kid friendly or kids alliance how old.

Mary Moss | Dec 15, 2017
R studios | Dec 16, 2017


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Is it going to be kid friendly like the ones in California

Justin Thomas | Dec 15, 2017
Shane Gray | Dec 16, 2017

Yes. Dave and Buster's is a chain and offers the same concept all over the country.

Any near by hotels?

J Romani | Dec 15, 2017
Michael Cruson | Dec 16, 2017

Best Western about 1/2 mile

When does it open?

Emily McDonald | Dec 15, 2017
Da Joezee | Dec 16, 2017

December 4th

When are they gonna be open?

Angie Alex | Dec 15, 2017
Christian Armstrong | Dec 16, 2017

December 4th 2017

Are allowed into Dave and Buster's

Olga Morales | Dec 15, 2017
B Haley | Dec 16, 2017

Nope. Only humans. Sorry.

When will you guys open?

Taua Martinez | Dec 15, 2017
Brant Powell | Dec 16, 2017

December 4

What is dave and busters?

Marie S | Dec 15, 2017
Brant Powell | Dec 16, 2017

An awesome restaurant/Arcade bar for families in the day, and adults at night.

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