Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken

Category: Chicken restaurant in Los Angeles, California

Address: 3404 W Slauson Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90043, USA

Phone: +13232945468

Opening hours

Sunday: 11AM–9PM

Monday: 11AM–9:30PM

Tuesday: 11AM–9:30PM

Wednesday: 11AM–9:30PM

Thursday: 11AM–9:30PM

Friday: 11AM–9:30PM

Saturday: 11AM–9:30PM


Richard Campbell

Jan 3, 2022


Martha Putney

Nov 12, 2021

I had a craving 4 Egg Foo Young & the last time I went 2 this location I was very surprised they had it, so I went back just for 3 patties of it & lots of gravy!!! It was Soo Good!!!

John Njoroge

Nov 26, 2020

This is the closest to the fried chicken I grew up on. The fish and shrimp are also delicious.

Scott Morgan

Aug 28, 2020

I wish ya'll would keep your spice levels consistent. Have been ordering medium for 6 months now (minimum every 2 weeks during quarantine). Sometimes it tastes barely spiced / like it's mild and on the weekend it was so hot my boyfriend got …

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Questions & Answers

How much for a 60 piece mixed.

brenda akens | Dec 26, 2018
Mad Bro | Dec 27, 2018

Gonna have 2go up there 2find that out......

I'm sitting here its says they open at 11 but yeah they not idk I guess they aren't punctual people are pulling up and leaving guess they make enough money not to care

Lashaune Sweed | Dec 26, 2018
Boss Game | Dec 27, 2018

Usually they're punctual with time but unfortunately I don't know why they're not open at this point I guess they lost a good paying customer and yes you're right they do make a lot of money to be open on time and to be professional

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