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Address: 7325 San Pedro Ave Suite 105, San Antonio, TX 78216, USA

Phone: +12103487225

Opening hours

Sunday: 11AM–7PM

Monday: 11AM–9PM

Tuesday: 11AM–9PM

Wednesday: 11AM–9PM

Thursday: 11AM–9PM

Friday: 11AM–9PM

Saturday: 11AM–9PM


Lee tip Robinson

Nov 7, 2022

Great customer service

Gideon Spencer

Nov 1, 2022

Knowledgeable people!

Charles Kennady

Nov 1, 2022

Great prices!!

Ruben Martinez

Oct 26, 2022

The best store fir all ur music needs

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Questions & Answers

When you buy strings from here, do they tune it for free as well?

Iheart Y | Jun 10, 2022
todd pope | Jun 10, 2022

Last time I was there this guy was stringing a guitar, but I didn't stick around too see if he tuned it.

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Is there a restocking fee

VIP Entertainment Texas | Dec 12, 2021
Heidi Robinson | Dec 12, 2021

Call them ask their manager

Does anyone ever pick up the phone at guitar center? I mean ever?

Jensen Buck | Jul 10, 2022
James Fulton | Jul 10, 2022

The worst staff ever. Went to store with over a thousand Dollars to buy Up scale guitar and accessories . Noone would help me. After almost an hour. I left store and will never hold back. Purchased a Martin on line . Easy and not an hour drive away.

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Does Guitar center accept Apple Pay in store?

adan sauceda | Dec 12, 2021
Alfred Arreguin | Dec 12, 2021

Not in the store, but you pay over the phone with apple pay then pick up at store.

Do u sale small guitars 5"

Fred Carrasco | Nov 7, 2021
Juan Peña Jr. | Dec 12, 2021

I don't but you can find it at Guitar Center

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Do you sell Deathcore/Slam CD's here? My daughter really loves that music. Unfortunately we can't find any Deathcore or Slam CD's all over town and they are very expensive and hard to find online.

globby blobby bubble butt | Nov 7, 2021
rebecca marin | Nov 7, 2021

Dude go to hogwilds on St Mary's. They have cds vinyls and tapes. Guitar Center is a toy store for musicians

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Do you offer classes or training ProTools and how to get started with the Audio Interface. I'm a longtime pro keyboard player/vocalist but totally new to music production. Thanks.

Keith Gerson | Nov 7, 2021
David Valenzuela | Nov 7, 2021

I consider myself to be a decent music producer but I don't think that I can offer classes or training. Thank you for your consideration.

What are the Covid safety practices like here?

Anonymous | Nov 7, 2022
Jan Gilbert | Nov 7, 2021

Masks are required.

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Can I test my own equipment at Guitar Center?

Abel Flores | Nov 7, 2021
Manny De Los Santos | Nov 7, 2021


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Can I adjust my acoustic trust rod?

Yums | Nov 7, 2021
Tim Stepp | Nov 7, 2021

Yes ask for Matt

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Can I trade in my clarinet for a new one

Teresa Garcia | Nov 8, 2019
KingKobra Whiskey | Nov 8, 2019

Not likely but you should check it out. Maybe there are deals avalible

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I am fairly new to guitar, and i busted a string, could i bring it here to get that string replaced?

Adrian G | Nov 8, 2019
Eric Wilkinson | Nov 7, 2020

They will, but part of playing is replacing those strings. Just get a set of new strings and YouTube will have 100s of videos about changing them yourself. If you have an electric, the most common size of string would be what are called '9s'.

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What are the stock brand/ gauge strings on the yamaha f 335 acoustic guitar

Adrian G | Nov 8, 2019
KingKobra Whiskey | Nov 8, 2019

D'odario slinky aand others. Check it out bud.

Do they buy drumsets?

Aaron Hutchinson | Nov 8, 2019
mario pinedo | Nov 8, 2019

Is a set of drums

I'm looking for electro-acoustic guitar for left Fender or Ibañez or Yamaha I want to know if you have in stock, the price and if you can show me an image of the guitars that I request. Thank you

Humberto Gomez | Nov 8, 2019
Salvador Rico | Nov 8, 2019

Yes, "Si "They have people that can explain every question you may have about any guitar.

Do you carry PRS electric guitars?

Rick Astley | Nov 8, 2018
Chad Mangham | Nov 8, 2019

Yes they carry PRS guitars.

Do buy guitars ?

Veronica Garza | Nov 8, 2018
_ urbanography _ | Nov 8, 2018

Yes, but you won't get a fair deal. Walked in with a $2,500 bass and got an offer for $800 not a cent more. Try Craigslist, offerup or Facebook marketplace.

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What do you provide for violins??

Amber Krout | Nov 8, 2018
Jan Edwards | Nov 8, 2018

Accessories of all things for your instrument.

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Do you excepted fortiva financing ?

Dale Fisher | Nov 8, 2018
Eric Garcia | Nov 8, 2018

TF is that?

Do they rent to own saxophone

Isabel Lopez | Nov 8, 2018
Kyauchi- | Nov 8, 2018

You can rent instruments but im not entirely sure if they rent saxophones. You will have to call them and check.

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Do they sell drumsticks

Cristian | Nov 8, 2018
RICHARD | Nov 8, 2018

you get free sticks with every purchase oh sorry thas pandabuffet

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Do you guys do lay-a-way plans?

Christobal Ian Cantu | Nov 8, 2018
Jakob ? | Nov 8, 2018

Guitar center does have a layaway plan it states this "We offer a 30-day layaway program. A minimum deposit of 25% of the purchase price is required.  There are no fees, and deposits are 100% refundable. You must pay the balance and pick up your items within 30 days. Layaways that pass 30 days will be cancelled.  The item(s) will be released and your deposit will be credited to an account in your name.  Some items may not be available for layaway."

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How much is it to fix or buy a guitar string

Sumiko Flores | Nov 8, 2018
edgettx | Nov 8, 2018

A single string is only $1. A whole set for acoustic our electric is $6- $18. Depends on the quality of the strings. Bass string sets are double the price. Restring is a do it yourself or the tech charges i think $28 to restring and tune it.

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Can you bring in your own amp and guitar to play in the store?

Austin Brite | Nov 8, 2017
Rosa Rojas | Nov 8, 2017

Yes u can, u can even jam out with the wrkers who know how to play an instrument. Cool place.

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