Hueston Woods State Park

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Address: 6301 Park Office Rd, College Corner, OH 45003, USA

Phone: +15135236347

Opening hours

Sunday: Open 24 hours

Monday: Open 24 hours

Tuesday: Open 24 hours

Wednesday: Open 24 hours

Thursday: Open 24 hours

Friday: Open 24 hours

Saturday: Open 24 hours


Cheyenne Jones

Nov 8, 2022

There is a small visitor's center here that serves as a small wildlife rescue of sorts. They have snakes and turtles inside the building and birds of prey around the back. It's very cool to see and is a nice spot to take a break between hikes!

Russ Rudolph

Nov 7, 2022

First time I camped there.

Carly W (Natcat75)

Nov 6, 2022

Relaxing atmosphere, great food!

Pama Woodrome

Nov 6, 2022

Make sure you have a reservation or call before you go. Check the electric hook up also, to see if it is the right one for your rv.

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Questions & Answers

can u rent a boat there

Matthew Trent | Nov 7, 2020
Melissa McClary | Nov 7, 2020

No, it's closed.

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Anonymous | Nov 7, 2022
Anonymous | Nov 7, 2022


Are dogs allowed

Chris Trauthwein | Nov 7, 2020
Thomas Dimmick | Nov 7, 2020

Yes, but most be on a leash. There is a dog park down the road ( around a mile or two) that is awesome for them to run and get there energy out.

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What kind of activities do they have here and the around about price please?????

Valerie little | Nov 8, 2019
Kim Purvis | Nov 8, 2019

Everything is free except for the boat rentals. Canoes are $5 an hour I believe. They have a nature center, beach, boat rentals, a huge lake, hiking trails and so on. Very gorgeous place

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Can people swim with the dogs on the dog beach?

Taylor Recalde | Nov 7, 2020
Kathleen Dickerson | Nov 7, 2020

Yes. Its a special area

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Do I need to reserve a pontoon ahead of time?

S. Jenea Knight | Nov 7, 2020
Mechelle Eldridge | Nov 7, 2020

Yes everything is reserved. Online.

Is the beach open for swimming again?

W. Eshbaugh | Aug 9, 2022
Wendy Oliver | Aug 9, 2022


How much does it cost to rent a cabin and are their any available this weekend

Michael Taylor | Nov 7, 2020
Paula Berg | Nov 7, 2020

The price changes daily around 170 .the bigger the cabins the more $id call there to make sure call the lodge front desk there very nice cabins an a beautiful place.

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Can we bring tents to set up / also grill out ?

George Hardin | Nov 7, 2020
Robert Ross | Nov 7, 2020


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Is swimming aloud if your camping there too?

Scott Wardwell | Nov 7, 2020
Lynda Sappington | Nov 7, 2020

Just be aware there is no life guard and no lines showing you how far out it's safe to go. We saw a floating duck go out across the lake, luckily without a child on board. The mom was yelling at her kids and anyone else to get it since she just bought it (for $25) that morning. Nobody was interested in her $5 reward for going after it.

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Is Swimming at the beach open now?

Nan Brown | Nov 7, 2020
Tiffany Pankey | Nov 7, 2020


How many acres is the dogs park and can it be rented by the hour?

Mary Anne L Sherry | Nov 7, 2020
Gary Burns | Nov 7, 2020

Dog park is free and it contains about 2 to 3 acres I would say. It used to be for injured deer to use untill they could be returned to wild.

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Can you rent a fishing boat are there cabins or campgrounds can kids swim

Carla Adams | Nov 8, 2019
John Norman | Nov 8, 2019

Yes you can rent boats to

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Does your campground have facilities for horses and trail riding?

Jeanette Jefferson | Nov 8, 2019
Mark Collier | Nov 8, 2019


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What time does the boat rental office open during the summer?

David Brock | Nov 8, 2018
Phil Kautzman | Nov 8, 2018

I know main office opens at 9:00am.

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Do you need a fishing license to fish there?

MGxMASTER | Nov 8, 2018
Jim D | Nov 8, 2018


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Is there campsites on the lake? How much are sites with electric?

David Totten | Nov 8, 2018
Alecia Tussey | Nov 8, 2018

There are cabins and the hotel. Which just redone the food. The campsites are fyrther away. 2 pools ar the lodge hotel and paintball. A dog park and beach. I love it. Though I would swim at hotel only.

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Anybody know of any good bait shops on the way to hueston woods coming from hamilton?

Jack Herr | Nov 8, 2018
Nicholas Roberts | Nov 8, 2018

Hamilton bait and tackle

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Can you still camp with a trailer this time of year?

Pama Woodrome | Oct 31, 2022
Alan Jerdon | Nov 1, 2022

All year around camping

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When is trick or treating here

savanna flowers | Sep 8, 2022
Kenneth Crutcher | Sep 8, 2022

Trick or treating is year round they trick you and it's their treat

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Can I go boating today at huston woods

Ashley Umali | May 11, 2022
nity11us | May 11, 2022

No wake whole lake

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Are there any mudding/off-roading/trailing places?

NovaBritches | May 11, 2022
Jane Fields | May 11, 2022

No, sorry!

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Can you launch a boat on Acton Lake? Is there a horsepower limit?

Harold Parsons | May 11, 2022
Charles Gunter | May 11, 2022

I saw a sign that says “No wake”

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Are there shuttles to and from Dayton airport

Maryann Hansen | Nov 7, 2021
Kathy Jones | Nov 7, 2021


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how much is it to rent a site with electric for a week?

Lady Sallos | Nov 7, 2021
ken boyer | Nov 7, 2021

Go on ODRC website and prices will be listed under camping.

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I would like to host a geocaching event at Hueston Woods State Park on May 22, 2021. How do I request permission? I expect 10-12 people. We would meet at the boat launch and go kayaking. There are a number of geocaches on the shores of the lake.

bgscrabble | Nov 7, 2021
Joey Weisbrodt | Nov 7, 2021

Call and make reservations and get your permission slip signed by Mr. Hueston. He has final say in all lbgkq community activities. Good luck 🤞

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How do you reserve a picnic shelter?

Chimayne Burney | Nov 7, 2021
Gina Hennessey | Nov 7, 2021

1st come can have it

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Do you rent cross country ski equipment? Do you give lessons?

Lisa Raatz | Nov 7, 2021
Lucinda Dunbar | Nov 7, 2021

No rentals

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Are dog's allowed

joseph Goldick | Nov 7, 2021
B Jones | Nov 7, 2021

Not in lodge but they have pet friendly cabins.

Can you fish all night?

Carolyn Howard | Nov 7, 2020
Amelia Eliton | Nov 7, 2020

Park follows most park rules closes at 11 but they are awesome out there if you are behaving they usually won't say a word to you ! But they do patrol the park and watch the place !

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Do they have a store there? Like for dish soap, shampoo? Etc

Tom Stone | Nov 7, 2020
Benjamin Pushka | Nov 7, 2020

The lodge has a small gift shop. Not sure if the campground has a small store, or if it would be open this time of the year.

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How large are the cabins???? Where are they?? Do they have horse trails in winter??

tami mckinney | Nov 7, 2020
Gail Harris | Nov 7, 2020

They are different sizes. Yes they are open. They are all together on the south side.

When does archery season start?

Eric Pinkney | Nov 7, 2020
iniguy | Nov 7, 2020

I think you can practice archery there any time but call the lodge and ask for sure.

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Can you fish at night in a kayak?

jason wright | Nov 7, 2020
Rick Kies | Nov 7, 2020

No I can't fish in a kayak I can't even sit in one

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Do you need a fishing license is there a senior rate

Dale Fisher | Nov 7, 2020
Kathleen Dickerson | Nov 7, 2020

Yes, and there us a senior rate

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How much is the rooms at the lodge?

Kim Buckner | Nov 7, 2020
Kathleen Dickerson | Nov 7, 2020

Rates vary

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Could you have family reunions here?

Amber Stevens | Nov 7, 2020
Thomas Arvan | Nov 7, 2020


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Do we have to camp to bring horses?

Michelle Terhaar | Nov 7, 2020
Kathleen Dickerson | Nov 7, 2020


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Can you go on the beach at night if you are not camping there?

Karen Thomas | Nov 7, 2020
Denise Asbury | Nov 7, 2020

I don't think they will not at night but in the day time they do it don't madder if you camping or not you can swim in the day time

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Is kayaking allowed tomorrow

Howard Patterson | Nov 7, 2020
James Harter | Nov 7, 2020

Sorry Howard, I have no idea. My guess is yes but you need to call the Lodge and ask them.

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Can you metal detect hueston woods state park?

Kirby Leonard | Nov 7, 2020
Morgan Willis | Nov 7, 2020

Sure Can!!

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Are dogs allowed on beach?

Tina Goerler | Nov 7, 2020
Ben Revelee | Nov 7, 2020

On the dog beach only. Right next the the people beach.

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How much are the camp sites per day?

Tina Goerler | Nov 7, 2020
David McMillen | Nov 7, 2020

$27 for electric, $23 non-electric site.

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Is there swimming this year ?

Tina Goerler | Nov 7, 2020
Ben Revelee | Nov 7, 2020

Yes, there is a dog beach too, so bring the four legged ones too

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Is having a cookout in hueston woods allowed at this time? Does anyone know?

A Google User | Nov 7, 2020
Mark Johnson | Nov 7, 2020

We went hiking the last weekend of May and saw many groups using the grills.

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Can you bring golf cart?

Amy Anderson | Nov 7, 2020
Lisa Goodman | Nov 7, 2020

To be honest I have never seen one (except for the host) been camping here for over 15 years. Call 1513-664-3500

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Is the dog park fenced?

Mary Anne L Sherry | Nov 7, 2020
Brian Bartos | Nov 7, 2020

Yes! It is on the connecting road between be beach parking lot and the Marina

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how can i reserve a site

Deb Ricketts | Nov 7, 2020
Michael Anderson | Nov 7, 2020

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How much do they charge to go horse back riding

Jaylah Goode | Nov 8, 2019
Barry Jerdon | Nov 7, 2020

During the summer months on route 732 outside of the park main entrance turn right about 1 and half miles on your left is a horse rental and riding area not sure of the prices.

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Can you bow hunt

R S | Nov 8, 2019
Barry Jerdon | Nov 7, 2020

Yes you can now hunt check at the main office for map of hunting area's.

What time does the Houston Woods camper store close on Thursday

James Estes | Nov 8, 2019
Barry Jerdon | Nov 7, 2020

The camp store has different hours all throughout the year so it is hard to say check with the main office.

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How much is paint ball

Pierre Phillips | Nov 8, 2019
Timothy Puckett | Nov 8, 2019

Free if you have your own equipment, and reservations require a $100 deposit.

Is there trails in Houston woods for ATVs

Alex Napier | Nov 8, 2019
Mike Richardson | Nov 8, 2019

There are trails for hiking, horses and bicycles. There are no atv trails inside Hueston woods.

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Where are the best places to find Buckeye trees?

Karen Riley | Nov 8, 2019
Barry Jerdon | Nov 7, 2020

Down in the primitive area in camping along k row and r row are a few

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How I the water for swimming any caution sighs up? Is it safe?

lisa graves | Nov 8, 2019
Isuru Madushan Jayalath Wanigasooriyage | Nov 8, 2019

It is safe if you don't go far. There are no critical warning signs. Check the ones available.

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How much is it to camp with tents

Steven Hamilton | Nov 8, 2019
jay jones | Nov 8, 2019

Just go to their website

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The web page said there are free sites that don't have electric or potable water where are they and how do I go about reserving one no one is answering the phone.

Homer Clifton | Nov 8, 2019
Tiara Smith | Nov 8, 2019

From what I know, non electric sites are $23 a night.

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Are there showers available for non electric campsites

Homer Clifton | Nov 8, 2019
Ryan Hasselbach | Nov 8, 2019

Non electric can use them as well. Just drive up there and use them. Nobody is going to stop you or question you.

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Can you fish here at night without purchasing a camping spot?

charleneweiss1122 | Nov 8, 2019
Dinothedog | Nov 8, 2019

You can but you need a license

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Are u aloud to eat at the restaurant if you camping

Brandy Wolford | Nov 8, 2019
Seth Cantwell | Nov 8, 2019

The restaurant is open to the public. I love the brisket.

Can you swim in the swimming pool if you camping or do people at lodge only allowed??

Brandy Wolford | Nov 8, 2019
Sarah Swartz | Nov 8, 2019

You have to pay in order to swim. That is if you are camping and not staying at the lodge or cabin

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Can you said in the swimming pool if your camping??

Brandy Wolford | Nov 8, 2019
Barry Jerdon | Nov 7, 2020

No they charge for swimming at the lodge unless you have a room

What time do dog park open?

Charles Brown | Nov 8, 2019
Meagan Hess | Nov 8, 2019

If you're in the park, you can access the dog park any time.

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Can you ride 4 wherlets in the park

Delmond Stamper | Nov 8, 2019
Tommy Fox | Nov 8, 2019

ATVs are not permitted in the state parks unless licensed by the state

Where are the best spots to photograph the fireworks?

Trish Van Housen | Nov 8, 2019
Dino | Nov 8, 2019

The Beach or the lodge

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Do they have a dog beach

Tracy Johnson | Nov 8, 2019
K H | Nov 8, 2019

Yes. Also, at times they have been known to sell doggie treats and goodies for doggies at the concession stand as well.

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Is the lake water clean ? Is there a swimming pool also?

Anita Sutton | Nov 8, 2019
B McBride | Jul 10, 2022

What is the e- coli level of the beach?

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Are jet skis permitted on the lake?

Andrea Elms | Nov 8, 2019
cynthia mote | Nov 8, 2019

Do they have pedal boats

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How is the lake water

Elgie Alexander | Nov 8, 2019
Luis Cervera | Nov 8, 2019

Little murky, but mostly due to the heavy rains right now.

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Is there a fee for using one’s own kayak?

Nicolas Martin | Nov 8, 2019
Nate Haller | Nov 8, 2019

There is not. Now on the other hand if it's not registered, then there will be some fines and fees.

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Are the boat ramps flooded

Debbie Davis | Nov 8, 2019
Doug Brooks | Nov 8, 2019


Do u have family cabins that allow pets like cats we have 3 any how much for 4 nights

Kelly Wise | Nov 8, 2019
Bobbie Leveline | Nov 8, 2019

They only allow pets while actually camping, in tents and then only dogs I believe.....

What time is check in when camping?

Tara Webb | Nov 8, 2019
Barry Jerdon | Nov 7, 2020

3 o'clock unless your site is empty with know one on it.

Is the beach open today?

Meagan Wells | Nov 8, 2019
Debbie Fackey | Nov 8, 2019

I'm sure the water is pretty cold still, going up today for hike, will see if anybody is brave enough to enter the water today.

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I see a picture of a pool is that a community pool?

Donnie S | Nov 8, 2019
Kendra Simpson | Nov 8, 2019

The pool is for the guest of the hotel and cabins.

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Staying in the camp ground can we swing at the out door lodge pool? Does it cost ?

Erica Ward | Nov 8, 2019
Savannah | Nov 8, 2019

Yes $10!

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Where are the best places to fish and what roads are they off of?

H F | Nov 8, 2019
Jessica Hallmark | Nov 8, 2019

My dad always fished to the far left of the boat dock. I'm not sure of roads or anything. I've been going here for 30 years and never knew road names lol

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Can we bring our razor and golf carts to ride in?

Kimber Thomas | Nov 8, 2019
Barry Jerdon | Nov 7, 2020

Golf carts are aloud if it has an license and you have to have a valid driver's license. Any other motor vehicles also have to be licensed. Electric or battery operated vehicle or not allowed on the roads unless licensed. Kids can only ride battery operated toy vehicles on their own sites not on the roads.Camping area roads are considered state roads.

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Does the lodge have a hot tub?

Melissa Glasco | Nov 8, 2019
Brian Loerch | Nov 8, 2019

It does not have a hot tub. It has an indoor and an outdoor pool.

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Are the rangers hiring any part time rangers?

Kenny LeForce | Nov 8, 2019
Nisanka Sameera | Nov 8, 2019

You can contact then via Facebook.They will tell you

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Staying at the campground over Easter. 1 can you use the pool at the lodge? 2. Will there be an Easter egg hunt?

Janet Rahe | Nov 8, 2019
Jessica Eubanks | Nov 8, 2019

You can use the pool $10/ person.

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Hi all, checking to see if there is a way to pay storage rental for my kayak at the racks next to the boat launch? Thanks

Mike Hibbard | Nov 8, 2019
Sarah Wallen | Nov 8, 2019

Get ahold of the main park office. They should be able to help you out.

Can you ride atvs on the trails

Priscilla Johnson | Nov 8, 2019
Richard E. Edelmann | Nov 8, 2019


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What is the current phone number to the front desk at the lodge? 12-7-2018

Amy | Nov 8, 2019
Max Rensberger | Nov 8, 2019

Computer shows 513-664-3500

can you hunt in hues ton woods on sundays

kim miller | Nov 8, 2018
David Shoemaker | Nov 8, 2018

You can't hunt on sundayyou have to get a map that show's the hunting area's

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Can you deer hunt there on Sundays

Adam Cunningham | Nov 8, 2018
rick dreyer | Nov 8, 2018

No it's a park

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Do I get Verizon cell phone service there

Jay S | Nov 8, 2018
Pam Love | Nov 8, 2018

Yes, Verizon service. Sprint is very spotty service.

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Do you have a gift shop? want a sweatshirt that says Hueston on it lol

Barb Hueston | Nov 8, 2018
Robert Herrera | Nov 8, 2018

They do have a gift shop, but check to see if they're open. I believe it's not open all the time. Breakfast was decent and not to expensive as well. As well as a HUGE flock of Turkey Vultures sitting on top of the Lodge. They are actually pretty much everywhere. Have a great time plenty of places to hike and enjoy.

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Where is the best fishing spots in the area offshore

BWellow HENRY | Nov 8, 2018
Michael Vaughn | Nov 8, 2018

I like the cut by the conference center

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Does anyone know how much it is to rent a cabin ?

Gabrielle S | Nov 8, 2018
DY the dozer guy | Nov 8, 2018

$226.00 per night. Includes wifi and parking.

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Can I purchase a gift card for Hueston Woods cabin? I am thinking for a two night stay.

roger zeigler | Nov 8, 2018
Linda White | Nov 8, 2018

I hope cause it's worth it.

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Can you deer hunt at huestonwoods on sundays?

Steve Fox | Nov 8, 2017
Jay Frank | Nov 8, 2017


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Pamela Pearson | Nov 8, 2017
Joshua Miller | Nov 8, 2017

Might get better results looking for the hueston woods website

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What weekends are the Halloween camping in 2017

Lauren Simpson | Nov 8, 2017
Jeff Bice | Nov 8, 2017

It is full 😣 I just missed it also

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When you rent a pontoon is it private or for as many sign up and fit? Thanks!

Kelly McGinnis-Mueller | Nov 8, 2017
Jim D | Nov 8, 2017

Its for your own private group.

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Can you still rent boats yo go on water in srptember

Janet Gookenbarger | Nov 8, 2017
Scott Hands | Nov 8, 2017

Yes you can, I was just there last week

What time is car show today at Houston woods & place???

Jim Parker | Nov 8, 2017
Teri Elizabeth | Nov 8, 2017

10am-4pm, at the beach parking lot. Enjoy!

What is the street address of the campground. All the internet has is a mailing address.

David Curl | Nov 8, 2017
Paula Wright Bachmann | Nov 8, 2017

Don't think it has one

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are pets allowed i have 6 little poms that are not let out alone have loose and stay in the camper most of the time

debra crane | Nov 8, 2017
Chrissy Collins | Nov 8, 2017

Yes they have it petting place that you can take your dogs you'll love it up there

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Can you swim at the lake without camping? And do they have picnic table with grills or shelters to rent or use?

Amber Fine | Nov 8, 2019
Melissa Glasco | Nov 8, 2019

Yes you can swim without a camping spot, you can swim a the beach they have. They have a shelter there at the beach with grills and tables, and other tables with grills thought out the beach.

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Can you camp using a generator with a trailer at this park?

Kris | Nov 7, 2021
Zac Dunigan | Nov 7, 2021

Yes but you would have to cut it if its too loud after quite time

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