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Address: 160 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, USA

Phone: +17185108046

Opening hours

Sunday: 11AM–5PM

Monday: 8AM–6PM

Tuesday: 8AM–6PM

Wednesday: 8AM–6PM

Thursday: 8AM–6PM

Friday: 8AM–6PM

Saturday: 8AM–6PM


Jennifer Curtis

Oct 11, 2022

Friendly and knowledgeable staff! Tesla has a no nonsense way of doing business and the staff here does not disappoint.


Oct 3, 2022

Tesla had a program last year of 2021. Where applicants can put a down payment of $7,500 and lease a model s Tesla vehicle. After, I (Kassie Mouzone)made the initial $100 payment to design and order my model s Tesla car. I was denied the opportunity to proceed to making a down payment of $7,500. I then make a request to Tesla loan originator located in Brooklyn, NY and request him to send a letter of denial , person identity who refused, and reasons why. Unbeknownst to me, the loan originator stated Prohibited Basis in his statements of emails sent to me. I truly believe I was denied under Prohibited Basis. It has been 45 days since I requested that statement of denial and still no response from Tesla. I appreciate your time and allowing me to share my story! Since September 9, 2022 Tesla has responded to me. Tesla has state, they disagree with my allegations and they did not discriminate on a prohibited basis. the reason i was denied was because a limited credit history and they provided other alternatives that we never discussed. the non refundable order fee will not be back because i agreed to terms and conditions. Tesla also, stated, the lender or underwriter responsibility to present a statement of denial. the law states, one can not be denied an extension of his own credit. I am confused! If i wasn't denied because of credit score and I paid the $100 order fee and presented income statements. How can credit history be a factor to one who has no credit history? Equal Credit Opportunity was not given to me. Tell me what you think?

Eon Springer

Sep 14, 2022

Not impressed. In the least. Tesla contacted me a few days before my delivery date saying they had availability for me to pick up the vehicle early. Today at 3? Sure sounds great. Except I have work at 430 and I'm still waiting here. Nobody seems to acknowledge you. There's this Brooklyn air of superiority that shouldn't be in a Tesla building. Maybe its just me. Staff came out very friendly and said something about federal regulations and an update that was required by law but not done. Sounded like a lot of nonsense. If it goes smooth for you fantastic. Also no creamer or milk and waters in the fridge were frozen. Not big deals. But attention to details matter. Hopefully I don't have to come back for service or anything. Not very pleasant. Management should cut the attitudes down around here and not have customers coming in when their vehicles aren't ready to be delivered.

Ronny Paulino

Sep 12, 2022

Love the experience. Very friendly people

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Questions & Answers

Hey Guys, I just wanted to pass on a kudos for a mbr of your team named "Ryan" There was a family in there recently and they wanted me to pass on the fact that he was great & has now made them start to think bout actually buying a tesla! great job

Tesla Motors | Nov 1, 2019
Mahdi Mohammadi | Oct 31, 2021

Yes tesla nice

Do you need volunteer delivery assistance? I am a Model S owner. Late 2015

Paul Goode | Nov 1, 2018
Moe Thanks -555- | Nov 1, 2018

Good question: call the Brooklyn office and speak with the Repair Dept.

how much does it cost

Blima Lerrner | Nov 1, 2018
jason dessereau | Nov 1, 2018

A lot

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Is there charging available at this dealership?

Claudia Flores Reich | May 4, 2022
Phillip Ibarra | May 4, 2022

No public charging is available unfortunately.

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Hi do you have tlc plate available with car?

rafiqul rakin | Dec 5, 2021
Max Rosenthal | Dec 5, 2021

Tesla does not provide TLC plates. The car is delivered with normal registration and license plates.

Do you any entry level position available at the present moment?

Felipe Cespedes | Oct 31, 2021
Joaquin Esquilin | Oct 31, 2021

You can check on Tesla website for up dates on Careers. Also Indeed.

What are the Covid safety practices like here?

Anonymous | Oct 31, 2022
Stephen Lai | Oct 31, 2021

There's markings on the floor to help you stand six feet apart, protective plastic screens separating employees from customers at desks, face coverings required for both employees and guests, seats / steering wheel are covered in plastic if it's getting serviced.

Help! Anyone know where to get a Tesla Model 3 Inspected on Staten Island or Brooklyn?

A Google User | Oct 31, 2021
Matthew Spencer | Oct 31, 2021

Their Brooklyn store is in Redhook

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I bought accessories / parts from a third party (door sills with LED lights) but I’m not a technical person. Can this Tesla service center in Downtown Brooklyn help me install it for a fee?

Dave Da Wiz | Nov 1, 2019
Stas Bunevitsky | Nov 1, 2019

I wouldn't count on it. If it's not OEM Tesla parts - they won't touch it.

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Do you have a Tesla model 3 roof rack in stock available there?

Mac Voltio | Nov 1, 2019
Bill Polera | Nov 1, 2019

You have to order accessories online

What's the minimum age to test drive ?

Yid Info | Nov 1, 2019
Jay Sweezy | Oct 31, 2020

No its 25 with a valid license. I've called them before when I was 22 and wanted to test drive one and I couldn't do it because I was 3 years short. And now im 24 and im just 1 year short now.

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If you supercharge at a Tesla showroom, is there a charge beyond the cost of the charge itself? Normally in and around the city you have to pay for the garage time in addition to the cost of the charge.

Lia Hatashita | Nov 1, 2019
Esteban Engineering | Nov 1, 2019

No supercharger at the showroom because the showroom closed at this location. Only Tesla service at this location.

Could you please tell me how much the solar tile cost? or how much does the solar roof meter cost? Thank you so much. I really aprreciat it.

Sonya Seagal | Nov 1, 2019
Aro Alothman | Nov 1, 2019

Where are you from? There is many supplier

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Can they take deposits for the model Y because I have 17 months left on my lease ending on September 2020

Victor Mark | Nov 1, 2019
Dashary | Nov 1, 2019

You can actually go on the Tesla website and order your Model Y. Just make sure you read everything. Depends what you choose the wait time can be longer.

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Do you have model 3 at the dealer or just online order only.

Arun Sunuwar | Nov 1, 2019
Bill Coulter | Nov 1, 2019

Only online

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Is there a parking lot for visitors?

David S | Nov 1, 2018
Max Rosenthal | Oct 31, 2020

There is no customer or visitor parking.

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Do you have a model 3 to view? Too test drive?

Robin Greenstein | Nov 1, 2018
Ronald Olaizola | Nov 1, 2018

Theres one in Manhattan, not Brooklyn. Only for viewing

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Do they have superchargers available here? Or is this just a repair facility?

Robert H | Nov 1, 2018
Arturo Montenora | Nov 1, 2018

I would think they do

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How long does it take to charge tesla car

Ninka Ninka | Nov 1, 2018
A Z | Nov 1, 2018

Depends on the charger, depends on the Tesla. Charging rates and battery capacities vary...

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