Category: Computer repair service in Brooklyn, New York

Address: 216 Parkside Avenue & or 88 Crook Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226, USA

Phone: +17188566548

Opening hours

Sunday: 11:30AM–5PM

Monday: 11:30AM–5PM

Tuesday: 11:30AM–5PM

Wednesday: 11:30AM–5PM

Thursday: 11:30AM–5PM

Friday: 11:30AM–5PM

Saturday: 11:30AM–5PM


Kate Kosche

Oct 29, 2022

Super nice, very helpful.


Sep 30, 2022

Great service by the owner. Patient and responsible. Fixed my both MacBook Pro with full satisfaction.


Sep 21, 2022

Amazing customer service!!! Mr. Abdo took time to thoroughly examine my laptop and explain the process as he was doing so. Unfortunately my laptop screen isn’t fixable but wow I am thankful for his time.

Cat Merrick

Sep 5, 2022

The lengths Mr.Abdo has gone to *not* to make money have been absolutely remarkable. I agreed to a new motherboard after spilling soda on my laptop. Mr.Abdo bought the motherboard and when I came in ready to hand him a credit card, he told me it was no charge, since he had been able to find another way to fix it. He said it would be malpractice if he had installed it, but could have easily done so and made an extra $1,000. Instead he made nothing, and proved himself to be the most ethical man in his business. Very grateful for his help.

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Questions & Answers

How are they with laptops HP?

Joel Lennon | Nov 1, 2019
MACPC NYC | Nov 1, 2019

We repair pc's as well, with specialization on macs

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Hello, do you speak Russian?

Samad Ganiev | Nov 1, 2019
MACPC NYC | Nov 1, 2019

We do not speak Russian

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Can you use computers?

Christian Hamlet | Nov 1, 2018
MACPC NYC | Nov 1, 2018

Yes. Pls be more specific

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