Category: Fast food restaurant

Address: 7708 Landover Rd, North Englewood, MD 20785, USA

Phone: +12407145476

Opening hours

Sunday: 5AM–11PM

Monday: 5AM–11PM

Tuesday: 5AM–11PM

Wednesday: 5AM–11PM

Thursday: 5AM–11PM

Friday: 5AM–11PM

Saturday: 5AM–11PM


Sherri Randolph

Jun 22, 2022

Meh. Didn't have my frappe coffee thing, but didn't tell me after payment and didn't offer a refund. Almost forced me to choose an orange juice. That doesn't have caffeine. Not real impressed.

Jose Mendoza

May 22, 2022

A moment ago I went to this mc donald I was in line for more than 20 minutes and nobody took my order through the microphone I went to the window and the person who was attending tells me that I have to line up again when I had already waited 20 minutes they decided take my order I ordered 2 caramel frapes and they told me they didn't have them when they had sold the same thing to the customers who were in front of them how is it that this kind of people can work like this in a place where they are supposed to serve the customer

Robert “Biggapp” Dargan

Apr 7, 2022

I went to McDonald's and ordered the special 2 for 6 one fish fillet and one chicken sandwich. One thing I noticed the fish has gotten a little thinner next time you order fish check it out I'm just saying. Chicken sandwich, I understand why that other chicken sandwich restaurant lines be around the building.

Perry C.

Apr 3, 2022

Check your food before you go. Simple instructions people. I can’t wait for robots to fully run these McDonalds. SMH. I don’t even feel like driving back. Money wasted.

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Questions & Answers

How much dose ubereats cost

Bear lopez | Apr 17, 2020
Linda Jenkins | Apr 18, 2020

You will have to go to the Uber eats app for their pricing. It will be higher than Mc Donald's pricing.

Is they hiring i need a part-time job

angela brown | Dec 14, 2019
Nathaniel Corbin | Dec 15, 2019

It says they are.

Is there dine-in currently?

Queen Regal | Aug 6, 2021
Martha Roderick | Aug 7, 2021


Do they accept ebt card?

The Kehinorian ENT | Jul 7, 2021
Yolanda Moore | Jul 8, 2021

Not sure but probably because it's on the cash side.

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