21 Palms RV Resort

Category: Resort hotel in Davenport, Florida

Address: 6951 Osceola Polk Line Rd, Davenport, FL 33896, USA

Phone: +14073979110


Mrs. Marie Mcgee

Aug 10, 2022

I'm going to be honest and brief. The owners of the Palms are excellent Landlords. They take care of this property daily. This place is a clean environment to relax or vacate. And there's amenties included

Shaun inta

Aug 4, 2022

Racists unless your straight and white this place a no go.

Aldo L

Apr 6, 2022

If you're hispanic or black good luck trying to get in if you need a place. Nothing but Racist owners just plain and simple trailer trash junkies running the place. Roach and rat infested bunch of straight cats everywhere. You don't know who's the staff or tenant because they have junkies just everywhere watching what you're doing. Did i mention they're Racist?

Natoshia Bennett

Feb 3, 2022

I have lived here for 2years an my place is very nice ! The management as well as the owners are courteous and professional, very nice people.

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Questions & Answers

Do u have and trailers for rent

Judy Clair | Sep 22, 2018
kevin dahlr | Sep 21, 2021

Usually from 160 w to 300 a week .

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How long are leases for 1 year or month to month?

neo0501 | Aug 22, 2022
Mrs. Marie Mcgee | Aug 22, 2022

You please as long as I like. Rent is weekly or however you arrange it. And it's units now

Are they pet friendly as long as she's kennel trained?

Adamal | May 24, 2022
Yolanda Miles | May 24, 2022

Yes but has a hefty pet deposit

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Who is the internet provider here if anyone can tell me

Jose Ramos | Sep 21, 2020
DancingSouless | Sep 21, 2020

CenturyLink is 1of them. So if u live here one of the options is CenturyLink. But their internet sux .

How much for a 3bedroom

Josiah Coker | Sep 22, 2018
Michelle Leisenring | Sep 21, 2020

The only way to accurately get a correct price is to contact the office

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This is not a place you want to stay . they said we can only have 2 people registered, even though we pay the rent and. There was a 3rd person in the house before . they are racist and have bad business.

Nate Waddell | Sep 22, 2018
Margarita ortiz | Sep 21, 2020

Yes they are very recist

Hi how much is a 1 bedroom?

Adamal | Apr 24, 2022
Emmy Arriaga | Apr 24, 2022

They have rvs and mobile homes you need to contact the office for prices they varies

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Do you have rv sites

Richard Turner | Dec 25, 2021
Yolanda Miles | Dec 25, 2021

Yes they do if their available

Do you have any 1 bedroom available?

viviana rodriguez | Sep 21, 2020
Patricia Perez | Sep 21, 2020

It changes every day just call honey

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What are the hours of operation? Thanks

Patricia Perez | Sep 21, 2020
Randy Seaver | Sep 21, 2020

I believe Monday thru Friday 8 to5 !

Do u have any rentals

Marie Lemmon | Sep 21, 2020
alexis contreras | Sep 21, 2020

The place I believe starts 100 dollars to rent

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How often is the pool open?

Toni R | Sep 21, 2020
Mark Chernok | Sep 21, 2020

Its always dirty and they open it and close it when they want

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Do you have any rentals.. In march please

Judy Clair | Sep 22, 2019
Knowledge applied is wisdom | Sep 22, 2019

Best to contact the trailer park manager

Do u have yearly rentals.??

Judy Clair | Sep 22, 2018
Cynthia Bradley | Sep 22, 2018

They only do weekly rentals

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How much is it to move in and what's all required? Also is there a waiting list?

Christa Beck | Sep 22, 2018
Mrs. Marie Mcgee | Sep 22, 2018

The rate depends on how many rooms. This place is nice , cozy, quiet, and all the residents are very friendly. In addition, they have wifi, areas to fish, pool, and lots of area. I would recommend it to good folks who needs good living

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Do u have anything for rent

Julie Phillips | Sep 22, 2018
Seejay Coffindaffer | Sep 22, 2018

Julie you should call them they'll let you know. It's not bad like people say at all

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