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Dab dab

Jul 8, 2022

Professional, dependable, honest and gave awesome results!!!! I can't say enough great things about your office. Your secretary was always understanding and willing to hear my concerns, as well you showing up for me and going above and beyond the job needed to set the Distant Attorney down. You gave me excellent results and I can't thank you enough! I said that no ink would touch my fingers and you came through. Great job🥳 Nick Chotos🥳

Jessica Spears

Apr 23, 2022

It’s hard to put into words how thankful I am for Nick Chotos and his staff. Our case was a unique situation involving minors, one being my son the accused. Nick Chotos has guided us through every step the past 2 years, all the way up to todays trial. Nick did an amazing job giving his arguments and statements in the court room against state prosecutors. He was confident and very prepared. I am very proud to say that today we came up on top and WON our case! I don’t believe we would of had the same outcome if we would of had any other attorney, I highly recommend Nick Chotos and Hanlon Law!

Bernie Leone

Feb 7, 2022

These guys are great! In minutes they were able to tell me I was being scammed. I feel so much better now like a weight lifted off my chest! I will definitely call them again if I need their help!

Baru Curry

Jan 25, 2022

Great good to go

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Questions & Answers

If I have a warrant out for my arrest should I contact law enforcement?

Shaida Rabie | Sep 21, 2021
Hanlon Law | Sep 21, 2021

Before contacting law enforcement you should always discuss the circumstances surrounding your arrest warrant with an experienced criminal attorney. We may be able to dismiss your charge and your warrant and avoid your arrest.

Does it help me to be cooperative with the police?

Shaida Rabie | Sep 21, 2021
Hanlon Law | Sep 21, 2021

No. If you’re the suspect in an investigation, nothing you offer to law enforcement is ultimately going to help your case or prevent you from getting formally charged. It can only hurt you. Before speaking to the police, it is always important to consult with an experienced criminal attorney. Many times what you tell the police officer does not end up in his report. You should remember that every law enforcement officer has an agenda, and what actually ends up in their report is often an interpretation of what you tell them. Many times that interpretation is used by the law enforcement officer to support their decision to arrest you.

Have I been charged with a crime if a police officer has arrested me?

Shaida Rabie | Sep 21, 2021
Hanlon Law | Sep 21, 2021

Not necessarily. Only the state attorney (US Attorney’s Office) can formally charge you with a crime. Many people think that they’ve been charged with a crime when they are arrested by a police officer. Police officers only have powers of arrest based on probable cause. They do not have the power to formally charge someone with a crime. You will only be formally charged with a crime after the prosecutor’s office has reviewed the police officer’s criminal investigation and decided to file charges against you. That is why it is critically important to contact and retain our office the moment you suspect you are being investigated.

When should you retain a criminal defense attorney?

Shaida Rabie | Sep 21, 2021
Hanlon Law | Sep 21, 2021

The moment you become concerned that you may be the suspect in a criminal investigation, even if you haven’t been arrested, you should contact a criminal defence attorney immediately. Someone needs to be telling your side of the story to the police officer or the state attorney before you’re arrested or criminal charges are filed. Furthermore, if you are a suspect in a criminal investigation you should not be talking to anyone about the allegations, especially a law enforcement officer. Waiting can lead to an encounter with law enforcement that may lead to your arrest. Don’t wait!

How much does my past have to do with the type of offer the prosecutor will make in my case?

Hanlon Law | Sep 21, 2021
Hanlon Law | Sep 21, 2021

Your past has a lot to do with the type of offer a prosecutor will make in your case. Do you have a criminal record? Have you been a contributing member of society? Even if you do have a criminal past have you taken steps to change your life? Did you struggle with an addiction of some type during the commission of the offense? A very important aspect of criminal defense is giving perspective to your client’s behavior. It is important for the prosecutor to understand that my client is a person. I do that by spending the time necessary to understand my client’s past and any struggles they endured before they were arrested. It is critical to personalize your client.

How do I pay my criminal defense attorney?

Hanlon Law | Sep 21, 2021
Hanlon Law | Sep 21, 2021

All criminal defense attorneys typically work on an up-front flat fee basis. How much will it cost to defend you? That will depend on the nature of the criminal charge and the complexities involved in resolving it. Your attorney’s level of experience will also be a factor used to determine the fee.

Can I feel comfortable telling a criminal defense attorney everything I did when I come in for an initial consultation?

Shaida Rabie | Sep 21, 2021
Hanlon Law | Sep 21, 2021

Yes you can. Your discussions with any prospective lawyer (even if you don't hire that lawyer) are confidential. Those discussions fall within the attorney/client privilege. Nothing you tell your lawyer should be communicated to anyone.

If I committed the crime does that mean I must enter a plea of guilty?

Shaida Rabie | Sep 21, 2021
Hanlon Law | Sep 21, 2021

Absolutely not! The American system of justice requires proof before anyone can be found guilty under the law. How much proof? Proof beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt. In other words, when you sit down with a criminal defense attorney and explain your situation he should be weighing in his mind how your case will play in front of a jury. I can assure you the prosecutor is doing the same thing. In fact, all trial lawyers (both criminal and civil) measure the strength and weakness of their case based on how they think it will play before a jury. As a consequence, whether you actually committed the crime is of no consequence. The question you want answered is whether the prosecutor can PROVE you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. How do you determine that? By consulting with an experienced lawyer specialized in the area of criminal law.

How do I know the lawyer I retain is doing everything possible to properly defend the allegations against me?

Shaida Rabie | Sep 21, 2021
Hanlon Law | Sep 21, 2021

First, you should make sure that you retain a criminal defense attorney you trust. Before you retain an attorney, spend the time you feel is necessary to gain that level of trust. Second, you should keep in regular communication with your attorney to discuss the steps they are taking in order to bring about the best possible result in your case.

Does having a local lawyer matter?

Shaida Rabie | Sep 21, 2021
Hanlon Law | Sep 21, 2021

Yes. It does matter. Many people feel that a local criminal defence attorney will have a deeper relationship with the local prosecutors and local judges. When you’ve spent years practicing within a particular jurisdiction, you earn a certain level of credibility with them. That credibility can play a role in the ultimate resolution of your case.

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