Sunni Sky's Homemade Ice Cream

Category: Ice cream shop

Address: 8617 NC-55, Angier, NC 27501, USA

Phone: +19194277118

Opening hours

Sunday: 12–11PM

Monday: 11AM–11PM

Tuesday: 11AM–11PM

Wednesday: 11AM–11PM

Thursday: 11AM–11PM

Friday: 11AM–12AM

Saturday: 11AM–12AM


Mike Washburn

Sep 22, 2022

Best Ice cream I have found in NC!

Ann Thunstrom

Sep 19, 2022

Ice Cream is delicious and people that work there are very friendly and helpful.

Josef Pauli

Sep 19, 2022

If you are in the area, this is a must stop if you like ice cream. Many, many flavors and all of the otherthings you can order in an ice cream shop( banana splits, root beer float, etc). Just remember to bring your cash or check, on credit cards taken. And, the prices; still absolutely reasonable. Our party of 5 with 4 double scoops(one in a waffle cone) and a single scoop only$19.75..

Dave G

Sep 18, 2022

Ice cream is so good.

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Questions & Answers

When will you open a second location closer to 40/42 Clayton area?? We need a good ice cream shop

George Nicksich | Sep 22, 2018
Josiah Reimers | Sep 22, 2018

That is a good question for the owner. Right now, you are asking their customers.

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Are they open Easter weekend

Mike Smith | Sep 21, 2021
Aaron Lovelace | Sep 21, 2021


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Do they have lemon flavor ice cream ?

Ray King | Sep 22, 2019
Chris Huddleston | Sep 22, 2019

Yep. They have straight lemon ice cream and lemonade sorbet.

Do they have eggless ice cream options?

Shrey Sanghavi | Sep 22, 2018
Sunni Sky's Homemade Ice Cream | Sep 22, 2018

Yes we have a ton of flavors that do not contain egg

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Do they have dairy free ice cream?????

Cassie Cantone | Sep 22, 2018
Sunni Sky's Homemade Ice Cream | Sep 22, 2018

Yes we have dairy free ice cream :) they are called sorbets. We have Lemonade, Strawberry, Raspberry, Cherry, Tangerine and Mango. Sample as many as you want!

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Does sunni ski make lactose free ice cream? It would be awesome if they did, so many people and children are lactose intolerant unfortunately.

ginny fischer | Sep 22, 2018
Sunni Sky's Homemade Ice Cream | Sep 22, 2018

Yes we have several sorbet flavors which are all dairy free. We have lemonade, strawberry, mango, raspberry, tangerine and cherry

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Do u sale by bin ice cream

Kenny Davis | Sep 21, 2021
Lawrence Cole | Sep 21, 2021

They sell it by the pint. I bought some last week.

Do they have peach flavor homemade ice cream?

Lissette Granados | Sep 21, 2020
Michael Hargis | Sep 21, 2020

Yes I have sampled it before. Website also lists peach cobbler flavor.

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Its 12:08 does that mean there closed?

Idk Hi | Sep 22, 2019
Christi Burnett | Sep 22, 2019

They open at 11.

Is the ice cream gluten free?

Faye Lee | Sep 22, 2019
David Short | Sep 22, 2019

It depends on what flavor. Some flavors contain wheat thickeners others do not in regards to home made ice cream.

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Does sunny skies have sugar free ice cream. If so any idea on calories.

Patricia Kenan | Sep 22, 2018
Josiah Reimers | Sep 22, 2018

They have sorbet which is sugar free.

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Will you be open on mothersday

mm mmm (mitamy) | Sep 22, 2018
Josiah Reimers | Sep 22, 2018


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Are they closing for good or remodeling the store

Michael Hayes | Sep 22, 2018
Jennifer Wynn | Sep 22, 2018

Closed for the winter :)

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When does it close for the winter season?

Nick May | Sep 22, 2018
Tyler Crum | Sep 22, 2018

They close for the winter December 1st. Then they will reopen March 1st.

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What is the sensation score?

Isabel Faulkner | Sep 22, 2018
Chris L | Sep 22, 2018

I looked for it once, the sanitation rating im assuming you mean, and never saw it. I just called and they said they get inspected by the agriculture department.

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