Two Boots Nashville

Category: Pizza restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee

Address: 1925 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203, USA

Phone: +16153404343

Opening hours

Sunday: 12–9PM

Monday: 11AM–10PM

Tuesday: 11AM–10PM

Wednesday: 11AM–10PM

Thursday: 11AM–10PM

Friday: 11AM–1AM

Saturday: 12PM–1AM


Robby M

Jul 31, 2022

The food was delicious and as ordered. We had some of the best pizza for lunch today. You can order your own pizza the way you want it or they have several pizzas that they sell by the slice. I would recommend them to anyone in Nashville looking for some delicious pizza. Tell Darryl the guy from North Carolina said hey. I really enjoyed talking with him after we ate.

Shurlana Hansen

May 17, 2022

Two Boots has some awesome pizza and garlic knots. It was a recommendation from our hotel and they did not disappoint.

Daniela Ramirez

Apr 19, 2022

This is a pretty good pizza spot. I had the Mel Cooley and a Sicilian slice, my favorite with a side of cajun ranch. The hot knots where massive and really good too. I got 4 slices + 3 knots for $28, it was worth every dollar. I would definitely comeback.

Steven Boehm

Mar 24, 2022

Stopped by for a quick slice while in Nashville and was really pleased with the pizza. My daughter is a cheese pizza fanatic and she loved the cheese slice. My wife and I each had the “Earth Mama” vegan slice. The vegan pizza was pretty solid! They have a pretty incredible selection of vegan pizza available and several other vegetarian friendly options. My only real complaints are the drink selection was not great, the parking situation is rough. Really tight. Someone hit my car in the parking lot, and lastly they only had one of there vegan pies available by the slice. I would of loved an extra option (would of bought more pizza) to sample to know which whole pie I wanted to purchase. Overall a really cool spot with good pizza! I can’t wait to come back and try more.

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Questions & Answers

Do you gluten free pizza?

JH Darveau | Jan 13, 2020
LaCresha Kolba | Jan 14, 2020

Yes, they have gluten free pizza and it is delicious!

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Did I see that they offer vegan pizza? How is it? Do they use daiya or is it just cheese free?

Naomi Searles | Jan 13, 2019
Darek Tidwell | Jan 14, 2019

Its fake cheese on it but very sparse. The crust is slightly different and I am just assuming here, but may be no yeast. Its pretty damn tasty tho.

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Is there epic 🍕?

Rat In The Hat | Jan 13, 2018
Joe Doza | Jan 14, 2018

Yes. It is wonderful. Get two or more slices

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