Extracto Coffee Roasters

Category: Coffee shop in Portland, Oregon

Address: 2921 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97211, USA

Phone: +15032811764

Opening hours

Sunday: 8AM–2PM

Monday: 8AM–2PM

Tuesday: 8AM–2PM

Wednesday: 8AM–2PM

Thursday: 8AM–2PM

Friday: 8AM–2PM

Saturday: 8AM–2PM


Paul Lewandowski

Mar 29, 2022

Initially visited while on a trip to visit my brother - right down the street from their house. To this day I love EXTRACTO and live in Portland now - you can also find this coffee at Maplewood Coffee & Tea where they serve it.

Aryan S.

Feb 5, 2022

We have gone to extracto over a dozen times over the past year. It has excellent ambiance with a very tasteful playlist of music that usually is jazz or downtempo music or shoe gaze. They decorate their lattes and matcha which is a treat. Also their matcha is ceremonial grade which I appreciate as the flavor is excellent. They always have local art for sale with an interesting narrative behind it. The servers and cashiers are highly professional and enjoyable to be around.

Kevin Yi

Mar 24, 2021

To start, the two people working were welcoming and the atmosphere was warm. However, the coffee and pastries were mediocre. The almond pastry was tasty, but i wasn't offered to have it toasted. The latte had good art, but was extremely foamy. Milk tasted burnt and the espresso flavor didn't come through well (8oz). A good local shop but perhaps better barista QC would be helpful

Marshall Kennedy

Dec 6, 2020

The espresso is extremely good, and I have enjoyed purchasing their beans to use at home too. They are always busy, and it takes a while to get coffee, but I suppose that's just a testament to their quality

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Questions & Answers

Can I pay using Google pay?

Meghan Field | Dec 17, 2019
Meghan Field | Dec 18, 2019

I called and asked, they do accept apple pay and Google pay

Extracto coffee, where can I purchase a pound

Tami O'Kinsella | Dec 17, 2019
Trip Jennings | Dec 18, 2019

I get pounds at their shop and it's excellent.

What bakery do their pastries come from?

Dan Wandschneider | Dec 17, 2018
Vikram Srinivasan | Dec 18, 2018

Pearl bakery, I think. They used to source from The Bake Shop but they stopped doing that :(

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