Category: Fast food restaurant in Largo, Maryland

Address: 1040 Shoppers Way, Largo, MD 20774, USA

Phone: +13013331981

Opening hours

Sunday: Closed

Monday: 6AM–10PM

Tuesday: 6AM–10PM

Wednesday: 6AM–10PM

Thursday: 6AM–10PM

Friday: 6AM–10PM

Saturday: 6AM–10PM


Shanette Mendez

Jul 28, 2022

I I could give this review ZERO stars, I would! I love Chick--fil-A for their food and for the awesome customer service they provide. They are top notch in the customer service department. I have dined in and ordered several times from various locations, but this location in particular is HORRIBLE! They are slow with getting you your order especially if you ordered curbside, they get your order wrong and the managers are rude. If I order curbside pick up….why do I need to go inside to get my order????? I have ordered from this location twice in the last 3 months and today is the 2nd and final chance I have given them to redeem the horrible customer service they provided me. I have yet to hear the manager/supervisor or anyone for that matter say “My Pleasure!” This location is definitely a NO and I would not recommend!!!!!

Camille Hutchinson

Jun 14, 2022

I visited this location on June 13th 2022 roughly around 9:48 p.m. I pulled up to the curbside parking space and I proceeded to order my food on the app. For some reason the app was saying that all the food items were locked and I was unable to order my food so I proceeded to go inside of the restaurant where a lady named Portia and the manager named I believe her name was Sandy help me out and I was very appreciative. They were very professional to say the least and I appreciate the professionalism that was displayed. Most times we don't give credit when credit is due but we will be quick to judge when something is going wrong so I just wanted to give credit to these ladies who displayed very amazing customer service and they may not know but I had a rough day today and I really wanted my four piece chicken strip in french fries LOL thanks signed- a happy customer!


Jun 14, 2022

Just reiterating what a lot of others said. This location is slow and will almost always mess up your order. Ask for no this or that and you get it any how. Count your nuggets even. Only 3 pieces in my 8 piece. Yeah, basically we won't be returning to this location. Worst Chick Fil-A I've ever been to. If you have to use this location make sure to thoroughly check your order before you drive away. Nothing is their pleasure there. Never uttered that phrase even once in the few times we've been there.

Kev- keepingitreal

Dec 5, 2021

The food is always on point at Chick-fil-A. The staff is very attentive helpful and friendly. The only thing that needs to be adjusted is the safety yellow poles that divides the two drive-thru lane in the parking lot. It’s unsafe for the customer driving and trying to make a safe left turn near the parking lot curb without driving over the curb. Can someone fixes this safety hazard by making the turning lane wide enough to turn.

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Questions & Answers

What time do you stop serving breakfast?

Shirley Tucker | Dec 14, 2019
Wayne Polk, Jr. | Dec 15, 2019

10:35 am... if you're nice

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I recently relocated here from VA.I love eating at Chick-fil-A.The restaurant in VA have free sandwiches or coffee on selective days. When will your location offer these free perks?

Charlene Brown | Dec 14, 2018
Sherrell Neal | Dec 15, 2018


What time do you start serving lunch (fries)

Charlie Pusey | Dec 14, 2018
Khadine Bryan | Dec 15, 2018

U could actually get lunch items during breakfast, but there's a 15-20 minute wait

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Does Uber pick up their?

Ralph Bellamy | Dec 14, 2018
candice Williams | Dec 15, 2018


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What are the Covid safety practices like here?

People are asking | Feb 4, 2021
DOUGLAS IKE | Feb 5, 2021

They have been complient with county rules

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