Is the retreat a part of Columcille?

Lee Warne | Nov 8, 2017 | Category: Park

Columcille Megalith Park - All questions

Address: 2155 Fox Gap Rd, Bangor, PA 18013, USA

Lucille White | Nov 8, 2017

No Kirkridge Retreat is totally separate. You can stop in their office and ask for info. They host different retreats throughout the year. However, there is a labrynth that is on both properties that they share and you are able to walk it.

Brent White | Nov 8, 2017

The retreat is separate. However there is a labyrinth that is on their property but is shared by both.

Reyna | Nov 8, 2017


Rachel H Mains | Nov 8, 2017

There is a place next door and they have retreats often. The contact I had was with Beth. I believe the websites give you the contact info for both. I have gone there with my own small groups. I called for permission first.

Jay V | Nov 8, 2017

Next door to columcille is a retreat

Sharon Ballek | Nov 8, 2017

No the retreat is separate.

Sean McDevitt | Nov 8, 2017

I believe it is used by the retreat.

John Krzywicki | Nov 8, 2017

No...separate unit. Land is separate also. It is well defined. Awesome people.

Tom Shafer | Nov 8, 2017

No separate entity

Alan Semon | Nov 8, 2017

I do not believe it is. I think it is part of the Kirkwood property.

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