Columcille Megalith Park

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Address: 2155 Fox Gap Rd, Bangor, PA 18013, USA

Phone: +16105881174

Opening hours

Sunday: 7AM–5PM

Monday: 7AM–5PM

Tuesday: 7AM–5PM

Wednesday: 7AM–5PM

Thursday: 7AM–5PM

Friday: 7:30AM–5PM

Saturday: 7AM–5PM


Marissa McKenna

Nov 8, 2022

This is a beautiful, quiet park with amazing stone structures.

Shiva S

Nov 6, 2022

Mini stonehenge(s).

Dave Ginley

Nov 6, 2022

Was a nice place to spend a few hours walking through the woods admiring the stone structures.

Kassandra Kromka

Nov 4, 2022

This place is a little hidden gem in the Poconos. Tucked away before Bangor is a park with different trails and rock structures. It is a great place to go and get lost among the trees and the stones. This is a great place to meditate and listen to wildlife around us. There are plenty of places on the trails that would allow you to sit and listen or observe.

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Questions & Answers

I’d like to bring my dog… Are dogs permitted?

Redrumredz | Nov 8, 2019
Ryan Sullivan | Nov 8, 2019

We gladly welcome our four-legged visitors as well as the two. As noted above, please do keep dogs on the leash, and kindly remember to pick up after them.

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Is there a link to the grounds map ? Someone suggested printing it but I can't find it.

Glo M | Jul 10, 2022
Michael Vaccari | Jul 10, 2022

I found the map very unreliable...not to scale. It's just a rendering of approximate locations for various important sites.

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Is the retreat a part of Columcille?

Lee Warne | Nov 8, 2017
Lucille White | Nov 8, 2017

No Kirkridge Retreat is totally separate. You can stop in their office and ask for info. They host different retreats throughout the year. However, there is a labrynth that is on both properties that they share and you are able to walk it.

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Hi. Can I go to walk. ??? How much is the price???

Veronica Soria Plaza | Oct 17, 2022
John Zimmerer | Oct 17, 2022

Free of charge amd tons of trails to walk and soghts to see. I loved the labyrinth there.

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Are guns allowed on your property? My partner, son and I were at your park and met a couple that didn't brandish a weapon, asked me if it was okay for him to show it to me, I said it's completely fine! But after the fact it was kinda weird. Any help

Troy Yar | Oct 8, 2022
Columcille Megalith Park | Oct 8, 2022

Columcille is a place for peaceful reflection and retreat from the world. We ask that folks leave their firearms outside of the Park.

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I don't see any recent posts....Are you currently open to the public? With Covid, so many places aren't open right now.

Margaret Lavin | May 11, 2022
shelly kelly | May 11, 2022

Yes Columcille is open ... our Bealtainne Celebration on 5/01/22.. with a donation at the gate .also no pets are allowed on celebration days.

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Where is the labyrinth located? I've been to this park a couple times, but didn't see it.

Suzette Urbano | Nov 7, 2021
Enzo Mercado (Vincenzo Mercado) | Nov 7, 2021

Up the hill, through Thor's gate, walk towards Kirkridge. When you got the rope boundary, turn left. There's a small path that'll lead you there.

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Anonymous | Nov 7, 2022
Anonymous | Nov 7, 2022


Is there place to picnic

Ashley N. DeRea-Rubas | Nov 7, 2021
Cheryl Moritz | Nov 7, 2021

There are actually a few picnic tables near the entrance, and they are also covered by a roof to provide shade

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Are the rest rooms open? Thank you

Mary Mathioudis | Nov 7, 2020
Amanda Julia Frangoulis | Nov 7, 2020


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Are there any pinecones at the park?

James Fogarty | Nov 7, 2020
Bill Breitwieser | Nov 7, 2020


What days are you open, and hours

Maria Rodriguez | Nov 7, 2020
Ryan Sullivan | Nov 7, 2020

Columcille Megalith Park is open from dawn to dusk, 365 days a year.

Are the bathrooms open?

me hankz | Nov 7, 2020
Ryan Sullivan | Nov 7, 2020


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Are restrooms at the park

Lori Mangano | Nov 7, 2020
Melissa Brydun | Nov 7, 2020

There is a porta potty right next to the grey shed by the picnic pavilion.

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Is good for family w children's?

Dar S | Nov 8, 2019
Shane McCaffrey | Nov 8, 2019

Yes. In fact it's a great place for the whole family. They just ask that you are quiet and respectful while visiting. Beautiful, tranquil place to walk around and experience nature

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Does it cost anything

Valerie Selby | Nov 8, 2019
Ryan Sullivan | Nov 8, 2019

There is a suggested donation of $10 for adults and $5 for children. The park is a private park and is entirely supported through donations and other contributions.

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Is there a bike trail here? Is biking allowed? Thanks!

Jane Briggs | Nov 8, 2019
Ryan Sullivan | Nov 8, 2019

While we have many walking paths, none are for biking. Bikes are not allowed in the park. Ryan Sullivan Vice President of Public Relations and Outreach Columcille Inc.

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What is the terrain like for a stroller? Is it doable?

Maureen Newman | Nov 8, 2017
Tom Shafer | Nov 8, 2017

Fairly smooth.Enjoy

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Is there a price to get in?

Betty Baillie | Nov 8, 2017
John Krzywicki | Nov 8, 2017

No charge for entrance. Donate if you respectful...enjoy.

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