Wheelers Auto Truck And RV Repair Center

Category: Auto body shop

Address: 2406 Talley Way, Kelso, WA 98626, USA

Phone: +13605777900

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Sunday: Closed

Monday: 8AM–5PM

Tuesday: 8AM–5PM

Wednesday: 8AM–5PM

Thursday: 8AM–5PM

Friday: 8AM–5PM

Saturday: Closed


Kathy Schmidt

Jan 21, 2022

Passing through town with our RV, we had a gushing water leak the previous night. So if we were going to be able to use any water, were in need of a replacement valve. Frank at Wheelers willingly had us come in without an appointment, he diagnosed the problem and took care of us. Very helpful, highly recommend Wheeler’s.

Kelly Covey

Sep 4, 2021

They did a ton of work on my rv and I am very happy with their professionalism and very pleased with their quality of service.

Becki Segura

Aug 15, 2019

Not sure why there was a bad review for this business and the owner. We blew up the engine in our RV. The owner was nothing but helpful. They helped us in every way to find out what and where we could do with our RV after we decided not to fix it. After the three weeks we took to make our decisions they came in on a Saturday to help us finish up. Kody and his team were great. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Christopher Brannon

Aug 9, 2019

Over 2 weeks late. Over a week late to even look at it. Aside from the extra money they cost me in hotels they also failed the repair job and are attempting to refuse liability. I was given full assurance it would receive a test drive and everything would work when it's done. The master cylinder they installed blew and took out my power steering and breaks with it, causing more damage than I originally came in the shop with. I've contacted the bar and I'm reviewing options for further legal action. I never knew a repair shop could screw my life up this badly.

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Questions & Answers

Do you remove old rv's?

Chris Stevens | Aug 16, 2021
Sara Lawrence | Aug 16, 2021

They fix them not take them

I own a 1996 Subaru SVX and have a radiator fan motor that the shaft is wobbly and causes the fan to hit the shroud. Can't find a replacement and wondered if you could rebuild it?

Tom Akery | Aug 16, 2020
John Hope | Aug 16, 2020

Don't think wheelers would do this type of repair. If they could find a new motor maybe, but bring your check book, they will quote you a price but they might charge you much more.

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