Category: Coffee shop in Laurel, Maryland

Address: 3343 Laurel Fort Meade Rd, Laurel, MD 20724, USA

Phone: +13014830934

Opening hours

Sunday: 8AM–8PM

Monday: 8AM–8PM

Tuesday: 8AM–8PM

Wednesday: 8AM–8PM

Thursday: 8AM–8PM

Friday: 8AM–8PM

Saturday: 8AM–8PM


K Weir

Feb 5, 2022

Nice staff, but very weak coffee. My Carmel macchiato tasted just like foamed milk.

Arzanah Opon

Sep 11, 2021

Everyone are entitled to have bad days, but today was an exceptionally bad experience. The barista taking my order didn’t respond to my simple “good morning” as well as didn’t grab my name after my order was placed. He rushed me along and I stood waiting for my order while those behind me received their orders quicker than I did. When I finally alerted another barista about my situation, apparently my order was already ready but it was under a person named “Kristina — items 2 of 2”. When I told them that wasn’t my name and I didn’t want to grab someone else’s order, they were rude and insisted that my order had been ready. It was clear the baristas working were unhappy. I understand sometimes it can get busy, but my interaction was so poor that I am no longer interested in frequenting this location.

Stuart Feldman

Nov 24, 2020

Nice atmosphere. Miss the days pre-Covid.

Alexis Penn

Nov 17, 2020

Clean and spacious, but the drive thru and even inside moves very slow. The drinks are iffy. The employees are kind, though.

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