L & F Discount Muffler Shop

Category: Auto repair shop in Newark, Ohio

Address: 1848 Hebron Rd, Newark, OH 43056, USA

Phone: +17405228465

Opening hours

Sunday: 9AM–5PM

Monday: 9AM–5PM

Tuesday: 9AM–5PM

Wednesday: 9AM–5PM

Thursday: 9AM–5PM

Friday: 9AM–5PM

Saturday: 9AM–5PM


Pat Delancey

Nov 8, 2022

I've been to other places to get my van fixed but these guys are the best! They're not in business to "fleece" you like I've had done recently (off 21st Street) After paying $900 somewhere else for them to screw my van up more, when I wanted was the free brake check, I'm going back to L&F to have them repair the exhaust that has either been knocked loose or something

Michael E Jones

Oct 26, 2022

Have not been there lately. Been to Batteries Unlimited and Dave Smith car lot.

me me

Sep 15, 2022

Had what I thought was an exhaust leak, took it in, they put it right up on the lift and checked it...come to find out it was just a support bracket problem, in less than 5 minutes it was fixed and off the lift...Went in to see how much the bill was and he told me no charge....wow, in this day and age a company that has great customer service...I would highly recommend them and will use them when I do have t have my exhaust replaced.....

Bruce Kurtz

Sep 3, 2022

He was straight up with me, told me what he could do for my car, how long it will take and all at a fair price

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Questions & Answers

i got my muffler fix here a year ago and now i am having promblems with it will they fix it since its been less then a year

Lovely Wells | Nov 8, 2019
Jeff Fisher | Nov 8, 2019

if your repair previously had a warranty I'm sure they'll honor it. but if they didn't supply any parts and just did a "fix" you may not be covered.

How much does a new muffler cost for a 2001 Hyundai 4cylinder.

Barb Poston | Nov 8, 2018
Chris Merriman | Nov 8, 2018

Prices vary..you will have to call them i'm sure it's reasonable

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