Serafina 77th Upper West

Category: Italian restaurant in New York

Address: 2178 Broadway, New York, NY 10024, USA

Phone: +12125950092

Opening hours

Sunday: 12–10PM

Monday: 12–10PM

Tuesday: 12–10PM

Wednesday: 12–10PM

Thursday: 12–10PM

Friday: 12–10PM

Saturday: 12–10PM


Chloé P.

Nov 5, 2022

Super a great moment for a birthday ! We call for come with a group of 12 peoples and they were okay directly ! The employers are super friendly and nice, they were super fast et the food is very good and not that much expensive ! The desserts are a little bit expensive so i recommend to share

Ilana Kalach

Nov 1, 2022

Good food. Very kid friendly and spacious.

Jill Fidelman

Oct 31, 2022

The order was executed Beautifully.I hate to be this honest but it isn’t that inexpensive however,the quality is not disruptive to the’s a pleasure to return on numerous occasions.I Hope SeraFina will hire anybody,no matter what their gender is, for any position in the restaurant,and I Hope they’ll be hired,no matter what they Look Like,as Long as they are not Judgemental and Tense around anybody that’s different from how they are/how they CHOOSE to present themselves(…& it’s spiteful not to acknowledge that others have a choice in how they choose to present themselves too)….it’s forced unpaid labor to have to deal with some people’s spiteful negativity around anything slightly different from how they do it…& sometimes it’s just a veneer for ignorance and cattiness.I try to always be positive and kind when it happens,not that I am some beacon of perfection.PLease May my comments not imply that everybody in the restaurant was Judgemental and Tense,this is not,BY ANY MEANS,the case.

Bjorn Groen

Oct 29, 2022

Nice Italian style restaurant with nice food

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Questions & Answers

Nearest parking garage to serafina on 77th st. Upper west side?

Eva Agosta | Nov 8, 2019
Gretchen Berger | Nov 8, 2019

One block south on W. 76th St.

How large are the pizzas?

Joe Gall | Feb 10, 2022
Lucky Punishers99 | Feb 10, 2022

Its not large. Its more like a personal pizza size.

What is your exact location? Broadway and what? Are reservations needed?

Malva Filer | Nov 8, 2018
Gilberto Viadana | Nov 8, 2018

Broadway and 77th, you don't need a reservation

Is there a private dining space for 20-25?

Doris Fromberg | Nov 8, 2018
Ron McAlister | Nov 8, 2018


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Is there a private dining room?

Doris Fromberg | Nov 8, 2018
Alex Ortiz | Nov 8, 2018

Yes there is a private dining room

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Do you do a thanksgiving dinner

Karen Ballard | Nov 8, 2017
Sarah Rose | Nov 8, 2017

Yes they have pre fixe

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