Taco Guild

Category: Taco restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona

Address: 546 E Osborn Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85012, USA

Phone: +16022644143

Opening hours

Sunday: 11AM–10PM

Monday: 11AM–10PM

Tuesday: 11AM–10PM

Wednesday: 11AM–10PM

Thursday: 11AM–10PM

Friday: 11AM–11PM

Saturday: 11AM–11PM


Kris Gonier

Nov 6, 2022

I loved the food, the service was excellent, and I loved the church. I've been wanting to go for ages and finally got a group of people to go for my birthday. But the music was so loud for 6:30 on a Saturday night that my table couldn't talk at all and most of our ears were hurting (ages 25-75). I even loved the music, just not the volume. The reason for two stars was I asked the waitress about it and she said she already talked to the manager and he wasn't willing to do anything. So you have people in pain in your restaurant, but no biggie?!? Sadly, I'll never go again. No taco is worth hearing damage. And just to note, to I enjoy and go to concerts. This was like standing in front of the speakers at a concert.

Julius H

Nov 6, 2022

Music is WAY TOO LOUD. Couldn't even talk at the table without yelling.

Syed Abbas

Nov 6, 2022

Below average.

Sean Clark

Nov 4, 2022

Great tacos, fantastic habanero salsa and the nachos (with chicken added) are sublime. There’s a cheese sauce on them that is just too good for words. If you let them sit, it gets even better. Great atmosphere too.

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Questions & Answers

What are the Covid safety practices like here?

Anonymous | Nov 5, 2022
Michelle Reyes | Nov 5, 2021

Our hostess and server were following CDC recommendations: social distancing & wearing masks. The tables spaced appropriately.

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When are Happy Hours?

Taco Guild | Nov 6, 2019
Taco Guild | Nov 6, 2019

Monday - All Day Tue - Sun 2pm-7pm reverse 9 - close.

Is Valet parking available?

Taco Guild | Nov 6, 2019
Jose Ledo | Nov 6, 2019


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After looking at the menu, if the 3 plate the only one what comes with multiple tacos?

Stephanie Estrada | Nov 6, 2018
Kim Churdar | Nov 6, 2018

Yes you can pick 3 of any of the tacos they offer. All 3 mentioned in my review were very good. 2 tacos were plenty, I tasted the 3rd just to try them all, then gave it to my husband with the side.

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I'd love to know if you purchase just their salsa for carry out?

Michael Swain | Nov 6, 2019
Sean Snelling | Nov 6, 2019

Yes. We've catered a few events for our friends and neighbors and been happy to supply salsa and hot sauces

Attire at Taco Guild?

Don McCauley | Nov 6, 2019
Yancy Evans | Nov 6, 2019

Casual is fine.

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Do they specify on the menu what is gluten free? Do they have vegan cheese?

tina shelton | Nov 6, 2019
Alyssa | Nov 6, 2019

They specify what is gluten free and what is vegetarian/vegan.

Do they do call-in/take-out orders? If so, can you still get the daily special?

Jessica Davis | Nov 6, 2019
Sean Snelling | Nov 6, 2019

We're doing call in orders but are currently not affiliated with any delivery services. Daily specials for delivery yes. Happy hour tacos no.

Do they have Margarita Mondays?

Jeza Goud | Nov 6, 2019
Paula Fosbinder | Nov 6, 2019

They have margaritas every day!

Van you being in a cake for a birthday

Denise Northrup | Nov 6, 2019
Thomas Bade | Nov 6, 2019

I would call and ask.

Do people actually use the knife to eat the grilled corn?

E Villapudua Noriega | Nov 6, 2018
Bella Lopez | Nov 6, 2018


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Do they take reservations? Is one even needed for lunch time on a Sat? Thanks, all.

Donald Johnson | Nov 6, 2018
Kathryn Hornbaker | Nov 6, 2018

Yes, they do take reservations. If it's important to you not to have a wait, then you should probably call.

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