Food Giant

Category: Grocery store

Address: 470 Harris Hwy, Slocomb, AL 36375, USA

Phone: +13348862464

Opening hours

Sunday: 7AM–9PM

Monday: 7AM–9PM

Tuesday: 7AM–9PM

Wednesday: 7AM–9PM

Thursday: 7AM–9PM

Friday: 7AM–9PM

Saturday: 7AM–9PM


Jeff Green

Oct 10, 2022

The food gaint is ok just be careful of the old grumpy butcher. This guy tried to rob me of over 5lbs of round eye when I asked him to slice it for me.

Betty Scates

Sep 27, 2022

Good Service and very clean environment fresh cooked chicken when ordered


Sep 26, 2022

I travel from a surrounding city to shop here. I really appreciate how clean, organized and well stocked you guys keep your store. Your deli department is great as well as the women who work there. Produce is beautifully displayed and your cashiers are friendly and fast. Even the parking lot is well kept.

Laurie Waddell

Sep 13, 2022

Sent a fax it cost 1.00 to faxed

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Questions & Answers

Do they sell wine?

S S (GroovyMrDrizzle) | Oct 22, 2018
Gene Spencer | Oct 22, 2018


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What's the number, cause this one is not working

suzanne taylor | Oct 21, 2021
Greg Baxley | Oct 21, 2021

They have 2 lines but one don't work. You have to keep calling until you get the line that works. Don't know why they won't fix it.

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Does this establishment sell cigarettes?

Deborah Lytle | Oct 21, 2020
Monica Williamson | Oct 21, 2020


What time is lunch available in deli

Kathy Tew | Oct 22, 2019
Cathy Solis | Oct 22, 2019

The advantage of calling them to verify their lunch hours will also give you the opportunity to inquire as to what their specials are today.

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Are you hiring?

Lynna Lynch | Oct 22, 2019
Cathy Solis | Oct 22, 2019

A direct phone call to the manager of the store may yield a more prompt and accurate response

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Do they do money orders

Kathy car carAdams | Oct 22, 2018
William Harris | Oct 22, 2018


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Do you have western union

Sue Yeomans | Oct 22, 2017
Cathy Solis | Oct 22, 2017

Yes, Western Union, the most widely used, widely accessible money transfer company in the world.

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