Food Giant Supermarkets Inc

Category: Grocery store in Elba, Alabama

Address: 638 Claxton Ave, Elba, AL 36323, USA

Phone: +13348971607

Opening hours

Sunday: 7AM–9PM

Monday: 7AM–9PM

Tuesday: 7AM–9PM

Wednesday: 7AM–9PM

Thursday: 7AM–9PM

Friday: 7AM–9PM

Saturday: 7AM–9PM


Silenced World

Apr 5, 2022

Overly expensive. Not a very friendly place to shop. The parking lot is to small. This place needs a revamp and to be moved. There is an empty building called Big Time or Big 'something', which would be perfect for Food Giant to expand to. At times their fresh produce and veggies are rotten/moldy. They try to sell them at discount. 1lbs of strawberries for example of their prices sells at $5.99. I don't like antibiotics and hormones in my meat. This is one other reason not getting meats here. They have just started carrying ground chicken, which is better than nothing. I believe it is cage free/hormone free. Mostly I shop elsewhere. Due to the prices at FG. I wish they'd put in a bicycle rack bolted to the cement so people riding bikes can protect their only ride. Honestly, I expected a better town and grocery store considering this place was not far from the beach. You'd think they'd want a nicer store here.


Jul 31, 2020

Employees with NO MASK* stocking shelves Employees with NO MASK* serving food. Someone should turn these people in to the health department. Not only will I not go there, I don't want anyone bringing me anything from there. *Each employee did have a mask but if it's around their neck - not covering their nose and mouth it doesn't do much good.

William Hudson

Apr 30, 2020

The general selection is fine, but it’s extremely overpriced, and the meat department is awful. Frankly, you’re better off going to Dollar General if you need something quick and in town, or travel to Walmart in Enterprise or Troy for anything else.

Paul Tubbs

Jan 5, 2020

Different from what I usually see, but hot deli is well priced, people are nice too.

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Questions & Answers

Why can't I see weekly specials anymore?

Sandra Campbell | Oct 22, 2019
Rick Burch | Oct 22, 2019

They are usually included in the Elba Clipper. They do a mail out each week notifying thier special sale items that week, including thier Wednesday one day specials. This week they will be having a huge special sale on Friday May 10. Just call and make sure you are on the mailing list.

Does this grocery store sell dumplings that are round in shape when dry but open up to about two inches when you cook them?

Linda Hersey | Oct 22, 2018
Marie Faulk | Oct 22, 2018

I'm not for sure on that I don't buy the.m. sorry about that.

Who is the manager?

Den Dav | Oct 22, 2018
Travis Carr | Oct 22, 2018

Eddie Lloyd

What are the Wednesday spe ials ?

Young Prophet | Oct 22, 2018
Debra Milner | Oct 22, 2018

Call down there 8971607

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