Category: Fast food restaurant in North Augusta, South Carolina

Address: 1267 Knox Ave, North Augusta, SC 29841, USA

Phone: +18032023202

Opening hours

Sunday: Closed

Monday: 6AM–10PM

Tuesday: 6AM–10PM

Wednesday: 6AM–10PM

Thursday: 6AM–10PM

Friday: 6AM–10PM

Saturday: 6AM–10PM


Shakira Sweeting

Sep 27, 2022

I ordered my delivery at 6 just for it to not have been confirmed or updated for hours. After closing the app several times I finally got a delivery time for 9:45 (minutes before the location is set to close). So around 8:49 I called up to the store to see what was going on. The first person I spoke with tried to lie and say that I placed my order after 8 (when their delivery window closed) so I told her that my order was in fact time stamped at 6 ( when I placed it). Then out of nowhere someone else took the line. Without me saying anything they knew my name and what I had ordered. They gave me a spiel about how it’s been happening all day and that the best they can do for me was refund and say sorry. They claim they’ve seen it hours ago but didn’t reach out to contact me at all?!? I find this to be a huge and annoying inconvenience. At this point nearly everything is closed and delivery isn’t possible. Even then I’ll have to wait days for my refund for their error. I’m very dissatisfied and annoyed.

Samantha Summer

Sep 22, 2022

It's chick fil a, the food is always good. Sometimes at lunch they can't handle the rush. Other than that, no problem.

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Questions & Answers

how do I register for home delivery

Barbara Harris | May 5, 2022
Travis Rogers | May 5, 2022

Door dash

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Are you open for dine in?

Tiffany Johnson | Oct 2, 2021
Jen Rodgers | Oct 2, 2021


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What are the Covid safety practices like here?

Anonymous | Oct 2, 2022
Jason Brooks | Oct 2, 2021


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Do you mean a.m. instead of p.m. ? What’s the right time for my interview?

Jayvon Elliott | Oct 2, 2021
Alandria Johnson | Oct 2, 2021

You'll need to call the store directly to find out from the person you spoke with.

When is chik fil a opening back up

kades59 | Oct 2, 2020
Lady Kayak Angler | Oct 2, 2021

It’s now open

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wat time stop serving breakfast?

Tip Star | Oct 3, 2017
Barry Baggott | Oct 3, 2017

10:30 am

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What time does your breakfast end?

T “Methcalf” El | Oct 3, 2017
R.H. Self | Oct 3, 2017

10:30 AM

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