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Address: 1228 Knox Ave, North Augusta, SC 29841, USA

Phone: +18032793279

Opening hours

Sunday: 8AM–10PM

Monday: 8AM–10PM

Tuesday: 8AM–10PM

Wednesday: 8AM–10PM

Thursday: 8AM–10PM

Friday: 8AM–10PM

Saturday: 8AM–10PM



Sep 28, 2022

It's all so difficult and slow here.

Adriane Mitchell-Farmer

Aug 11, 2022

My daughter stood in line for me. An African American lady was inquiring about a monitor she ordered. This employee named Bob was extremely rude for no reason to the lady. He stated that he wasn't going to move anything for her. The lady said, she just wanted to know if the monitor was in, then she looked at my daughter then left. Bob attitude was totally unacceptable. We have been shopping at Walgreens for several years and this was our first time experiencing an employee being so rude and disrespectful to a customer. What's sad is that, I believe he is an assistant manager.

Jordan “J.F.Z.” Zeh

Jul 24, 2022

The ABSOLUTE WORST PHARMACY STAFF I have ever encountered. No pharmacy comes close to how abysmal the pharmacists and pharmacy techs are here. Walgreens MANAGEMENT needs to CLEAN HOUSE, and start all over. I am sure there are a lot of pharmacists looking for a great gig. They are rude, disrespectful and overall terrible manners and customer relations. The pharmacy tech tried to charge me $23.00 for my prescription claiming "no Good Rx information in your file." Really??? How did I get the GOOD RX PRICE on the past two occasions at this very location??? Her nasty response "well, sorry! WE DO NOT HAVE IT!" Now, you can NOT tell me they do not have GOOD RX AND SINGLECARE information with all the people that use it. On top of that, they should be able to see how they ran the discount code on my last purchase. The staff, which makes it very clear they hate their jobs, must really hate working at all because they are only open till 6pm weekdays and CLOSED ALL SUNDAY!??? SMDH. GOOD LUCK if you need a prescription filled promptly BECAUSE I have actually waited 2 days and went to pick up prescription and had to wait 40 minutes while they filled it! Insane! Move your prescriptions like I had to do!

Zeh Rothschild

Jul 24, 2022

THE RUDEST, most condescending POS pharmacists and pharmacy techs in the COUNTRY, and I have been all over the STATES. These people are WORTHLESS, and hate their jobs. On top of that, they are evidently lazy bc they close at 6pm during the week and are CLOSED SUNDAYS!!! If you have a prescription that needs filled quickly, DO NOT HAVE THEM SEND TO THIS LOCATION. I had a script called in at 2pm and was not ready at 8:40pm and was told "cannot get it filled tonight." Great, my blood pressure is soooooo not important!!!???? GOOD RIDDANCE! MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR HATEFUL SOULS!

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Questions & Answers

Walgreens isa great place

Arriawna Williams | Oct 3, 2018
Jennifer Ann Thompson | Oct 3, 2019

Yes, yes it is.

Do they do covid testing like cvs

Stacey Toler | Oct 2, 2021
Lillian Brown | Jul 4, 2022

May I please schedule an appointment for covid testing or not?

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