Clearwater Inn

Category: Inn

Address: 2960 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Clearwater, FL 33759, USA

Phone: +17277972605


Joanne Walker

Aug 7, 2022

There's an unprofessional, stubborn older female in a religious head scarf at the front. She's really bad for business. How does this place even stay open?

John Guthrie

Jul 10, 2022

Very convenient and extremely reasonable price.

Danielle Moxley

Jul 10, 2022

Danielle Moxley 1/5 20 hours ago on Google UPDATE: she lied to the police, when I went back to get my FULL refund, she would not give it back so beware! She also kept my deposit and put that back on my debt card after I gave her cash! She told me to get back in my boat, go back to where I came from lol! I no had to call my bank and dispute the charge. I also Iam making sure they have a copy of the police report! Absolute horrible experience! The room was like a 1990 experience, the worst that could happen to anyone. She was nasty from the time I walked up to the office. It was clear she hated white people. Make a long story short after being there for only 3hours I went to connect the fire stick which I’ve done at every hotel I have ever stayed in, in Clearwater. I tried to connect the hdmi and hit an analog button. I could not get the cable on bc I did not have the original remote. I went and asked her for help, again rude I’m so meny words no! I went back down after talking to hubby, she told me I should have not touched the buttons on the tv? Are you serious? I paid 101.00 plus a 75$ deposit. My husband went down and said you need to fix it, she immediately said get out, I’m calling the police. So I called them! Make a long story short, I left without my money, but she did tell the police she will give me a full refund the next day. We will se bc I will be there. You guys, this place reminded me of old days, no amenities besides fridge and small tv! The pool was green, half way filled disgusting! The beds were old! Shower curtain was disgusting! do not go here, you can find a nice hotel like roadway inn on us 19 and gulf to bay….. omg how nice!!!!!! Four dollars cheaper, 25$ less deposit. Man- this room is nice!!!!! Do not do it like I did being desperate from being exhausted from driving all day! This place needs 0 stars! Beware you guys- do not do it!

Savana Kincer

Jun 3, 2022

The lady at the front desk was extremely rude and disrespectful. We booked months in advanced and she tried to keep our credit card and then tell us that we didn’t even have a reservation. If I could give zero or even negative stars I would, do not recommend.

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Questions & Answers

How much are weekly or monthly rates with kitchenette

Jenny Hill | May 24, 2022
Ernesto Cabrera | May 24, 2022

It's pretty cheap about 400 weekly if I remember right but honestly not worth it. Very poor customer service.... Constant harassment from management in regards to personal privacy, they go against their own policy especially in concerns to daytime guest. Also something that concerned me was the lady walking her boxer type dog around the compound with no leash and no regard for guest safety. So in short if you wanna feel violated for 400 a week feel free.

is the a deposit

u hagadone | Sep 22, 2018
David concepcion | Sep 22, 2018

No but its nasty

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