LaBosco's II Music and Pawn

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Address: 1979 S Ridgewood Ave, South Daytona, FL 32119, USA

Phone: +13867886233

Opening hours

Sunday: Closed

Monday: 9AM–6PM

Tuesday: 9AM–6PM

Wednesday: 9AM–6PM

Thursday: 9AM–6PM

Friday: 9AM–6PM

Saturday: 10AM–5PM


Janson York

Jul 31, 2022

Need an instrument? look no further. i needed a new bass guitar and after looking around for a few minutes i fell in love with a white jackson js2 at a fair price and in great condition. it looked as if there were many tools and other fine wares as well. staff was very helpful in finding what i needed and discussing different options as well. much recomended

tom eckman

Jun 10, 2022

Had a great experience! Brian was very helpful and knowledgeable! Gave me a great deal on my trade! Will be back again

P!nk “P!nky” Dahl!a

May 17, 2022

If u want a guitar they have a large choice and amps and other electric tonic's..#musiclover


Apr 26, 2022

this is my first google review and happy to leave it for LaBosco's II. Music and Pawn. was in port orange visiting my dad and just needed a knock around guitar with an amp and bluetooth speaker... the staff was so nice and helpful... after testing out multiple guitars i settled on a pink peavey rockmaster which they cut the price by 30% all in all i got an amp, guitar, cord, strings, and sweet bluetooth speaker for under $200 and had a wonderful musical stay in Florida with my pops... fantastic place makes you wish more shopping experiences left you feeling so good about your purchase.

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Questions & Answers

Do they buy used DVD's

Thomas Spinoso | Mar 25, 2022
Robert Tatum | Mar 25, 2022


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Do you accept firearms for pawn

J D | Sep 21, 2021
LaBosco's II Music and Pawn | Sep 21, 2021

We do accept firearms that are legal for purchase / sale in Florida. In order to redeem / pick-up a firearm you will have to pass a background check through FDLE and observe the 3 day waiting period (unless you have a Florida Concealed Weapons permit). Current federal / state law also require that you be a resident of Florida (have a drivers license or identification card). Feel free to contact us with any questions at (386) 788-6233.

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Do you buy digital cametad

George Steele | Sep 21, 2021
Kayla Moore | Sep 21, 2021

No sir. Came to pawn a ring with a carat of 💎 and they offered me $5's.

do you need a ID to pawn a xbox one

Cavious sanders | Sep 21, 2021
Lee Carman | Sep 21, 2021

Yes, a valid state ID, license or passport is needed.

I am looking for a small TCL Roko tv 22” to 32”. Do you have any.

Danny Padgett | Sep 22, 2019
Lee Carman | Sep 22, 2019

They do have a 32" TCL Roku TV available.

Hello, I have some 100 oz silver bars that I am wanting to sell. What is the process for this and how long does it take. Thank you

Butch Rountree | Sep 22, 2019
LaBosco's II Music and Pawn | Sep 22, 2019

For something like this we would prefer for you to go to our Port Orange location (4360 S. Ridgewood Ave, Port Orange FL 32127). Silver bars of this size can be a bit tricky as there are many counterfeit bars in circulation. Our process differs dependent upon the bars themselves (manufacturer, model & weight are a few factors). We will do our best to have you in and out quickly. This, again, depends upon the number of bars you have and the testing required. Feel free to come and see us Monday thru Friday 9am - 6pm or 10am - 5pm on Saturdays. Thank you for your interest!

I have a 60.5 gram bracelet .how much would you give me ? My stepfather got 2 links taken out by you and you gave him $274 per link .it is 24kt gold

Charles Vacey | Sep 22, 2019
LaBosco's II Music and Pawn | Sep 22, 2019

Hi Charles! It would be our pleasure to take a look at your bracelet and make you an offer to purchase it or provide a loan. Please bring it in to either of our locations and we will let you know.

Do you take guitars and amps

john sozio | Sep 22, 2018
Slurp FN | Sep 22, 2018

Yes they take all music gear and equipment

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