Bullseye Gun and Indoor Gun Range

Category: Gun shop

Address: 6041 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32211, USA

Phone: +19047259582

Opening hours

Sunday: 10AM–6PM

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 10AM–7PM

Wednesday: 10AM–7PM

Thursday: 10AM–7PM

Friday: 10AM–7PM

Saturday: 10AM–7PM


NBTT Davis

Jul 17, 2022

The vist and check-in process was very smooth. Robert & Dave was helpful. Great place, will be coming back.

Nathan W

Mar 17, 2022

Poor customer service. Poorly educated staff (are not familiar with all exemptions for florida statutes for example). The store teaches concealed carry classes but won’t even let patrons conceal carry in their store. Often unresponsive on the phone.

Marissa Prince

Aug 17, 2021

Joshua instructed our handgun safety course this past weekend and he did a great job! You can tell he is knowledgeable and passionate about the information in the course. I was extremely nervous about handling the the handgun initially but he was patient and gave great tips! He helped me feel comfortable enough to hit the target. Thanks Josh.

Kari McLain

Apr 11, 2020

We love coming here! My husband is prior-military and well-versed in firearms... me, never held a gun in my life. Everyone is genuinely friendly and the range is clean and fun. Staff is extremely professional, helpful, attentive, and definitely knowledgeable. Made this newbie feel right at home. Can’t wait for classes to start back up again because I’ll definitely be booking.

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Questions & Answers

Do you guys have a CCW class? what day and times if so?

Mark L | Sep 8, 2020
Leon Green | Sep 8, 2020


how much for range time

Gregory Barnes | Sep 9, 2018
Johnnie B Casey Jr. | Sep 9, 2019

17$ person

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What are your rules as far as pistol etiquette? I.e. draw from holster? Pistol caliber carbine at pistol range?

James Jones | Sep 8, 2020
Nef Miles | Sep 8, 2020

As far as I remember there is no holster draw allowed. Pistol carbines are fine.

Can my 17 yr old come wit me and fire my weapon

Clarence Wingate III | Sep 9, 2018
HARRY Winters | Sep 9, 2018

YES! As long as he is accompanied by an adult and supervised. Be sure to bring a state ID for both of you.

Quick question are felons allowed to rent n shoot?

Junicia Mercedes | Sep 8, 2020
MalMal M | Sep 8, 2020

They did not ask me for a background check to rent and shoot..

Is it possible to take a teen with me?

Sam Jin | Sep 9, 2019
Lorenzo Harris | Sep 9, 2019

12 is correct

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What is the minimum age for my kid to shoot ?

JC Rocha | Sep 9, 2019
Kevin Price | Sep 9, 2019

Just pop them a call to check their policy hasn't changed..

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Who does shotgun certification classes?

Lawrence Frego | Sep 9, 2019
HARRY Winters | Sep 9, 2019

I have never heard of a "shotgun certification class" anywhere. Google it! You never know. Most likely a hunting certification class would be the best choice. They are required in the state of Florida. You can check that with the Florida Department of Agriculture who also issues our Concealed Carry permits.

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I'm retired military with a D license. I like to do armed security work. Do I have to obtain a c anceal license first then a G license or what do I have to do?

Elliott Walker | Sep 9, 2018
Lauren Rhoads | Sep 9, 2018

You don't have to have a concealed license ( unless you want to have for personal use). All you need is a g license

Do you need to have a membership to shoot there or is it open to the public?

Dave George | Sep 9, 2018
Lauren Rhoads | Sep 9, 2018

It is open to the public, but you can get a membership

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Hours of Operation and what's needed to bring in personal weapon?

David Jones | Jan 11, 2022
Bullseye Gun and Indoor Gun Range | Jan 11, 2022

Sunday & Monday 12 to 6, Tuesday thru Friday 10 to 8, Saturday 10 to 6. Keep it the firearm in its case or box. If you don't have a case/box, bring it in with magazine out and bolt open/slide locked back to show safe and clear.

Are shotguns allow at the range , if so only slug or 00buck?

Yairon Sanchez | Sep 8, 2021
FREEDOM MAAT | Sep 8, 2021

Great question, you should call up there and ask them, I'm not sure about question.

Do you have 22s hand gun

Jesus Karyn | Sep 8, 2021
FREEDOM MAAT | Sep 8, 2021

Hi.. Yes.. 💯💯💯

Is aluminum cased pistol ammo allowed?

Tommy TwoGun | Sep 8, 2020
Jordan Anderson | Jun 10, 2022

I have shot aluminum casings there!

Do you need to make an appointment to shoot/ I wanted to come by today about 3:30. David

J David Theus | Sep 8, 2020
Bullseye Gun and Indoor Gun Range | Sep 8, 2020

No not at all First come first serve

Is this facility good for beginners?

Maxine Farrington | Sep 8, 2020
Cristina Felton | Sep 8, 2020

Yes, i was a beginner and the staff were very nice and helpful

Do I need an appointment to come to the gun range i just purchase a firearm and I want to get comfortable in holding it

Denise Seymore | Sep 8, 2020
Jerry Corwin | Sep 8, 2020

No, just go in the normal business hours.

How much is the pistol rental ? And range price?

SweetTooth Kitchen | Sep 8, 2020
Leon Green | Sep 8, 2020

Call them they cheap I know.

How much is 9 mm ammo?

Francis Alip | Sep 8, 2020
Nef Miles | Sep 8, 2020

If I remember right it was about $16 for a box of 50.

How much for a 1 year membership?

Allen Lamb | Sep 8, 2020
Bullseye Gun and Indoor Gun Range | Sep 8, 2020

$150 for single and $200 for family.

How much is the concealed weapon class

Jennifer Camden | Sep 8, 2020
John W Kingsbury III | Sep 8, 2020

$75 I think. Enjoy

How does the layaway work? How much down ,how long?

Rosemarie Glover | Sep 9, 2019
William Biggert | Sep 9, 2019

Hi Rosemarie, it's 25% down and the balance needs to be paid off within 60 days.

Hi, is it possible to rent a rifle to use at the range, or just pistols and small arms?

김MOGI | Sep 9, 2019
David Gunter | Sep 9, 2019

Explain gun range would recommend it to anyone

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Do they have extended clip for a mp 25cal

Moneyup MoneyDown | Sep 9, 2019
Timothy Bean | Sep 8, 2020

Its a magazine, a clip is something women use in their hair.

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Can i bring my own target's? If so what sizes are ok to bring with me?

3D Reefer | Sep 9, 2019
3D Reefer | Sep 9, 2019

Thank you for your help it is appreciated.

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X military honorable discharged do I need to take the class or can I apply for a ccw licences with my dd214

Richard Brant | Sep 9, 2019
Richard Brant | Sep 9, 2019

It's been 30 yrs since I was in military

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Hello, I'm French and I would like to know if it is possible for me to come and shoot? Without me having guns and how much it would cost me ?

Anthony Marie-Brasset | Sep 9, 2019
mike smith | Sep 9, 2019

You are to rent firearms to use.

Can a 16 year old go to gun range

Jose Melendez | Sep 9, 2019
Lorenzo Harris | Sep 9, 2019

Yes. Age 12 and up

Are they considered an FFL

Johnnie B Casey Jr. | Sep 9, 2019
HARRY Winters | Sep 9, 2019

YES! They are an FFL or Federal Firearms Licenced dealer. I have used them as FFL for a firearm I ordered on the net. Excellent service and excellent gunsmithing!

Can you shoot ar -15 here

Mr Martin | Sep 9, 2019
Smoke 9 | Sep 9, 2019

Only pistol calibers

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Can we shoot Wolf Polyformance 7.62x39mm 125 Grain FMJ Copper Jacket Non-Magnetic Bullets?

Kentrell M | Sep 9, 2019
Smoke 9 | Sep 9, 2019

No steel cased ammo brass only

Good morning ma'am or sir, I will be conducting a firearms class for a women's conference in December. My question is can your range accommodate 100 women, do you offer a military discount, and do you offer a large group discount?

Willie McMillian | Sep 9, 2019
David Gunter | Sep 9, 2019

Please call the range directly

If I took a class around this time last year, can I come back in and get a copy of my certificate?

Britton Biddle | Sep 9, 2019
Lauren Rhoads | Sep 9, 2019

I think they keep copies of certificates. I would call and ask to be safe.

Van my 15y old son go with me

Antonio Alvarez | Sep 9, 2019
Kenny Rivera | Sep 9, 2019

In the past I would take my 12 y/o son. They must be escorted by an adult.

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do you carry a kidney holster for a mmp 40

Marcia Drummond | Sep 9, 2019
Sam slaughter | Sep 9, 2019

No i don't except for deep concealment, i prefer a belt holster

Can you take your own gun and what are the rang fee?

Justin Loper | Sep 9, 2019
Lauren Rhoads | Sep 9, 2019

Yes. I am not sure about the fee because I go to take a class for a license not as my usual range to shoot at.

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Can two people share one lane?

Kristopher leslie | Sep 9, 2018
william hooper | Sep 9, 2018


How ling is range for oustol and rifle?

James Jones | Sep 9, 2018
HARRY Winters | Sep 9, 2018

Like Seth said it's 25 yards max, they mark off 4 yards, 7 yds, 10, 15, 20, 25. Pistol caliber only: 22LR, 22 magnum, 25, 32, 357, 38, 380, 9mm, 40, 45. I shoot all my guns there except my AR which is 556.

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Do they give lessons?

Danielle Danielle | Sep 9, 2018
Lauren Rhoads | Sep 9, 2018

Yes they do. They give concealed weapon, g license for security

Can I test my taser there?

Mike Timmons | Sep 9, 2018
Richard Phelps2 | Sep 9, 2018

I don't know. I would just call and ask.

Can I bring my nephew that is 16 to fire a weapon

Anthony Noti | Sep 9, 2018
Richard Phelps2 | Sep 9, 2018

Yep as long as he is accompanied by a responsible adult. And must have a valid ID.

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I bought a taser here a few years ago how can I test if it still works also can I bring it there for you to make sure I put it together right

Mike Timmons | Sep 9, 2018
Richard Phelps2 | Sep 9, 2018

I would think as long as the batteries are good it should work. As far as seeing if you put it together correctly I would just bring it in to have them look at it.

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How would I go by getting my security license with them

'Hyputhermia ' (Hype) | Sep 9, 2018
Michael Brown | Sep 9, 2018

Contact the store for dates and times, they have a complete schedule of classes.

I don’t actually own a gun but have shot before and wanted to visit a range; so they have anything to rent?

Bree | Sep 9, 2018
Richard Phelps2 | Sep 9, 2018

Not at Bullseye. If you want to rent a gun you need to go to Gun Gallery on Beach boulevard. Or On Target Sports in Orange Park. However Bullseye is great if you have your own weapon. They are a little more strict on there rules. But that's a good thing. Safety is of paramount importance there. And the rules are there for safety.

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Do you have Henry Single shot break down .223 Rifles in stock in stock ?

Henry Meguess | Sep 9, 2018
Richard Phelps2 | Sep 9, 2018

Call and ask. But I don't think they will let you fire a .223 on the range hand gun ammo only. I don't think the backstop is suitable for the higher pressure rounds. But call for availability of any gun you are looking for. I am sure they will do their best to get what you want.

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Do you need reservations

Leonard Williams | Sep 9, 2018
Heather Martin-Securo | Sep 9, 2018

Not unless you are going with multiple people/needing a couple of lanes.

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Can I use steel cased ammo at your range?

Robert Brown | Sep 9, 2018
Jim Woodford | Sep 8, 2021

The only limitation I have noticed is that any ammo that is brought in must be boxed. They do not allow 'privately reloaded' ammo. I have purchased ammo at Bullseye and it is reasonable in price. But I have brought in ammo from home that I purchased at other places.

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Does bullseye on Atlantic Blvd have desert eagle.40 s&w clips in stock?

SelfMade Gorilla | Sep 9, 2018
Richard Phelps2 | Sep 9, 2018

I would just call them and ask. I am sure if they don't they would probably order them for you. Good luck.

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We're they closed recently...???

Colleen Cook | Sep 9, 2018
Richard Phelps2 | Sep 9, 2018

I went there last Wednesday after work and everything was fine. I took a fellow at worker with me and we went through about 400 rounds of 9mm and 45s. Before they closed at 8:00.

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How much does the gun range cost?

Laura Holton | Sep 9, 2018
Sam slaughter | Sep 9, 2018

But buy your ammo and Targets at Walmart they're much cheaper there.

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Do you take checks or credit cards

Tina Williams | Sep 9, 2018
Heather Martin-Securo | Sep 9, 2018

I don't know about checks. However, they do take credit cards.

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