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L Jones

May 21, 2022

The most horrible experience I've ever had. Things didn't come when expected. Broken and damaged things not replaced or compensated and, the RoadRunner Broker lied. I Filed insurance claims and never received any true response. Paid more than was quoted and they didn't send a large enough truck to get all of my things so, I still have to try to get the rest of my things across country. Do not trust ever RoadRunner moving brokers!!!! They steal your Money and don't do what is promised. I filled out information for the insurance 9 times and have been told none were received. I wish the people in charge of fraudulent businesses would shut them down!!!! The Broker I spoke to was smooth as cream and lied like a Champ!!!!!!!! You're better off hiring someone to pack a u haul and drive your own things!!!!!! I moved June 25th, 2021. I never ever want to hear RoadRunner moving company in life!!!!!!!!!!!! The brokers name was Ray Adams. I sent my deposit to Florida. My things were due on 7th July and were not delivered until the 22nd of July. I have cashier check receipts for the money I paid these folk. Plus they questioned my integrity AFTER receiving over $2000.00 deposit!!!!! If you're not associated with this company maybe you should change your company name. What has taken place cannot be undone!!!!

Lorenzo Giusti

Apr 5, 2021

They packed my home belongings to load them in a ocean container, when i moved overseas 3 years ago. To date they havent gave me back my deposit, they packed stuff so badly that a lot of it broker, they tripled the cost compared to the estimate and made me spend money to ship them back the packing material but they never did gave me back my deposit money alleging that the material was damaged. I would have sue them (and won, for sure) if i had been living stateside. These people are the worst crooks i have met in 20 years of working in the shipping industry

Strong and Virtuous

Oct 5, 2020

Roadrunner company/ the owner has completely took my trust and my property to abuse and use for self gain. I hired him in June 2019 to place my things into storage. He told me it was in a warehouse where a forklift will be utilized to retrieve my things aka Attention to detail. For a full year and some change right before my out of state move I saw the damage not only from the boxes but my property. I am missing A wooden long chair, end tables, the other half of my couch, my rug 3 piece set, another half of my golden handmade panel, countless broken items and another missing property that is just outstanding. I am beyond upset with the lies this company has placed on my family and myself. The owner (Jason Ellis) abused my heath for his financial, and personal gained. I do not recommend this fraud of a company. He refused to let me into my own storage and wanted to charge me on or about $170 to go through my things, refused to give me the information regarding where my property was storaged at, the storage number from attention to detail, told attention to detail that I wasn’t to talk to them regarding my property on their property and countless other fraudulent actions, misrepresentation of a business and to top it all off his business was shut down due to COVID-19 in March and continue to take monthly payments until recently. (I just found out all of this on the day my property arrived to my new address out of state on 30sept2020) A claims form will be submitted later on this week along with a lawsuit and I already filed a police report on the theft and use of my property. Stay away from this business and it’s owner!!

C Sterkel

Sep 25, 2019

Jason and his crew at Road Runner, are the best!! We have used them twice! They are a great team - on time, hard working, pleasant and a very reasonable price! We will be using them once again, next year! I recommend them to everyone! Always a pleasure to use their services!!!

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I had a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE WITH ROADRUNNER MOVERS!. The brokers lie. When my things came some were broken and damaged, when I filed the insurance information with them they lied and said they never received any of the reports, I filed 9. Run AWAY! !

L Jones | Jun 9, 2022
Jason Ellis | Jun 9, 2022

Not us

What kind of discounts do you provide for senior citizens who are moving to North Carolina from the Tehachapi area?

Phillip V. Garcia | Sep 7, 2021
L Jones | Jun 9, 2022

I don't know who you are but, RoadRunner Moving Company is who I paid more than $5000.00 to. Deposit was mailed to a Florida address and sent registered mail and they tried to say it wasn't received but I had the return receipt for that also!!! The man I talked to was Ray Adams. I have copies of all the Money I paid. If you are not associated with them maybe you need to change your company name because, they are cheating people out of money. I am not changing what I said because the truth is the truth!!!!! They got my money and were late bringing the part of my things they had kept in storage instead of bringing it when they were supposed to. It was delivered on 22nd of July 2021 but, I was told it would be delivered by 7th July 2021!

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