Holiday Inn Express & Suites Owings Mills-Baltimore Area, an IHG Hotel

Category: Hotel in Owings Mills, Maryland

Address: 11509 Red Run Blvd, Owings Mills, MD 21117, USA

Phone: +14437448200



May 11, 2022

A couple of nice touches would have made our stay perfect. The staff was friendly and helpful and the hotel was very clean. A couple of notes. Upon check in, it would have been nice to know the wifi password (or lack of needing one). More than one coffee pod would have been nice - no one wants to get dressed and go to the lobby for a second cup on Saturday morning. Probably not easily noticed, but the USB charging ports near the bed were non-functional (although there were others in the room). Overall, still a nice place to stay.

Ray Benjamin

Mar 5, 2022

It would be a nice hotel if it was better maintained. Several electric outlets didn't work. The coffee maker made horrible coffee. The free breakfast was rather sparse. Some things can't be helped, but it worries me when wiring doesn't work.


Feb 27, 2022

I will never ever stay here again. Decided to go see my sister and her family for the weekend. So we ended up getting the holiday inn express. I have never had any issues with a holiday day inn. My son woke me up to show me a bug on the wall. Then we started seeing more on the window and even one on the bed. Once the sun came up you can see that there have been other bugs. The room walls had bug splatter juices on its walls 🤢I couldn't sleep after that. My son was hungry, the hotel has free breakfast. So I went with him so he can get food. I don't know who eats raw bacon but that food was not good at all. The bacon was so under cooked. But wait before we even left to go down stairs there was a mouse that was next to my sneaker and ran out the room. I did go to the front desk to complain. They wrote the information down and said we will see what we can do. Maybe we can switch your room, I don't want another room because we were checking out. I haven't heard from anyone from the hotel. As a business they should have at least the decency to call a customer back that had a complaint about where they stayed, eat etc... Especially if money was spent. But never again will we stay at this Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Owings Mills Maryland.

Alma Rodgers

Jan 30, 2022

We upgraded are room from a double bed to a double bed to a suite. Then when we walked into our room the tables were dirty, there was greasy fingerprints and greasy spots from food. Yea cleaned it myself. I told the front desk that the only services I would need were fresh towels and trash pick up. Housekeeping took my towels and took trash, I ask about fresh clean towels she said to go to the front desk later to pick up clean towels because she didn’t have any with her, I said okay thank you. When I went later and asked for towels they told me they didn’t have any left. My son needed to shower because he wrestled all day. This was the worst Experience I have had in a Holiday Inn Express. They gave me pool towels which was okay but we still didn’t have wash clothes or hand towels. The only good thing I can say is that the staff was nice.

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Questions & Answers

Who owns the hotel?

Volante' Gaston-Panpiboon | Nov 24, 2019
Dane Whitehead | Nov 25, 2019

I have no idea. Call them.i am sure they will tell you

Who is the owner of this Holiday Inn Express?

Mike Thomas | Nov 24, 2018
Brett Chambers | Nov 25, 2018

Dont know. I stayed there from April 13th thru May 1st. In that time the owners came in and fired pretty much all of the staff starting with the manager, who helped them finish the construction and open the place. After that, assistant manager, maitenance man, desk associates, etc. Alot of nasty racial overtones involved. Not good. I left and didn' t look back.

do the rooms have microwave and a kitchen sink?

shade anthony | Nov 24, 2018
Michaelangelo Moseley | Nov 25, 2018


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