Moo Thru Lake Anna

Category: Ice cream shop

Address: 200 Boardwalk Way, Mineral, VA 23117, USA

Phone: +15406616401


Wendy Mitchem

Aug 25, 2021

Nice ice cream spot along the Lake Anna Boardwalk. They have the flavors that Moo Thru fans are accustomed to, but not everything else that the other locations have (e.g. brownies for the brownie sundae like the Dairy Market location). …

Ninu KM

Aug 25, 2021

This brand is well-known for the creamy flavoured ice-creams and shakes but we have something more to appreciate them. They were kind enough to keep my lost phone safely and return to us. Heartfelt gratitude to the staff who helped me get back my phone

devaraj ramareddy

May 27, 2021

Nice real ice cream, front of lake anna, few more signs will help first timers, nice ice cream waffle cones.

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Virginia Clements | Nov 23, 2019
Dillon Franks | Nov 24, 2019

Depends on time of year

Why are you not open when your web says you are fix it.

Lita Kimble | Nov 23, 2018
James Robinson | Nov 24, 2018


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