Mineral DMV Select

Category: Department of motor vehicles

Address: 312 Mineral Ave, Mineral, VA 23117, USA

Phone: +15408945100

Opening hours

Sunday: Closed

Monday: 8:30AM–2PM

Tuesday: 8:30AM–2PM

Wednesday: 8:30AM–2PM

Thursday: 8:30AM–2PM

Friday: 8:30AM–2PM

Saturday: Closed


Vidal Lares

Nov 16, 2021

I made an appointment online and I had all my paperwork ready, so I was in and out in less than 10 minutes. Excellent service received for registering car and getting title transferred.

Jo Smith

Sep 24, 2021

Great service! Appointment scheduled for 3.15pm yet we were seen at 2.45pm. Prompt and courteous service. In and out in 5 minutes. Highly recommended. Even thought it was 30+ miles drive it was definitely worth it. 5* for this location. Thank you

Christy Newton

Sep 24, 2021

I just want you to know that the people here at mineral DMV select are the best in customer service there ever was. The DMV website had stated that this DMV select in mineral Virginia was taking walk in without a appointment. Well when we …

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Questions & Answers

Are you Open to walk in?

Jaime Godoy | Nov 22, 2020
Darlene Grimm | Nov 23, 2020

I was there yesterday. They are open for walk ins. However, you have to stand in line outside. One of the representatives will come out side to assist each person to make sure you have all forms you need and look over your paperwork. They only have 3 ladies working inside so they only let the enough people for those representatives. The one lady will tell you when to enter or they may call you over a radio that is sitting on a stand at yje door to tell next customer to enter the door. She will also tell you once you enter to stand on the blue X and use the hand sanitizer and wait until you are called up to the window. You have to wear a mask also! I got there at 7:50 AM Monday morning. I was 8th in line. It took me until 8:55 to get to the window. I left there at 9:30. I hope this helps!!

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Can I get HARD tags, and stickers at this location?

Brandon Nygaard | Nov 22, 2020
Bubba Clinton | Nov 23, 2020

Yes sir you can

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Do you need an appt. for tags and title and louisa dmv? Ok thanks to who answered my question. I appreciate it

Lisa Stone | Dec 27, 2020
Shannon Hawkins | Dec 28, 2020

No, no appointment needed. You must be in line or have a pager or number before 3 pm.

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This is a DMV select location. Can you update your info on google before more people waste their time?

GitMoGio (GitMoGio) | Nov 22, 2020
Shannon Hawkins | Nov 23, 2020

You have to be in line by 3:00 pm as of 11/09/2020 or you will not be seen.

How much does it cost to renew decals for one year?

Casey Jones | Nov 22, 2020
Shannon Hawkins | Nov 23, 2020

Registration starts at 30.75 for a sdn but can be much more deoend on fuel efficiency and the weight of a vehicle. Check DMVNOW.COM for pricing.

Can I get the Real ID there?

Dianne Long | Nov 22, 2020
Pam Harlowe | Nov 23, 2020


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Effective April 14 2021 all DMV Customers have to be in line by 2:00 pm to be served. Anyone that comes after 2 pm will not be seen.

Shannon Hawkins | Apr 26, 2021
Kid Swyppa | Apr 27, 2021

Thank you Very much for that update Shannon. Have a blessed day

Can I get my permit at this location

Hector Hernandez | Feb 25, 2021
Mike Godzwa | Feb 26, 2021

Unfortunately not. This is a DMV Select location. They only handle vehicle related transactions.

Can i return my car plates

Hassan Timraz | Nov 22, 2020
Mr. Happy | Nov 23, 2020


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I Just moved from Missouri to Bumpass VA. May I apply a new Driver Licence here ?

panno T | Nov 23, 2019
TiLea Downing | Nov 24, 2019

Welcome. Unfortunately you can only apply for a driver's license when the mobile unit is at our location. Mineral DMV Select does not process driver's license. The next scheduled visit for the mobile unit is August 14th at 10 a m.

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can you return tags at mineral select? and do they give refund for tags

joyce smith | Sep 23, 2021
William Honea | Sep 24, 2021


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Can I renew my Virginia drivers license at this location?

Joanne Falkenthal | Sep 23, 2021
Shannon Hawkins | Sep 24, 2021

No. Only full service CSC centers can do that. Please go to dmvnow.com to schedule a licenses appointment. Select locations cannot process licenses.

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is it open on weekends ?

Michelle Rivera | Aug 24, 2021
Aubrey W. Limerick | Aug 25, 2021

Appointments only as of August 2

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Are they doing id replacement

Latisha Coleman | Jul 25, 2021
Jessica Henderson | Jul 26, 2021


Can I renew my tags and get replacement id

Leon Anderson | Jul 25, 2021
Marcus Bennett | Jul 26, 2021

I know you can get tags but idk about a replacement ID

Can you get birth records at your location?

Merita Billups | Jun 25, 2021
Luise Farmer | Jun 26, 2021


HELLO how many transactions can be done by a person ?

SHARED FILES | Jun 25, 2021
Kim Davidson | Jun 26, 2021

They are very friendly. I'm sure you can do as many as you want just as long as it's something that they do there.

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Are they Open to walk ins as of now

Ernest Exline | Mar 27, 2021
Andrew Tuohy | Mar 28, 2021

Yes, as Jessica said you have to get in line. If you show up early enough you won't have to wait for a pager, but you will have to stand there for hours in the cold before they open. it's probably best to go later in the day when you can get a pager and just wait in your car roughly the same amount of time as if you'd shown up at 6am.

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Can you apply for learners permit at this location?

Brenda Coleman | Mar 27, 2021
ronald cochran | Mar 28, 2021

No they only handle vehicle issues

can you get a state issued ID there

William Honea | Mar 27, 2021
Dawn Mason | Mar 28, 2021


Can I buy personalized tags at this location and have them the same day?

Road Dawg | Mar 27, 2021
Reginald Brown | Mar 28, 2021

Yes get there in the morning early because it be line up

Can I turn in tags at this location?

Debi Bryant | Feb 25, 2021
Ever Gonzalez | Feb 26, 2021

yes you can

Can I take the test for my learner's permit at this location? I am eligible but the calendar is full due to the challenges with COVID.

Caroline Frank | Feb 25, 2021
Mike Godzwa | Feb 26, 2021

I don't believe they process anything with permits or driver's licenses @ this location.

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Do they do tag turn in ?

Courtneey Poggi | Feb 25, 2021
Gwen Johnson | Feb 26, 2021


Can you get a duplicate title made mine was lost?

Randy Ward | Feb 25, 2021
LORRI Kilby | Feb 26, 2021

They're limited on the services that they provide but the website should be able to tell you if that's a possibility. I know I went to get tags and they weren't able to help me I had to make an appointment for Culpeper.

Can I get my real id there.

Donald Nicklow | Jan 26, 2021
Joe Bugg | Jan 27, 2021


Can I get plates for a trailer carry on here?

Nury Cruz | Dec 27, 2020
Moni R | Dec 28, 2020

If you have already applied for a title for your utility/carry on trailer that proves you own it, then getting plates should not be a problem at this DMV.

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My license was lost can I get it replaced at this location?

Randy Ward | Dec 27, 2020
Shannon Hawkins | Dec 28, 2020

No, DMV select does not process anything to do with licence's. You cannot get a replacement at this location.

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Do I need an appointment to process plates in these days of pandemic?

Manuel Alarcon Mejía | Nov 22, 2020
Mark Stanley Jr | Nov 23, 2020

No you don't need a appointment. You better get there 6 am because the line gets long really fast.

my license got expired. I need to write the test through system again. Will you guys allow me to take the test in computer test ?

Dheeraj goud | Nov 22, 2020
Niko Benjjo | Nov 23, 2020

They dont do licenses. Just titles and sticker renewal s

Can you make an appointment for this location or do you have to stand in line?

Susan Kirton | Dec 27, 2020
Shannon Hawkins | Dec 28, 2020

You must be in line before 3 pm to be seen. This location does not take appointments.

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Are they open this morning

Darrel Kendrick | Nov 22, 2020
Shannon Hawkins | Nov 23, 2020

DMV follows all State holiday closures. Dmv closes on all holidays.

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Are they open today

Darrel Kendrick | Nov 22, 2020
Shannon Hawkins | Nov 23, 2020

DMV follows all State observed holidays. They are closed.

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Do I have to make an appointment I just bought a car and need to get registration and plates

denise neumeyer | Nov 22, 2020
Eva Pulling | Nov 23, 2020

No. It's a DMV select so you can just show up. They open at 8:30 and close at 5:00. You've gotta be in line by 3:30 or they won't see you that day

I have recently bought a car and I need the Title ASAP, can I come to DMV select to get the title or do I need to wait for the title to come.

Rohit Reddy Reddy | Nov 22, 2020
Reginald Brown | Nov 23, 2020

Go to mineral dmv in the morning time because it's a line but you can get a title there

How much does it cost to register a car?

Waltraud Holub | Nov 22, 2020
Shannon Hawkins | Nov 23, 2020

Tax is determined on how much you pay for the vehicle. Multiply 4.15 % by the price you paid for the vehicle. That will give you the tax cost. Add 15.00 for title fee Add a registration fee as well most start at 30.75 and go upwards.

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Can I get CDL testing?

Germane Derricott | Nov 22, 2020
Mr. Happy | Nov 23, 2020

No, no testing done there.

can i walk in ?

amir safder | Nov 22, 2020
Shannon Hawkins | Nov 23, 2020

Yes. As of 11/09/2020 if you are not in line by 3 pm you will not be seen.

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Do you open on saturday

Calvin Raines | Nov 22, 2020
Billy Wilson | Nov 23, 2020


Do you have to have appointment

Ida Feaster | Nov 22, 2020
Mr. Happy | Nov 23, 2020

No, it's one of the few that takes walk ins. As long as you're in line (observe social distancing) by 4pm you will be seen. No license transactions at this time.

I need to get my license replaced. Can I get this done at your location?

steven marshall | Nov 22, 2020
Mr. Happy | Nov 23, 2020

No, no license transactions at this time.

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Do I need an appointment???

Shirley Palma | Nov 22, 2020
Shannon Hawkins | Nov 23, 2020

As of 11/09/2020 you must be in line by 3 pm or you will not be seen.

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Do I need to make an appointment to get my tags and registration done?

Meagan McNamara | Nov 22, 2020
Donna Moran | Nov 23, 2020

No. You should go early though. The line builds rather quickly after 830.

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Can i get my driving license with the star at this location if i live in Henrico???

Tawanna Akpodee | Nov 22, 2020
Mr. Happy | Nov 23, 2020

No license transactions for now. On a side note I believe they pushed the Real ID deadline to October 1 2021 due to Covid-19.

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Left my trailers title and registration in a car I traded in, the dealership doesn't have the can any longer - have the permanent plate and picture of the trailers details. How do I replace these - I want to sell the trailer?

Kit Read | Nov 22, 2020
Sarah Allen | Nov 23, 2020

You can go to the dmv or even online and request a replacement title.

Can I renew and reinstate my license here

Richard Cox | Nov 22, 2020
Apostle Jake | Nov 23, 2020

No, they only do registration.

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Is this a location that doesn't require an appointment in order to visit?

Glenn Collins | Nov 22, 2020
Greg Van Winkle | Nov 23, 2020

They hadn't as of a couple weeks ago. But get there before they open or expect to wait hours.

Do u need an appointment for this location?

Michelle Beavers | Nov 22, 2020
Bob Johnson | Nov 23, 2020

No appointments needed and they move quickly so even if you see a bit of a line outside, it isn't a long wait. It is a DMV Select, so services are limited. Check out the DMV Transactions Available by Alternate Service Outlets PDF to see where the service you need is offered.

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are you open saturday

Teresa garcia | Nov 22, 2020
Darlene Grimm | Nov 23, 2020

No they are not open on Saturday

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Can I get a title on line for a vehicle I bought

Sherman Evans | Nov 22, 2020
Rodney Bradley | Nov 23, 2020

Yes you can get a title online.

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Are they work walk in or ?

Samson Tamru | Nov 22, 2020
Shannon Hawkins | Nov 23, 2020

Dmv mineral is walk in but you have to be in line by 3 pm to be seen. 11/09/2020

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Do I need an appointment to get hard plates ?

Four Season | Nov 22, 2020
William Ketron | Nov 23, 2020

I went to this location a month ago to get plates for a new vehicle. No appointment needed, 1st come 1st serve. You do end up waiting outside for a bit if they're busy though.

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When will the DMV bus be in Mineral or Louisa?

Linda Hall | Nov 22, 2020
Laurie Firth | Nov 23, 2020

Sorry, I haven't heard anything about it. They do take walk ins with no appointment as long as you are wearing a mask

Can I take the exams to get the license here?

Bady Shadow | Nov 22, 2020
Laurie Firth | Nov 23, 2020

Sorry, they don't do any licensing their

Can i get identifacation card

Melonie Stewardson | Nov 22, 2020
Shannon Hawkins | Nov 23, 2020

DMV selects don't process drivers license, ID cards ect.. only when the mobile unit comes can they do that.

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Can I get the new "real id" made at the mineral location?

Carol Allen | Nov 23, 2019
James Wangness | Nov 24, 2019

Probably not. This is a very small DMV and is limited in the services they provide. You probably should call first.

Can i get copy of my driven record at dmv in mineral va

Keith Jones | Nov 23, 2019
Tony Battipaglia | Nov 24, 2019

Yes. You. Can

What day of month can you renew your license?

Susan Viglucci | Nov 23, 2019
Erin Marsh | Nov 24, 2019

Every other month the mobile van is there. Not sure of exact dates. Dec,Aug,June, & April.

Can I renew my registration ?

Ruth Bracken | Nov 23, 2019
Dayna Thompson | Nov 24, 2019

Yes they do tags and title and registration...they just don't do license.

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What do I need to bring to title registration and tag a vehicle

Debbie Thompson | Nov 23, 2018
Roberta Britt | Nov 24, 2018

A clear title. Signature from seller. Bill of sale if you have one.

How can I get temporary tags to drive a car home? I am buying from a private seller, I work up north till 3pm. DMV closes at 4:30. The car is about an hour and a half south away from my house. I live in Fredericksburg, Va

Mike Sandlin | Nov 23, 2018
Roberta Britt | Nov 24, 2018

You can get a trip permit for $5. Some of the full service DMV offices stay open until 5 and are open on Sat.

Just moved here, can I come to this location to register the vehicle and get tags?

Sandra Glasgow | Nov 23, 2018
James Saberwolf | Nov 24, 2018

Yes you can. New car or tags can be done here, Remember that this is DMV select so IDs and some stuff cant be done here unless the DMV van comes but you can call the office and get the time for when they come. But tags and plates can be completed here.

Can I renew my license there?

Joshua Cr. | Nov 23, 2017
James Saberwolf | Nov 24, 2017

You have to call first. A van comes to do licenses. You you need one like in a week best go to main dmv near Ashland

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