Burger King

Category: Restaurant in Portland, Oregon

Address: 17218 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97236, USA

Phone: +15036613083

Opening hours

Sunday: 7AM–10PM

Monday: 7AM–10PM

Tuesday: 7AM–10PM

Wednesday: 7AM–10PM

Thursday: 7AM–10PM

Friday: 7AM–10PM

Saturday: 7AM–10PM


Shannon Clary

Jul 1, 2022

Worst meal Ive ever had! The fries were like left over from last night just taken out of the fridge. The bun was stale and the burger was dry. They drowned it in ketchup Im sure to mask how terrible it was!!

jose villagrana

Mar 13, 2022

Probably the worst fast food location in oregon. Simple orders take 30 minutes, and quote that never get the things I ordered be it they are out of the thing I ordered or just didn't put something like fries or a burger even they ran out of soda. Closed the drive thru without any signs drove up they just looked at me and didnt even say anything.

Jesse Sr

Feb 26, 2022

They can't take orders correctly food quality is bad, employees do not dress professionally one was wearing clogs, shorts & sweatshirt. The work ethic needs to Desperately improve. I will be sure to let everyone know Not to waste their money at this restaurant. What is the owner doing? They must not care about the restaurant. I had to put 1 Star but they deserve 0 stars. I will try to get a hold of Headquarters in FL.

David Latimore

Nov 13, 2021

So, on 11/13/21 @11:35a.m., I ordered a medium burger meal, no onions, with a coke. What I got was onions and burger patty with a BITE out of it. NOT acceptable. I called the store - employee didn't know the manager's name. NEVER giving this place my business again and strongly recommend no one else does so either.

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Questions & Answers

Slowest service ever. Have u waiting 20 minutes in a parking lot for your food. Worst service.

Grace Krug | Dec 16, 2017
Grace Krug | Dec 17, 2017

They can't even count ten nuggets. They gave us 7. And forgot 2 of our burgers

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Very bad service will not be eating there again

cesar robles | Dec 16, 2018
April Senick | Dec 17, 2018

I absolutely agree bad sirvice

My husband has stopped by a Burger King in Gresham that is right off hwy 82 and they are closed each time or low on people to work. He has stopped at 8p and 7p on Fri and Sat to find their dining room closed then today at 11a

Kerry Williams | Apr 19, 2020
mike brown | Apr 20, 2020

It probably one of the bk thats about to be no more ..bk is losing the burger battle and slowly dying off 1 by 1

Why is this place even here. Always closed and service sucks when it is open.

Brandon Lee Sharp | Dec 16, 2019
Stevenette Lewis | Dec 17, 2019

And so does their food

Anyone have info on the Owner of this Franchise?

C Whitehead | Dec 16, 2017
alissa dooley | Dec 17, 2017

Id say report to bbb.

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What are the Covid safety practices like here?

People are asking | Mar 20, 2021
Cody Kerns | Mar 21, 2021

Drive through only.the workers seem to be masked and not sure if the handwashing rules are followed

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