Alaska Airlines - Spokane

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Address: 9000 W Airport Dr, Spokane, WA 99224, USA


christopher wells

Aug 7, 2022

First flight was delayed so they stuck on something the next day. Not our fault in anyway, but they should at least talk to each other to hold a plane for 4 minutes to avoid this garbage. Now we suffer and they act like this is no big deal.

Scott Brown

Jul 11, 2022

Will let you know when it's done.. I'm just boarding

Moira Brehony

Jul 8, 2022

Flight was excellent but disappointed with two hour delay and just about made a connecting flight.

Robert holt

Jul 6, 2022

Only an hour long flight...but no coffee or soda served...only water. This flight use to have the three items...cut backs? Otherwise, on time and comfortable.

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